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Inspiration is forever.
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London McGrew
London McGrew Vor 2 Tage
Dam r.i.p kb
Alfredo Moon
Alfredo Moon Vor 11 Tage
Love this video
Vardaan Kumar Baden
Vardaan Kumar Baden Vor 11 Tage
I’m not the biggest Kobe fan out there But this hits hard
Marcia T
Marcia T Vor 11 Tage
Andrews Awesomeness
Andrews Awesomeness Vor 16 Tage
No man deserves that and I just got to say I wake up every day wishing I could change day. We miss you Legend
Filipino Republican
Filipino Republican Vor 18 Tage
Fu(k Kobe
Zedoumous Vor 12 Tage
really dude?
Firat Abuleyla
Firat Abuleyla Vor 21 Tag
You forgot 2008. MVP FOREVER.
MiMM PRO Vor 22 Tage
Even though he's not from Philly
London McGrew
London McGrew Vor 22 Tage
Miss u kb
gary dourdan
gary dourdan Vor 27 Tage
I miss you 😢❤
Andy L
Andy L Vor 27 Tage
Pain. Still much pain. Time doesn`t heal this pain. We miss you, Kobe.
Ishaan Sethi
Ishaan Sethi Vor 27 Tage
Please boi
Please boi Vor 28 Tage
6 months later, I forget sometimes that he is gone, i still think he is alive and well.
Big Man
Big Man Vor 28 Tage
Anyone who disliked this video has no heart. Y'all disgust me.
Daniel Pinch
Daniel Pinch Vor 28 Tage
Happy Mamba Day. Mamba Forever
abner bautista
abner bautista Vor 28 Tage
Mark my words this kid is going to be unbelievable he wasn't wrong at all
J Plaga
J Plaga Vor 29 Tage
Goosebumps #mamba
HollowGod 16
HollowGod 16 Vor 29 Tage
Compa Forever 😭😭😭😭
altadena bugclub
altadena bugclub Vor 29 Tage
Who the hell disliked this?
worldstar Vor 29 Tage
mamba forever.
Tyrone Perry
Tyrone Perry Vor 29 Tage
NOBODY makes Real, In-depth commercials Better then Nike...they make us see it. Feel it. And in brace it...#Mamba4EVA💯❤️🤘🏾
Chick N Coop
Chick N Coop Vor 29 Tage
Hardest video to ever watch and it was pretty much words and audio. He left his impression here, Gigi was gonna leave an impression... it wasn't forced, she wanted to carry on the Mamba legacy. I'm sad but thanks for this, Nike.
Jack Mathieson
Jack Mathieson Vor 29 Tage
it’s been months and this video still makes me cry
sosina mezemir
sosina mezemir Vor 29 Tage
Who all misses him? HBD Mamba, Rest In Peace♥🏀😔💔
Ducky Lee
Ducky Lee Vor 29 Tage
RIP THE ONE AND ONLY MAMBA. I promise one day I wil say and do what kobe did and I will always say FOR KOBE!!!!! RIP.
l TheGr81 l
l TheGr81 l Vor 29 Tage
Love You Kobe Bean Miss You
Mark Wallice
Mark Wallice Vor 29 Tage
*It just really makes you wonder where is he now, is there life after death*
Labronski Milan
Labronski Milan Vor 29 Tage
Mamba Forever
William Cap
William Cap Vor 29 Tage
R.I.P. Kobe & daughter thanks for the great memories. Go Lakers !!
Hyper HQ
Hyper HQ Vor 29 Tage
Mamba forever 💜 💜 💛
God Vor 29 Tage
Thing is i never cared for basketball or the lakers or even followed him on social media or anything like that but for some reason it still hurt
silly goose Martinez esai
silly goose Martinez esai Vor 29 Tage
I cried when my mom told me he died
Ralph Montano
Ralph Montano Vor 29 Tage
Compa Forever ♾ 🇲🇽 24
Marcella Jackson
Marcella Jackson Vor 29 Tage
Mamba Forever. Kobe will always live on within our hearts always.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Vor 29 Tage
Almost cried watching this on his birthday
Chris Mercer
Chris Mercer Vor 29 Tage
He cheated on his wife with a underage girl and ended shaqs marriage. He paid the girl off.
Gay Bowser
Gay Bowser Vor 29 Tage
All of the dislike couldn’t see the like butting cause of all the tears R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi
Chris Mercer
Chris Mercer Vor 29 Tage
Nike supports slavery in China! Think about some slave kid's making your shoes.
Humberto Diaz
Humberto Diaz Vor 29 Tage
I'm boycotting nike and nba for life. Moreover the nfl for dividing America further 👎👎👎
Anthony Vor 29 Tage
So disappointed in whoever disliked this😢