Gurls Talk: Spit Fire, Dream Higher | Dream Crazy | Nike

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This is a film about football.
Meet Londiwe, Rose, Odette, Zerina, Precious, Kristina and Ikranur who, through the love of their sport are breaking barriers and building relationships within their communities.
They open up their worlds, their teams and their families showing the power of sport across the globe.
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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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Siyabonga Ngwane
Siyabonga Ngwane Vor 5 Monate
Watch out for Londiwe Ngwane 😊. Future Banyana Banyana Captain.
Ellen Casey
Ellen Casey Vor 5 Monate
You suck
Wladyslaw Polakowski
Wladyslaw Polakowski Vor 7 Monate
Russian girls are waiting for your likes !
Канал кочерыжки
Канал кочерыжки Vor 8 Monate
I from Russia
Cap Vlogger
Cap Vlogger Vor year
Nike nike nike
Daria Bulz
Daria Bulz Vor year
Nike is the best
Tuana Vor year
efsane olmuş , kız çocukları hayallerinden vazgeçmemeli. Hayatınız için izin almak zorunda değilsiniz.
Tuana Vor year
tugcesra Vor year
24:48 bizim toplumumuz da kız evlendikten sonra kadın diye nitelendiriliyor bu da çok yanlış ve saçma bir düşünce oğlan çocukları da doğar doğmaz erkek diye nitelendiriliyor ama kız çocukları evlense bile ki evlenmesi geremez 18 yaşını geçtikten sonra o bir bireydir ,olgundur ve kadın denilebilir ama evlense bile alamıyor bayan diyorlar ne yazık ki
by pizza
by pizza Vor year
congratulations to everyone, it's really nice that Nike makes such a nice video
egor-1337-top gusarov-1337-top
egor-1337-top gusarov-1337-top Vor year
Идите нахуй, ебучие рекламщики. Не куплю я ваши гнилые шмотки, хоть на жалость давите! Меркантильные уроды! Go fuck you fucking advertisers. I won’t buy your rotten clothes, at least press on pity! Mercantile freaks!
PnuT Vor year
5:27 28 Million people watched the womens world cup
uykusuz ve dengesiz
uykusuz ve dengesiz Vor year
ikranur'un kelime dağarcığındaki tek kelime hani
uykusuz ve dengesiz
uykusuz ve dengesiz Vor year
@Tuana bu arada pardon kardeş 'felan'ı unutmuşum :D felan diye bir kelime yok lan çok sinirim bozuldu jadfhsdjgjbjfd kız felan dedikçe ekrana bi' tane vurasım geliyor
uykusuz ve dengesiz
uykusuz ve dengesiz Vor year
@Tuana :/
Tuana Vor year
@uykusuz ve dengesiz :d
uykusuz ve dengesiz
uykusuz ve dengesiz Vor year
@Tuana :D?
Muhammed Tugay Gökçe
Muhammed Tugay Gökçe Vor year
Muhammed Tugay Gökçe
Muhammed Tugay Gökçe Vor year
nike'ın kanalında MALATYA'yı temsil ediyorsunuz. MALATYA'NIN GURURU SİZLERSİNİZ KIZLAR
Seher Yıldız
Seher Yıldız Vor year
ikranur sen mükemmel bir detaysın :)
Zehra Yılmaz
Zehra Yılmaz Vor year
Helal olsun Kiltepenin gururları👏👏👏
christopher romero
christopher romero Vor 7 Monate
I love this Nike
Elif Yağmur
Elif Yağmur Vor year
İkra sen harika bir kızsın ve senin takım arkadaşların da öyle ❤
Григорий Кривицкий
Григорий Кривицкий Vor year
Fuck off Nike greedy lizards.
Mia Red
Mia Red Vor year
So true dream big that's what I'm doing and I hope one day I will become a lioness play for my country England
Tshepo Kau
Tshepo Kau Vor year
You're welcome juss keep working hard sis
Mia Red
Mia Red Vor year
@Tshepo Kau thank you
Tshepo Kau
Tshepo Kau Vor year
Amen sister I'm rooting for you see you at the women's world cup
SGTSayz Vor year
dripman #
dripman # Vor year
I’m from Accra to
tekker5630 Vor year
D Storm
D Storm Vor year
Nike is an anti-American outfit.
darko annoh
darko annoh Vor year
When God speaks in your situation: Nagirian movie
Prabhu Dutta
Prabhu Dutta Vor year
Am I the only one who thinks Londiwe's voice is soothing af?
Leslie Folau
Leslie Folau Vor 2 Monate
Dana Nzh
Dana Nzh Vor year
So powerful girls! Keep going! ✊✊✊
Ludwig Vor year
Feminism really?
Karlye owens
Karlye owens Vor year
I hate Nike and so does everyone else in my family it was okay we used to have all kind of Nike stuff but then they stood up for the monster that disrespected the grate nation that so many people had fought and died for and as they later came out with red white and blue shoes that the thing did not like so the stopped making them they don’t like our country that we have people standing up for and died and still diying for today so I tell many about why we fully avoid Nike and hate talking about them . I say this because it is the truth and my great grandfather , cousin, and uncle fought for us to be free happy and available to live in this great place that many of us call home the United States of America ❤️😢😥😪
Kadlee Gaming
Kadlee Gaming Vor year
Nike disrespected our flag don’t sub to them
Alexa Wise
Alexa Wise Vor year
Literally fuego
Augustya Sing
Augustya Sing Vor year
if you make one for the cricket too . . . *) . . . that will be awesome . . .
r S
r S Vor year
Great movie !!
Adam W
Adam W Vor year
Its time for DEshow to ban ads for this shit Unamerican shoe brand #WalkAwayFromNike!!!!
Johnny Quest
Johnny Quest Vor year
Never buying your garbage again after your last anti-American stunt. You are no good, your product should be banned in the US and if you keep it up it will happen. You are number one! 🖕🏻
Jökull Bjarkason
Jökull Bjarkason Vor year
Not enough views.
Ism Vor year
FOOTBALL IS A MEN SPORTS ! feminin Football is shit and boring
SR50 Magazine
SR50 Magazine Vor year
4:3 > 16:9
Chelsea Murphy
Chelsea Murphy Vor year
This doc is so beautiful!!!!!!!
Victor Antonio
Victor Antonio Vor year
gexhane _.
gexhane _. Vor year
Qui et la pcq ya Rose et Odette 😎💕 JUMSKAY’S 💕♾
Inaxer 04
Inaxer 04 Vor year
The fut bol is my life #girlpower
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada Vor year
Amazing Nike... !!!
ella Vor year
Yessss! 🔥
Barrett Starr
Barrett Starr Vor year
Nice need to bring something to Dallas Texas
Joey Calabrese
Joey Calabrese Vor year
What garbage make them richer idiits
Ариан Назаров
Ариан Назаров Vor year
Oo... Nike😥👋👍
Kaneda Shotaro
Kaneda Shotaro Vor year
Life as a shawty shouldnt be so ruff
Kaneda Shotaro
Kaneda Shotaro Vor year
Yeah Nike is the shit , a company i gladly give my money , well done
Maria Nelepchenko
Maria Nelepchenko Vor year
Kristina touched me right in the heart !)
DVM Vor year
Your MaRy YoUr Mary Her grandma is concierge in my house She is truly one of the kindest women I ever knew! And I personally familiar with Kristina and she is very cute, but a bit enclosed
Tora Chan
Tora Chan Vor year
Women want to be oppressed so badly
Neema Mnjama
Neema Mnjama Vor year
this is super duper cool and crazy inspiring!!!!!!so here for it!!!wooooohhh!!
ViszKit _
ViszKit _ Vor year
Schüüüüüü zerorina
Yassin Ahmed
Yassin Ahmed Vor year
Those bars are lit
Jay Okal
Jay Okal Vor year
didn't need the subs
Rose Njapha
Rose Njapha Vor year
So are we really gon ignore those bars🔥🔥❤️she hells dope.. that's how it is in Africa shits hard we be facing too many problems to get anywhere near success
Rashfik Mahmood
Rashfik Mahmood Vor year
That nigga sounds like KSI when he was 7 years old
Kaneda Shotaro
Kaneda Shotaro Vor year
@Phil P over 9000
Phil P
Phil P Vor year
The magnitude of your ignorance is astounding
Emma Louise
Emma Louise Vor year
„Women should stay at home and take care of their children and husbands.Women can’t play football.They can’t even kick a ball.They can play games,but football is only for men.” Yeah well fuck you too.
Kaya Vor year
InfoBytes Vor year
Nice video
Iqroman Vor year
Cesar Alcantara
Cesar Alcantara Vor year
Wow the hour u posted this lmao
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