The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

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Paris Hilton

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on DEshow or sign up for DEshow Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out DEshow Premium at: deshow.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:

Sami Breneman
Sami Breneman Vor 17 Sekunden
I also feel like her parents knew, like they are the richest people and they didn't know about this at all? They send her to some random school in Utah like what
RuthNohemybaby Vor Minute
Thank you for sharing your story Paris 🙏🏼 I always knew being rich and famous is not what people make it seem to be. Love you 💗💗💗
RuthNohemybaby Vor 2 Minuten
Thank you for sharing your story Paris 🙏🏼 I always knew being rich and famous is not what people make it seem to be. Love you 💗💗💗
king !
king ! Vor 3 Minuten
Bro Paris, please give me one of your laptops wow 😭🤣😂
Sean Malloy
Sean Malloy Vor 4 Minuten
Time stamp for her talking about what happened to her?
Tribulation Ready Christian Ministry
Tribulation Ready Christian Ministry Vor 5 Minuten
All the things she wrote on her poster that her mom read out is exactly what they sent her there for which is why she dint show much emotion in the end. U dont think they told them there would be discipline? Interesting that her sister married a Rothschild.
Chi Tukuravi
Chi Tukuravi Vor 5 Minuten
The original G! The Kardashians owe her..
M Manning
M Manning Vor 6 Minuten
Beautiful soul. Step through and step out from the door called fear! Peace, tranquility and love.
britt Vor 6 Minuten
i went to the same place
Mom 0023
Mom 0023 Vor 7 Minuten
WTG Paris ! Shut those places down ! Save the children 🙏🏻😢
Sorcha London
Sorcha London Vor 8 Minuten
Paris' real voice is so deep and she is a tomboy a stark contrast to her girly high pitched persona. Interesting. Cannot believe her parents sent her to that school. JEEZ!!!!!!
Carolyn Rasmussen
Carolyn Rasmussen Vor 9 Minuten
If I were her, I’d never speak to my family again. What a nightmare to be brought up into. She is so lovely and sweet considering her circumstances. I hope she finds some of the peace she is looking for. I hope she doesn’t blame herself and instead blames the people who FAILED her. She just needed love and they ripped her away from everything that made her secure.
Lyra Vor 11 Minuten
Kierra Byrd
Kierra Byrd Vor 12 Minuten
Growing up I always knew something was wrong but of course we as society looking from the outside cannot pinpoint the battles that she was facing internally. I pray that this release actually freed her of the torment that she faced for so many years. I know how trauma forces you to put up a mask of perfectionism and being able to share your truth is such a breakthrough.
SadBoyDior Vor 12 Minuten
Wow Amazing.
Lohan Cassio
Lohan Cassio Vor 13 Minuten
Amo tanto essa mulher incrível ! 💕
FREYSSIMS Vor 13 Minuten
Hey boyfriend is a fucktard let’s be honest... The hot ones always are
John John
John John Vor 14 Minuten
Hmm..I liked this documentary. Better than I expected. She seems genuinely nice and I wish her continuing success :)
Bee B E E
Bee B E E Vor 15 Minuten
Way more intense than i was expecting. So many emotions inside me being pulled. Wow. And for the other ladies too. I hope you all find peace. Because you all deserve it. Really saddened by this story. How sad. 😕 trauma is life changing hey
Tart Nouveau
Tart Nouveau Vor 15 Minuten
What her parents did was fucked up. I don't think it helped her. They should have done family therapy. I hope some day she can move past her trauma.
Nic S
Nic S Vor 16 Minuten
Anyone ever try and fall asleep, but you think about every moment throughout the day and then you stay up all night? Insomnia stinks people. Words, events, pictures, ideas, life lessons, phrases, colors, and everything that should be a dream, is a nightmare... Everything is a burden when you try and sleep. Thanks for the documentary
Ramola Vor 17 Minuten
Let's not go back to a time when women's voices were muted. Let's not go back to a time when women were moulded into images that men preferred. That still happens but let's make sure we continue on this path.
Mawkishtic Vor 17 Minuten
You made me cry Paris 😭 I wish I could hug you 😢 Loving you from the other side of the world 🇵🇭
Ani Martirosyan
Ani Martirosyan Vor 17 Minuten
I always admired you but I have completely new respect and love for you. No child should never ever experience what you experienced. For the nightmares one thing always works for me is I put a scissor under my mattress open position. Keeps my nightmares away. Works every time.
Karen Love
Karen Love Vor 17 Minuten
Wow just horrible what she went through but I'm glad she talked about it, it will help her a lot but some of us still 🤐 about what happened I just cry listening to her. I hope she finds someone who really love her
Bonnie Berry
Bonnie Berry Vor 18 Minuten
Wow 👏 I am both saddened for Paris and so proud of her at the same time!!!! Its time for HEALING sweet girl ♡♡♡♡
Kimberly Millsap
Kimberly Millsap Vor 19 Minuten
When she said "I had to end it. I had to, I felt trapped." 💔💔💔 My heart shattered. I instantly thought thats fame babe 🥺😭😭
Christina Reeves
Christina Reeves Vor 20 Minuten
I would take it as a compliment that 4.7 million people bother to thumbs down this. You obviously make a difference in their pathetic hater lives. Haters are fans.
Veronica Jennings
Veronica Jennings Vor 21 Minute
Nice to see there is a beautiful young lady and smart business woman behind the images on TV and magazines.
Elisia Dukett
Elisia Dukett Vor 21 Minute
that one girl really cut off KIM Kardashian for a picture with paris- how times have changed😂
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez Vor 22 Minuten
Paris, I smiled though every single one of your home videos. I can see that little girl is still inside of you. Thank you for opening the eyes of many though this film. Much love, Jessica (p.s. I'm here if you ever want to get rid of some clothes, lol)
Sami Breneman
Sami Breneman Vor 24 Minuten
I hope you are seeing therapy, Paris 💗 It can change your life, it has for me and can help with PTSD which is most likely what you have and what causes your nightmares. Everyone deserves to be truly happy! 💗💗
Lynne Madison
Lynne Madison Vor 24 Minuten
That dress at 1:00:00 is amazing!! 💎💎💎✨💫💞
George Bentley
George Bentley Vor 24 Minuten
Wow so proud of you for sharing your story thank you ❤️ 🙏 prayers for you to find healing and happiness. xxoo
Quinzel perez
Quinzel perez Vor 25 Minuten
Wow. She’s so strong
Francis Flores
Francis Flores Vor 28 Minuten
“It became a blueprint to become famous” lol @kimkardashian
Dejanay Richardson
Dejanay Richardson Vor 28 Minuten
I think this just goes to show that you should always be kind to people because everyone is going through something. If you don't have anything nice to say than try to stay quiet, but it's human nature to judge because of our own insecurities or shortcomings. Money can buy a lot, but it can also uncover some ugly parts of life or attract users and manipulators. I feel for her and hope Paris finds the inner peace to help her feel happy more than just sometimes*. It's painful to see and hear these stories, but they are a matter of life which is cruel. Wishing Paris peace and solace on her journey of healing which is the true liberator (imo).
Randy C
Randy C Vor 30 Minuten
Hi I'm your mexican chicken bug!, you've brought me home!, I'll live on your blood! HAHAHAHA!
Mrsetch Barren
Mrsetch Barren Vor 30 Minuten
She didn't say it bc she isn't ready but I'm sure more than what she said happened to her.
N S Vor 32 Minuten
So many girls walk around with traumas everyday from their past and never get over it or deal with it and it affects them as adults years later they find themselves having nightmares, coming to tears in seconds.. can’t tell you how much I related to this made me realize things about myself as well. Proud of you Paris. You are just like me, just like the rest of us. Thank you for using your voice in this extraordinary way. Girls really do just wanna have fun 💔❤️