NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

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“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

Vonnie Peterson
Vonnie Peterson Vor 14 Minuten
How can trump denounce the media as "fake" and then he wants to talk about voter fraud, and then says he reads about ballots thrown away in a newspaper... is it a fake or not?
Christian Cagurangan
Christian Cagurangan Vor 14 Minuten
She got mansplained! Lol!
kayanja edward
kayanja edward Vor 15 Minuten
trump wants to cry hahahahahahah
Diana Lucia
Diana Lucia Vor 15 Minuten
Is it just me or does anyone notice how Joe Biden got more time to answer questions while Trump kept getting interrupted? 😐🤔🤨 HMMMM....
Liz Nisley
Liz Nisley Vor 15 Minuten
Savannah was disgraceful and rude. Didn't let the audience participate by taking up way too much time. NBC should be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting doesn't even come close...NBC and Savannah are just NASTY and below the belt. Shameful.
Cindy Swazey
Cindy Swazey Vor 15 Minuten
It's almost as if President Trump isn't even running against JB - he's actually running against the MSM - who thinks most people are stupid and can't think for themselves... It'd be so nice to have an unbiased News Outlet in the mainstream... Unbiased Tech Giants would be nice too... Can ANYONE tell me why in the blazes Joe Biden wasn't asked about the Ukraine/Hunter payoff/corruption? Oh probably for the same reason Tweaker and FakeBook censored it all - yeah, so much bias out there it's disgusting!! Someone asked why the comments are turned off on JB's Town Hall? BECAUSE EVERYONE want's to know why the obvious question wasn't asked!!!
boerqwhaas Vor 15 Minuten
Lord Strange
Lord Strange Vor 15 Minuten
Imagine if, instead of spending half her time making Trump repeat himself, she'd used that time to ask him about troop deployment in Afghanistan or the hollowing out of American manufacturing over the last 30 years?
Eddie Confessor
Eddie Confessor Vor 15 Minuten
That was awesome well done president trump
Its boyaknow
Its boyaknow Vor 15 Minuten
I was waiting on President Trump to tell her to stfu and let him speak.
Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder
Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder Vor 15 Minuten
Trump gets grilled while Biden gets a relaxation massage over at ABC. What else is new?
Michele Dawn
Michele Dawn Vor 16 Minuten
Well done, Donald Trump. She tried her best to rattle you and you stood strong. I wasn't sure who I'd vote for and despite your "bull in a china shop" behavior, at least you are honest about who you are. No surprises. Strangely enough, I'm comforted by that.
judy thierry
judy thierry Vor 16 Minuten
Snake oil salesman
Shirley Garcia
Shirley Garcia Vor 16 Minuten
Trumps Answers to most questions is " I Don't Know" As president you think he would have answers. He Really did not want to denounce White Supremacy. How could he not know if he took a test for the Coronia Virus on a big day like a Debate. He is not up to the task to be a president. We Did not seem to have a president for the past 4 years. He simply is not a Leader. He just want attention just for being Trump. He is certainly not up to the task to be a leader. I also literally have not seen him touch or kiss anyone at all ever. LOL
Ascending Jupiter
Ascending Jupiter Vor 16 Minuten
I used to love Savannah, it is sad how hateful is has become.
Matt McDevitt
Matt McDevitt Vor 16 Minuten
NBC should be ashamed, this is your host? She was terrible
Alexis Arevalo
Alexis Arevalo Vor 16 Minuten
I dare you guys to take a shot for however many times she doesn’t let Trump finish. You’d be drunk after this 😂
13huntingbears Vor 16 Minuten
i thought Matthews set the low bar for moderators, but Guthrie was not to be outdone.
Lena Nguyen
Lena Nguyen Vor 17 Minuten
No offense but Savannah needs to let trump finish his sentences .
Avi Cabrera
Avi Cabrera Vor 17 Minuten
"You always do this. I know you very well. You always do this."
Jay Nun
Jay Nun Vor 18 Minuten
Trump has made America the prosperous nation it once was returning to thi. s type of nation is what the founfing fathers wanted us to become not no far left social beaurcarcy that is 100 ruled by the government I feel like our elected officials have no idea what "we the people" means or by the people for the people
Jonah Jenkins
Jonah Jenkins Vor 18 Minuten
he used medicine from fetal tissue, how can he say he is against abortion? hypocrite!!!
Red dragon.
Red dragon. Vor 18 Minuten
This man is a monster. He has killed so many because he did not tell anyone about the coronavirus when it mattered. If someone else was in the presidency the number of dead would cause a national uproar.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Vor 15 Minuten
No he hasn't. He's a good guy. You're just brainwashed by TV corporations
Big Al
Big Al Vor 15 Minuten
On January, he closed air travel. How is that not informing the public of the virus.
VIkRuz8888 Vor 18 Minuten
Bidens townhall comment section is off
Simply Filipino
Simply Filipino Vor 18 Minuten
Liar commander in chief.
Berk Tezcan
Berk Tezcan Vor 18 Minuten
Joe Vor 18 Minuten
Shameful lady! STFU Savannah!
rufo dsouza
rufo dsouza Vor 18 Minuten
Savannah Guthrie is a DEM's stooge !! TOO POLITICAL !! NO SUBSTANCE !!
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto Vor 19 Minuten
Thank you NBC for making my mind up Trump 2020!
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Vor 19 Minuten
Look the lugenpress back at it
Vonnie Peterson
Vonnie Peterson Vor 19 Minuten
"there are good people on both sides", about charlotte. That wasn't denouncing.
I-Marketing - Profitable Empowered Passion
I-Marketing - Profitable Empowered Passion Vor 16 Minuten
He was not talking about the leftist pigs and the rightest pigs, he was talking about the monument and statues "both sides". And he actually DID denounce white supremist in that statement.
Cameron Hops
Cameron Hops Vor 19 Minuten
TRUMP 2020
Simon Müller
Simon Müller Vor 19 Minuten
As a German I never understood why people would vote Trump. With interviewers like her I see why. She is so aggressive and biased... of course Trump looks like the good guy then. The media are really proving some of his points.
Dzbeats Be on you
Dzbeats Be on you Vor 19 Minuten
Where’s Maury Poviich at? And the lie detector test determined..That was a lie! 😂
bgmcdon 0705
bgmcdon 0705 Vor 19 Minuten
Who is the bobble-head over Trump's right shoulder?
AleusGaming Vor 19 Minuten
"there is no law or rule that prohibits you from releasing your tax returns" "no except common sense and intelligence and having lawyers that say..." anybody else think that this seemed a little sus?
Ascending Jupiter
Ascending Jupiter Vor 14 Minuten
No, it would be like sharing your lawyer telling the media all the tactics you would use in an ongoing court case. smh
Sean Loftus
Sean Loftus Vor 15 Minuten
No. Why should he release it? Democrats and the MSM will spin anything to look bad. You don't give your enemy any ammunition, whether bad or good. Trump is a stable genius.
da ca
da ca Vor 20 Minuten
It’s suspicious that ABC town hall video for Biden the comment sections are turned off. Any reasonable person can see Biden is tired. I feel sorry for the man. He is literately being used , not allowing him to finish ,his train of thought , even if it takes a little longer than usual., making him look lost and vulnerable to anyone who wants to take advantage of him, literally. Democrats would run over their own dead to to Will to Power. It’d a damn shame.
Billy Hickman
Billy Hickman Vor 20 Minuten
I agree with Trump if Joe Biden wins this election he had to cheat somewhere because the American people are not behind Biden. For example look at the ratings for Fox news and the NBA when in history has the news had higher rates than the NBA 🤔 (Trump Fox news) (Joe Biden NBA) Comments on comments off ask yourself who's afraid.
boerqwhaas Vor 20 Minuten
ynw215 Vor 16 Minuten
Avi Cabrera
Avi Cabrera Vor 20 Minuten
His interview is about official matters and facts about current issues. His response always touch on the personal. Whether its the personality or appearance of the interviewer its always going to be about personal stuff instead of talking about the issues. Its cringey. Very immature
Sam Donohoe
Sam Donohoe Vor 20 Minuten
Marco Lok
Marco Lok Vor 20 Minuten
Is she here to pick a fight? I don’t see the moderator at Biden’s speaks like that and didn’t even ask him about Hunter? These medias are such a shame!
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler Vor 21 Minute
Who is this clown commentator
Maria Callous
Maria Callous Vor 21 Minute
All the space and masks is hysterical mental illness...wear paper bags with eyeholes. Oh god, enough with the questions and masks. move on...
J JRS Vor 21 Minute
This woman has a piercing loud obnoxious voice and she continually interrupted and disrespected the President. No doubt that was her mission. What a creep she is.
Peter Okoniewski
Peter Okoniewski Vor 21 Minute
It is clear this moderator only objective is to make Trump look bad, she is a clown.
Eddie Confessor
Eddie Confessor Vor 15 Minuten
He destroyed her
Ganta S
Ganta S Vor 17 Minuten
Trust me, there's no need for it
FA Barragan
FA Barragan Vor 21 Minute
The Black women behind Trump seemed like a quiet cheer!
Jen Jen
Jen Jen Vor 16 Minuten
I noticed that too 🤣
Mark Graham
Mark Graham Vor 21 Minute
Tried watching Biden town hall. I really tried. Why do they call him vice president still?
Jerry Scafidel
Jerry Scafidel Vor 21 Minute
Ouch! This girl hurts my ears.
Simon Crisp
Simon Crisp Vor 22 Minuten
She's irritating.
Jeremy Venditto
Jeremy Venditto Vor 22 Minuten
Let’s call Joe Biden Slow Joe
Rico Rodriguez
Rico Rodriguez Vor 22 Minuten
Biden wrote the crime bill incarcerating thousands of black people. Biden was always for having schools segregated, meaning he did not want his white kids to go to school with black kids. Also he said that if you support Trump than "you ain't black". Biden is the most racist politician we have seen in a long time.
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds Vor 15 Minuten
I know & dumb liberals will vote him. He will destroy the country.
L N Vor 18 Minuten
Lots of robot complaining, lol... Russian robots, insurance robots, gun lobby robots... you name it... robots for Trump!
All Things Refurbished
All Things Refurbished Vor 22 Minuten
She is the worst.
Avi Cabrera
Avi Cabrera Vor 22 Minuten
No one is saying you have to be in a basement sir. Just a mask. Jeez
marblesrichard Vor 22 Minuten
Savannah Guthrie total B it c h , good job CNBC Liberal channel ,, Trash Trump 2020 Savannah Guthrie total Democrat big mouth
Empire Vor 22 Minuten
People don’t understand finances. I have learned so much since I started in crypto. What Trump is saying about his debt and leverage is accurate.
James Robertson
James Robertson Vor 22 Minuten
Trump will win by a landslide, and everybody knows it. Give me one, just one, good reason why anybody would want to vote for Biden.
R.E.2 Vor 17 Minuten
Because under the Trump presidency, I felt afraid for my life as an lgbt American. Under Trump, I've witnessed more people freely saying racist and homophobic things. Because Trump lied about his campaign promises (Mexico didn't pay for the Wall, he hasn't released his tax returns, etc.). Trump has destroyed long lasting foreign policy alliances.
Ganta S
Ganta S Vor 21 Minute
Because it's not trump?
Justin Elliot
Justin Elliot Vor 22 Minuten
This little girl's temper tantrum is really compelling me to look more into this deep state theory.
Ro Vor 23 Minuten
Omg... Her line of questioning. The level of Bias is through the roof. smh
Jamison Vor 23 Minuten
Someone needs to remind the woman behind Trump that because of her race, her vote is owned by the Democrat party!
L N Vor 23 Minuten
a doctor leaning Trump? She is MAD!
Lucy Anderson
Lucy Anderson Vor 23 Minuten
To the people that think Trump' did a good job at the town hall.....Biden has over 3 million views
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Vor 23 Minuten
I can’t stand her evil grin 😈
sjgrahamsv Vor 23 Minuten
Respect to Savannah Gurthrie. Great job.
Benjamin Lenz
Benjamin Lenz Vor 23 Minuten
Is this a town hall, or a debate between trump and the reporter?
English patriot
English patriot Vor 23 Minuten
Trump smashed it 😃👍
69 69
69 69 Vor 23 Minuten
Great JOB Mr. President. Put the interviewer in her place!!! When you're answering people's question she should not cut in... You GOT My Vote. Keep America#1.
cliff Vor 24 Minuten
Coming soon! Trump's Bobble Dolls for the low low price of 49.95 +SH. But wait! We'll throw in an extra bobble doll for those times home and away! HAHAHA!!
Billy Batson
Billy Batson Vor 24 Minuten
Trump should have asked Savannah do they denounce the "Russia-gate" NBC has been pushing for the past 4 years. They still haven't apologized to him, this would have been the perfect platform.
L N Vor 19 Minuten
Lots of robot complaining, lol... Russian robots, insurance robots, gun lobby robots... you name it... robots for Trump!
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Vor 22 Minuten
Why didn't Trump bring up that issue? Which part of the investigation was dropped, which part was made perfectly clear and factual, and which part was not further prosecuted (open-ended)?
Nonessential Quarrel
Nonessential Quarrel Vor 24 Minuten
So a potential jew asks trump a question about immigration (finally) and of course she wants him to support DACA/dreamers, instead of giving a no, he starts repeating his downloaded finklethink lines from washington to keep his desperate white voter base "I built wall", no you didn't, you made a breakable fence, then you increased legal immigration whilst deporting less than obama.
Nonessential Quarrel
Nonessential Quarrel Vor 24 Minuten
This is one of many reasons I will not vote this election.
War Boys
War Boys Vor 24 Minuten
Trump kisses the asses of dictators and sells America’s allies
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Vor 17 Minuten
I'm just sayin' ... Real-Estate is a place where money laundering is common. Google _Panama Papers_ and _Paradise Papers_ for the rabbit hole. Follow the money to offshore accounts and shell corporations/entities. Then look how politicians on a mere civil salary have been able to amass wealth, including real-estate. Then look at who has been poisoned or killed for investigating and talking about it. Then look at which politicians don't criticize these powerful leaders (business and/or civic). I'm just sayin' ... no conspiracy theory, just follow the legal and financial breadcrumbs ...
nejuw Vor 25 Minuten
Nobody would want to hug or touch that smelly article
NeonCherie Vor 25 Minuten
What does he say in the blacked out part around 2:30 mark
Robert Runner
Robert Runner Vor 14 Minuten
As important, who decided to censor? And why did they take that decision in a democracy? I think the attendees will be asked about it. There were plenty of attendees for inquiry by journalists. Just a little contact tracing is needed ;)
Avi Cabrera
Avi Cabrera Vor 25 Minuten
I wouldve thought the question about when the last negative test was is pretty simple and could have been answered quickly and briefly. But he was never able to answer. He said a lot of things but none if it responsive to the actual question.
Harald Jan Dahle
Harald Jan Dahle Vor 25 Minuten
This man is less than a moron.
spencer walters
spencer walters Vor 25 Minuten
Trump did a great job
Sherwyn Pillay
Sherwyn Pillay Vor 25 Minuten
She looks like she is part of the satanic cult
Annette Skinner
Annette Skinner Vor 25 Minuten
Look at Savannahs innocent face.
JASchlicht Vor 25 Minuten
55:27 what the heck, who paid her?
D N A Vor 25 Minuten
Sleepy Joe's ABC town hall comments are disabled. 🤣
Restoring the American Covenant
Restoring the American Covenant Vor 25 Minuten
I love Trump! Pray to God for 4 more years and VOTE!!!
Marc Murphy
Marc Murphy Vor 25 Minuten
With the help of GOD and the American people Trump will be gone soon. I am looking forward to seeing him behind bars.
Queen Mary I
Queen Mary I Vor 25 Minuten
“But did you take a test?” “But did you wear a mask?” News flash: nobody cares about sniffles anymore, move on
Dreaming Music
Dreaming Music Vor 21 Minute
The virus has a 99.95% survival rate for people who are less than 77 years old and dont' have 3 comorbidities. That tells me that this mask mandate insanity is about conditioning the sheeple to be compliant.
M Vor 24 Minuten
Is Biden the President you really want for America!!??
Red dragon.
Red dragon. Vor 20 Minuten
No. But it is wayyyy better than this monster. So many people have died because he panicked and never told anyone of the coronavirus. The number of died would cause a national uproar if someone else was in the presidency.
Ganta S
Ganta S Vor 22 Minuten
No, but everyone would be better that this piece of crap
Peestain25 Vor 26 Minuten
Julie Sears
Julie Sears Vor 26 Minuten
The news media is so corrupt and I see nothing but the questioning for our president being an attack on him. It's absolutely disgraceful and it makes me sick. President Trump has done incredible things for our country and the left constantly attacks him, even in the town hall questioning.
Anthony W
Anthony W Vor 15 Minuten
@Penguin he's incompetence has killed a lot of Americans. trump tried to take out Biden because he clearly had covid on the day of the first debate
Penguin Vor 19 Minuten
Name one incredible thing he's done. Just one. Last I checked he hasn't done jack
Jeffrey G
Jeffrey G Vor 26 Minuten
guthrie was rude and disrespectful to the President ! guthrie nothing more than a mouthpiece and propagandist of the left !
Jeffrey G
Jeffrey G Vor 14 Minuten
@geiccidan There you go, proving your a democrat low information voter !
Jeffrey G
Jeffrey G Vor 16 Minuten
@Shawty Shawty HA HA HA ! Your a dope !
geiccidan Vor 20 Minuten
And Trump is a liar
Shawty Shawty
Shawty Shawty Vor 20 Minuten
Awwwwww she acted like he been acting for the last 4yrs except she was holding him Accountable
watermelon Vor 21 Minute
NZRoy Vor 26 Minuten
Its unfortunate Bidens wife Savannah was asking all the questions, biased piece of faece
Peacemonger .org
Peacemonger .org Vor 26 Minuten
He condemns white supremacists but can't bring himself to disavow qAnon
Dreaming Music
Dreaming Music Vor 19 Minuten
Qanon is some conspiracy theory thing on the internet. What does that have to do with "white supremacy"?
Woman Gamer
Woman Gamer Vor 19 Minuten
Because QAnon doesn’t do anything
Banker T.
Banker T. Vor 26 Minuten
Trumps just sharpening his blade for the 3rd debate. Savannas attempt to grill him was cute.
JUSTSAIYAN Vor 26 Minuten
Joe biden saying the N WORD deshow.info/watch/sWSslAkXcuE/video.html
MontanaDior Vor 26 Minuten
President Trump's ability to deflect is by far the greatest thing I've seen in a long time...LOL! #narcissism101
Claire Wright
Claire Wright Vor 19 Minuten
Not as good as Biden's constantly being evasive on if he'll pack the courts. Says voters don't need to know until after the election.
Maria Vazquez
Maria Vazquez Vor 27 Minuten
Trump 2020 !!!!!!!
Walternate Vor 27 Minuten
Lol. Comments are turned off on the Biden Town Hall. Perfect reflection on Left vs Right and freedom of speech.
isidoraklamm Vor 27 Minuten
Choke on a d b. How disrespectully Trump gets treated, unbelievable.
Earth Organics
Earth Organics Vor 27 Minuten
Wow...this has to be theater a true reality tv show! ...human evolution cannot be this juvenile, this is as bad as the “The Kardashians” . It doesn’t look good for the human race. Limiting my exposure to main stream television is one of the smartest thing I ever did, your whole outlook on life will change for the better.
Ishiki Dreams
Ishiki Dreams Vor 26 Minuten
it is theater. trust me. or not lol.
Magdalene P
Magdalene P Vor 27 Minuten
Why are those who hate Trump allowed to be the ones always grilling him or 'moderating'. This woman is a disgrace.
M Vor 25 Minuten
afoninja121 Vor 28 Minuten
That black chicken behind trump is really feeling him haha
Ishiki Dreams
Ishiki Dreams Vor 25 Minuten
i feel like they purposely put 2 big breasted females behind him just as a psychological mind trick. Take that much more attention off Trump. LOL Or i just couldn't stop lookin
bruno notmars
bruno notmars Vor 28 Minuten
Myra joli is her name(lady in red, 😁) she didn't miss a step. To obvious 😏
Jessie Springman
Jessie Springman Vor 28 Minuten
I guess to ask a question you have to be a woman.
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