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“It all began in Sepolia.”
Giannis Antetokounmpo's story starts to take shape in a small neighborhood in northern Athens. It’s here where he first learned to love the game of basketball.
With Giannis as the host, we go back to the beginning. We go back to streets of Sepolia. This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit
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Mario Loredo
Mario Loredo Vor 2 Monate
My favorite player on black top2k
Trikki for 2020
Trikki for 2020 Vor 2 Monate
Hes probably very well known in Greece now hes an NBA superstar
BABARANZA Vor 4 Monate
everything is started into sea
(ಠ_ಠ) Vor 6 Monate
The scene at the end is beautiful, man. Seeing all those young kids applaud him like that. So sweet.
nicole merquiz
nicole merquiz Vor 8 Monate
I love you ginnias I want a sheos and am a Filipino pls gave me pls gannias I leave in Cebu City I am a fan .
bigerlike Vor 10 Monate
What is name music in scene inside it’s period 2:58 minutes? someone help talk me please.
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez Vor 10 Monate
Hagan un video de los freak one trailer
Demetrie Alger
Demetrie Alger Vor 11 Monate
John wall had it harder
Not KinGzZ
Not KinGzZ Vor year
Βάλτε ελληνικά ρε μαλακές(υπότιτλους )
Vomito Mentale
Vomito Mentale Vor year
Nice Doku Nike you did it again
Reyes Flores
Reyes Flores Vor year
Bro is 8 feet tall saying he wasn't born with it lol
Manu Bourke
Manu Bourke Vor year
Come to Australia
Mikel Jordin
Mikel Jordin Vor year
Damn can somebody tell me what song is being played at the end? thanks
geo19766 Vor year
ο προπονητης πρεπει να κατεβαζει κανα καραφακη τη μερα για πλακα
If he wasn't a famous basketball star, would the Greeks claim him or would they be trying to throw him out of Greece and let his family drown in the ocean on their way to the country???? Just wondering.
ak15 Vor year
Giannis was raised in Greece, attended school, made friends and played basketball even though his family was illegal BEFORE he made it to the NBA. How does that equal throwing people in the sea??? Does your country have immigrants? What have you done for them?? Just wondering.
Ophelia B
Ophelia B Vor year
We love you Gianni 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School Vor year
Nike bad call in the Patriot shoe recall. You don’t stand for this country. Bunch of lib Tards
Sir Will The Coin Knight
Sir Will The Coin Knight Vor year
Who here supports the flag shoes?
P3T3R PARKOUR Vor year
Hey Nike. I'm Greek myself. Big fan of the Giannis, not so much Nike. Just came to let yall know I will never be purchasing any Nike products and actively informing everyone I know of your racism against POAD and open discrimination against Betsy Ross. And as a Greek, calling us freaks is also EXTREMELY racist. #getwokegobroke
Green Tea Smoothie
Green Tea Smoothie Vor year
Due to the non release of the shoes with the American flag, you have lost our ENTIRE large families bussiness. You chose to listen to a loser Ex football player, who is utter trash ! YOUR COMPANY IS A DISGRACE!!!!!!
peter tuann
peter tuann Vor year
very nice, great to see Greek kids cheering for black African immigrant success story,
R Br
R Br Vor year
You caved to the likes of Kaeperneck? He’s an entitled little man who has NEVER sacrificed a single damn thing in his life and you caved to THAT? Nike, you are GUTLESS. Spineless even.
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Vor year
Can’t wait for next season to start. Milwaukee went crazy when the playoffs started
AAA P Vor year
So now the US 13 states flag is offensive NIKE? I will NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT AGAIN, I WILL TELL ALL MY FRIENDS, FAMILY NOT TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT., I will Not allow my kids to buy your product. 30 years Ive been a customer....Ill start buying Adidas from now on
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας Vor year
Good luck finding the adidas with the German Imperial Flag on. You won't.
First Last
First Last Vor year
Just heard Nike pulled their 4th of July Betsy Ross flag shoes because Kaepernick said so. Hey Nike, get woke go broke. I won't buy another pair of nikes until Kaepernick is no longer associated with your company. HES A BUMB!
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας Vor year
Nike woke all right. Who goes to sleep as a patriot wakes up as a nazi. Ancient greek proverb.
REAl REAction
REAl REAction Vor year
Nike is a turd brand
Drew Pearce
Drew Pearce Vor year
On June 14, 1777 . . . [Congress] passed the country’s first flag law. Thats the Betsy Ross flag (we belive) Colin Kaepernick is a racist who hates the United States, its not surprising that he is whining about an original 13 colonies flag, he already hates the American Flag today.
Osh H
Osh H Vor year
Nike sucks
river drake
river drake Vor year
Nike wants to ban an american flag shoe of theirs for kapernick because of injustices from the beginning times of america? Like a company who has exploited CHILD SLAVE LABOR and paying their overseas workers so little they can barely have a life at all think they can make MORAL OBJECTIONS when they EXPLOITED CHILDREN UNDER SLAVE LABOR CONDITIONS.
Brooks Bowman
Brooks Bowman Vor year
Anything is possible when you’re a 6ft 11 Freak of nature
Giorgos Gio
Giorgos Gio Vor year
You should have some mental issues to dislike this video and be the worst person in this world to not support,someone who made his dream come true,by working hard and believe on,more and more day by day!!! Giannis you are a ⭐️ 🔥🏀🔝
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft Vor year
Α ρε γιαννη λοκατζη
Faithful God
Faithful God Vor year
How can people dislike this video???????. Very inspirational video from #Zero to a #Hero.Keep climbing
Constant Dif
Constant Dif Vor year
Is it me... or the NBA players who got posterized by Giannis, they are now hitting the dislike button?
asdrubael1985 Vor year
'There are a lot of guys like me..' NO Giannis you are a freak of nature for real.The Greek freak
kns682 Vor year
the little kids love him ,that means a lot
Dimitris Dim
Dimitris Dim Vor year
Gousios Vor year
1. K.F.
1. K.F. Vor year
Hhug Ghhvj
Hhug Ghhvj Vor Monat
Your not from greece
demetri pouli*
demetri pouli* Vor year
1 K F 69 same
Rohan George
Rohan George Vor year
i liked i subed i cant afford a pair of freak 1s (my parents are missionaries)
troubauk Vor year
Μπραβο ξερω γω κι ενταξ να πούμε
Marco Brotto
Marco Brotto Vor year
This guy is just the best human being ever
3d4e5 Vor year
Outro song?
Tsalagi Muanza
Tsalagi Muanza Vor year
Ourania Eirini
Ourania Eirini Vor year
I wonder why there in absolutely no mention that basketball in Greece has a long history and has been very successful internationally.
Xypna Vasilh
Xypna Vasilh Vor year
Αυτός είναι Ε Λ Λ Η Ν Α Σ
slaviboy Vor year
Congrats from Bulgaria, for winning your first MVP trophy!!!
DLC Vor year
Didn’t even know giannis was a Nike athlete Get this man a shoe
skg_to_arl Vor year
Made in Greece. Perfected in Milwaukee. Well done Giannare!
Anhas Palapus Sorpranata Tampubolon
Anhas Palapus Sorpranata Tampubolon Vor 10 Monate
Made in 🇳🇬🇳🇬
Giorgos Kontotasios
Giorgos Kontotasios Vor year
Sepolia cityyyy
Alkmp75 Vor year
He started from a poor neighborhood in Athens and now he is at the top of the world.....Nothing is impossible ! Ο παικταρας μας !
Termviewer Thelost
Termviewer Thelost Vor year
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft Vor year
Φτιαχτε το γηπεδο και ακαδημιες γιαννη αντετοκουμπο να πανε τα παιδακια
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft
Rtggffghfgg Rygtxfhuft Vor year
Σουλουποστε ρε λιγο το γήπεδό καθε φορα ρεζιλι γινόμαστε να εχει κίνητρό ο αλλος να παει και οχι να ντρέπεται, που ειναι αυτη η Πολιτεία,μονο ωραια λογια θα γίνει πόλος έλξης για παιδια και μεγαλους
Evan Spentzaris
Evan Spentzaris Vor year
The Goat 🐐 MVP
asdrubael1985 Vor year
ase tis katsikes apo den ftiaxei to sout tou 8a xei provlimata elpisoume to strapatso twn telikwn tis anatolis na tou egine ma8ima gia na kataferei na parei daxtylidi stin kariera tou..den einai ola toso apla ki eykola
Monk3y4fun Vor year
got chills watching this... great video, amazing story
Eleftheria Atalla
Eleftheria Atalla Vor year
I got goosebumps while watching the video..a true inspiration, a great athlete and a great man..You made all Greeks proud ! Keep up the good work and may God shower more blessings upon you coz you deserve it!
Wealth NewsTimes UK
Wealth NewsTimes UK Vor year - Nike money unlimited
Alonso Meraz 31
Alonso Meraz 31 Vor year
For those who disliked this video... is everything all right???
Dr0pkidd Vor year
That's the right question to ask.
Karim Vor year
It’s only crazy until you do it, don’t give up guyzzz🙌🏾
John Rambo
John Rambo Vor year
Look at all the kids at the end. THEY LOVE HIM....
Atari’s World
Atari’s World Vor year
he needs a shoe
Christos Katsaragakis
Christos Katsaragakis Vor year
Life is so crazy..I started from same court, same neighborhood and with same dreams, many years before Giannis. I am so happy that one of us made it, giving to all the rest this incredible joy. Love ya Giannis - Sepolia City
Robinson4Knicks Vor 10 Tage
@Dhruva Kumar if Greece had not win team usa in 2006, thanasis and giannis would have probably not picked a basketball like every greek kid back then.
Dhruva Kumar
Dhruva Kumar Vor year
if people like you dint show interest in Basketball in that city, there would be no Giannis.
Ambi Dextrose
Ambi Dextrose Vor year
Giannis is Sepolia's child.
romain Pottier
romain Pottier Vor year
@Christos Katsaragakis Nice to hear it. Never stop doing what you love and you will never be disappointed. Sending you good vibes!
romain Pottier
romain Pottier Vor year
Hi Christos, may I ask how did it go for your dream?
Ray Dargis
Ray Dargis Vor year
He sounds a lot like most of my Greek friends ( his accent ) but none of them are 7ft tall basketball phenom's , mostly they own hot dog stands and restaurants.... and not one of them is taller than 5ft 10in
azwris Vor year
and we also prefer to fart nationalists after a crazy pita gyro party!!!
Λυδία94 Vor year
And most of them Greeks that you say, speak at least 2 languages natively, unlike you. And they can swear on your face without you even realizing it.
Aoki Aoki
Aoki Aoki Vor year
Words of an American...
Simon indra
Simon indra Vor year
Stupid celt
George Vor year
-VA21- Vor year
franki8765 Vor year
Panos Neroutsos
Panos Neroutsos Vor year
Wow Nike already knew that they were going to sell a buzzizzilion pairs of Giannis new shoes, after last nights MVP they will probably sell 1 bazookazillion pairs. Greece FIBA 2019 world cup winners. That’s a guarantee
asdrubael1985 Vor year
stay grounded plz
antforsafe safeforant
antforsafe safeforant Vor year
I always loved the Greeks, the civilization, their contribute to the world which is massive. And now with that, it makes me understand that even when u dont have money, even if a country is not at its best and still helping people who wanna move there and the society make you part of it, thats means a lot. Now i understand why Giannis thanked Greece and why always speaking about it. Well done Giannis congrats, an amazing season and an amazing story!
Aliki Lekou
Aliki Lekou Vor year
Well, most of the Greek people we love him and support him in every step of his great and the-best-is-yet-to-come way. Of course, there is a portion that strongly believes he shouldn't be talking about him being Greek "because he (obviously) is not from Greece". And just think that due to the bad immigratant politics, he almost wouldn't take his passport back in 2013, because the kids of all immigrants who have lived here for over 20 years and so, could not get their papers and become citizens. Thanks to some people, he got excepted and now he can live his dream and be away from all this racism and discrimination.
Ариан Назаров
Ариан Назаров Vor year
Brian Lockett
Brian Lockett Vor year
Mark —
Mark — Vor year
Giannis winning MVP!
Yoland Gautama
Yoland Gautama Vor year
Al-ameen A. Abdullateef
Al-ameen A. Abdullateef Vor year
Ties Kuijpers
Ties Kuijpers Vor year
I love Giannis. He makes me love basketball
gvandoul Vor year
What a movie this will be one day. Now the only thing missing in the script is an ending with a ring... or rather a bunch of.
Ant Nam
Ant Nam Vor year
smh! Greeks turned Adetokunbo to Antetokounmpo.
Maria Vor year
@aktivmember21 yeah forgot to mention that as well
aktivmember21 Vor year
@Ant Nam MP is our B..
Ant Nam
Ant Nam Vor year
@Maria and the b?
Maria Vor year
This is how it is written in Greek because nt makes the sound d and ou makes the sound u.
Ant Nam
Ant Nam Vor year
smh! those damn Greeks! usually they spit at immigrants, but because he's done well, they accept him and claim him.
Caveman Protogonos
Caveman Protogonos Vor year
"καθυστερημένε και ηλίθιε" @Tsotsis1 πάντα έτσι ξεκινάς συζητήσεις? Εκφέρεις άποψη χρησιμοποιώντας μόνο προσβολές?
Tsotsis1 Vor year
@Caveman Protogonos την γαλλια ρε κα8υστερημενε αποκαλεις ρατσιστικη χωρα ειδικα για τους μαυρους ?? ηλι8ιε εχεις και αποψη
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας
Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας Vor year
Damn Greeks all you want, ever since "Time Danaos et dona ferentes". Still, many, many Greeks love refugees because in our recent history we have been both refugees and economic immigrants. We have faced the same spitting you refer to on the receiving side in Germany, Australia and of course in the USA. Anglos in the States called us many names back in the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. There were signs in shops "no dogs and greeks allowed", "no greeks need apply" , so be a bit more respectful to greeks in general, damn racists all you like, everywhere you find them. Also, look in the mirror more.
asdrubael1985 Vor year
@Ant Nam the truth is that we have some pieces of shit like Golden Dawn,but Greeks in general are NOT fascists or racists
Manos Anag
Manos Anag Vor year
Your facts are bad dude.. You don't have idea about Greece
81liavin 25 - Michael Jordan Rare
81liavin 25 - Michael Jordan Rare Vor year
(ΑΠΛΑ ΔΕΙΤΕ ΤΟ): JUST WATCH IT: " Michael Jordan BEST rare Video ever (Voyager) "
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen Vor year
im not crying....ur crying
Lambros Stamos
Lambros Stamos Vor year
Υπέροχος. Absolute brilliance. MVP.
Jayden413 !
Jayden413 ! Vor year
His story is crazy, anything is possible fr
bgkid14 Vor year
Where’s the shoe already
Jordan J
Jordan J Vor year
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada Vor year
Amazing. Nike is the best!!!
Wonderlandian Vor year
Γιαννάρα μας κάνεις περήφανους παντού και πάντα!!
Miguel Orrostieta
Miguel Orrostieta Vor 6 Monate
Si usted
Danieltheepic Vor year
0:13 👀 damn. He gonna break the court soon
Huynh Xuan Nhat
Huynh Xuan Nhat Vor year
Why he look so high in the thumbnail 🙂
Danieltheepic Vor year
Lil Bexn oh that’s his username 😂😂😂🤣🤣😭. I ain’t high
Danieltheepic Vor year
Lil Bexn idk what the fak I just wrote 😂
Kay .Samara
Kay .Samara Vor year
WHAT?!! U sound high
Danieltheepic Vor year
Huynh Xuan Nhat 😂🤣🤣
Brenn T08
Brenn T08 Vor year
Giannis the genius
Spyros Kosmatos
Spyros Kosmatos Vor year
Μπράβο Γιάννη 🇬🇷🇬🇷
J SQUAD Vor year
The Greece Freak
Twelve K
Twelve K Vor year
His shoe better be treated better than the Paul George line cause after the PG1 his shoes are trash man.
Ziad Eissa
Ziad Eissa Vor year
Bro, have you ever seen PG's?? PG1's, 2s, 2.5's and 3's look SEXY! Especially my Pg2 Playstations.
Nyle M
Nyle M Vor year
JGZ Soccer
JGZ Soccer Vor year
First comment and I like antekoumpo
Théo 37
Théo 37 Vor year
I love Giannis
Jiggy Josh
Jiggy Josh Vor year
Giannis MVP💯
Kobe Is The Goat
Kobe Is The Goat Vor year
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