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emma chamberlain

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Amber Spade
Amber Spade Vor Stunde
How are you so stunning!💗
v tech tips
v tech tips Vor 2 Stunden
stop thinking about what others think and do what you want . | YOU ARE A FREE BIRD |
Leonard Crate
Leonard Crate Vor 2 Stunden
You looked good at first... until you mentioned Draco Malfoy... that little bastard...
Aesthetic Slimes
Aesthetic Slimes Vor 2 Stunden
Ok but like she is so pretty idc what you think
JL Lardizabal
JL Lardizabal Vor 2 Stunden
i think i'm not gay anymore.
Slim Jim Longfoot
Slim Jim Longfoot Vor 2 Stunden
Just heard of Emma for first time today...she seems cool💯👍🏾
ella malou
ella malou Vor 2 Stunden
I miss brunette emma :(
Chloe Valentine
Chloe Valentine Vor 2 Stunden
You look so goood
makay baker
makay baker Vor 2 Stunden
it’s so obvious how serious her anxiety is
Daphne Hii
Daphne Hii Vor 3 Stunden
The reason why I love watching your video : you make your video funny which makes me laugh all the time 😂😂✨
Rivan Fakhr
Rivan Fakhr Vor 3 Stunden
emma: 'I like to season the pan before putting the eggs in' **Adam regusea has entered the chat**
Lenaluthor is very cute
Lenaluthor is very cute Vor 3 Stunden
My face after she got blonde throughout the whole video 👁 👄 👁
Just Yofi
Just Yofi Vor 4 Stunden
I’m practicing my English with you 😂😍
Hannah Garrett
Hannah Garrett Vor 4 Stunden
Emma’s undertones really allow her to do any hair color and make it look good 😍
Kara Rose
Kara Rose Vor 5 Stunden
I can't express how much I love her. she is so real
Anaya Raagaard
Anaya Raagaard Vor 5 Stunden
lovvvvvvvve the hair x3
Lucy Vor 5 Stunden
Where is the sweatshirt from? I need itttttttt
vikky stone
vikky stone Vor 5 Stunden
I have the same car as Emma and every time I hear her car beep I get the most traumatic flashbacks 😭
wife Ashlee
wife Ashlee Vor 5 Stunden
The egg part when you took the little white part out...man that got me. I thought I was alone.
liv rose
liv rose Vor 7 Stunden
she is glowing
Georgia Petridou
Georgia Petridou Vor 7 Stunden
emma your skin is GLOWING ✨ it got so clear 🤩
kellie m
kellie m Vor 7 Stunden
Me just after dying my hair black watching this:👁👄👁
Dženana Užičanin
Dženana Užičanin Vor 8 Stunden
imagine her hair platinum blonde 🙊🙊
Ann P
Ann P Vor 8 Stunden
Use blush! Concealer Mascara/eyeliner That’s it. And crimp your hair
Ann P
Ann P Vor 9 Stunden
You need to crimp your hair!!
Ann P
Ann P Vor 9 Stunden
Blonde Emma is better!
Ann P
Ann P Vor 9 Stunden
Now you can wear pink and dresses!!!!💕
Ann P
Ann P Vor 9 Stunden
Thank you Emma for this you are better w blonde hair. Some brunette looks better but you match blonde better!!!!!!!😍😍
Caroline H
Caroline H Vor 9 Stunden
She needs a shadow root
Declan !
Declan ! Vor 9 Stunden
You should just start wearing wigs
Maya Shah
Maya Shah Vor 9 Stunden
i’m so happy that emma’s happy
nioou meow
nioou meow Vor 10 Stunden
isn’t she vegan? why is she eating eggs?
Aileen Carlos
Aileen Carlos Vor 10 Stunden
Honestly I liked brunette Emma way better but be you babe
Emma Arrivas
Emma Arrivas Vor 11 Stunden
wait did she move again
Mali Miller
Mali Miller Vor 11 Stunden
6:05 yeah❤️
Mali Miller
Mali Miller Vor 11 Stunden
bilias hour
bilias hour Vor 11 Stunden
The ace family baby name is steel in case you were wondering
Reggie Schwartz
Reggie Schwartz Vor 11 Stunden
when is your lease up?
Mariana Tancara
Mariana Tancara Vor 11 Stunden
Blonde looks so fucking good on you
Zara Lena
Zara Lena Vor 12 Stunden
HoW wEiRd Is ThIs
bilias hour
bilias hour Vor 11 Stunden
Wasn’t she vegan
Zara Lena
Zara Lena Vor 12 Stunden
we like itt
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie Vor 12 Stunden
You should have clinched your butt together and wobbled to the other bathroom lolol and I think the blonde looks great on you.
justis kaylee
justis kaylee Vor 12 Stunden
i love the blonde!! 😍
Abby Coupper
Abby Coupper Vor 12 Stunden
Why did when her doorbell go off I got excited and thought o got a package 😂 💀 also it’s midnight and my doorbell sounds nothing like hers
Tess Kelly
Tess Kelly Vor 13 Stunden
use some BLUE shampoo emma!!!! mix with purple shampoo from time to time! I recommend Fanola :)
emily clewes
emily clewes Vor 13 Stunden
someone plz tell me where the tiger sweatshirt is from :)
Kori Chamberlin
Kori Chamberlin Vor 13 Stunden
emmmaaa this brings me back to 2017 when I first found you and you would drive around San Fran and do photoshoots w ur dad and u were blonde and wore that shell necklace and had that pink rugby shirt omg
skia Vor 13 Stunden
wanted blonde emma back since she left
Cassidy Heck
Cassidy Heck Vor 14 Stunden
I missed blonde Emma tbh
Alie Jones
Alie Jones Vor 14 Stunden
Ok, random question... why don’t you talk to the Doland Twins and James anymore?
Dianne Vor 14 Stunden
emma’s skin be lookin awesome 🔥🥰
Margaret Crafton
Margaret Crafton Vor 14 Stunden
Haneen and Fay
Haneen and Fay Vor 14 Stunden
Be patient with mommy😂😂
mia jean
mia jean Vor 14 Stunden
The blonde is perfect, it suits you so well 😍
Joey Wood
Joey Wood Vor 14 Stunden
Wasn’t she vegan
Makenzie Malone
Makenzie Malone Vor 14 Stunden
emma i really think platinum blonde would look amazing on you
Alexa Stander
Alexa Stander Vor 14 Stunden
Just get a tan so your hair matches your skin tone! Otherwise I love the blonde
Daisy Stewart
Daisy Stewart Vor 15 Stunden
i loved you with black hair i would like to see it againnnn
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas Vor 15 Stunden
purple shampoo it !! looks cool as fuck though!
Valerie Villarreal
Valerie Villarreal Vor 15 Stunden
The hairs a look the eggs tho 😳🤮
Kate Fisher
Kate Fisher Vor 15 Stunden
love it!
It’s just Nayeli
It’s just Nayeli Vor 16 Stunden
Why do you curse so much? No offense but it makes me not want to watch your videos...
Rebeca Quevedo
Rebeca Quevedo Vor 16 Stunden
it looks so good issn docihqwjdnwoj
Isobelle Bailey
Isobelle Bailey Vor 16 Stunden
I can't stop laughing at 9:41 XD
Viktoria Swanson
Viktoria Swanson Vor 17 Stunden
big Malfoy vibes in a good way
Gabriela Yugaa
Gabriela Yugaa Vor 17 Stunden
HELLO beautiful people, I just started a DEshow channel and i would love for you guys to check it out and leave any comments with how I can improve. Much love
Mark Parkey
Mark Parkey Vor 17 Stunden
EMMA. - Best Video Ever , AGAIN ! (Some reasons why I think that, 27 sec. the “be patient with mommy VOICE, w/ nice facial expression to suite the voice, sum pleasantries, 0.42 ANNOUNCEMENT , BACK TO BLONDE ! 1:02 Flash Back, heart wrenching, true experience conveyed. SHARE WHY going back to blonde , we’re included, then 1:46 Emma w/ special private ME moment confided to all of us, the sheet mask event, but at 2:58 we SEE the pain expression of HURT, only for like half a second, left hand to face mostly hides that. However, back to the determined Emma and close to salon, got to go. At 4:08 in, hand over cam , your voice carrying excitement state, ITS FINALLY DONE ! Slowly but quickly you emerge from the adjusting lens of the camera to the light, and , OMG , Beautiful Blonde Hair, and, ITS EMMA ! It’s like you’ve held off truly looking in the salon, focus was getting done despite years and recent despair, now, only Now, Alone with all of us you can Truly Look and Feel it, and you do, You Really Do. We /. I see the gaze of wonderment in your Eyes, so good, true felt expression, I Thought I Had Went Blonde, Full Emotional moment, not bad, but really really Good. At 4:29 your verbal declaration, I Like IT. ! Hearing the vocal tone, seeing your eyes, your face, your smile, your Hair. I / the world was included, got to live that with you, very well done Emma, so real, this, all this is what they say Emma is genuine. Next entertainment at 4:40 you say I don’t know how to get home, 4:42, I’m Blonde now, good close up shot, aagghhh shrieking , noticing, its one way, at 4:48 repeating to yourself I’m blonde, lm blonde. Starved all day you got to go, with excited exhaustion we depart. Flash, next day, Emma, camera & coffee, mobile morning music were waiting in the kitchen, sweet greeting, at 5:34 a classic Emma pose w/ signature hand gesture. 5:44 in we’ve been invited to Emma’s sharing cooking breakfast we can enjoy together, priceless. Two seconds before I’ve finally noticed the TIGER’S eyes, Emma’s eyes and the tiger’s like same moment, the shirt, it’s all wild cats, duh, yeah noticing she wore it to salon, and this morning, loved it , was thinking she fit right in as one of the group of Wild Cats. Such a treat, Emma , food, warm conversation, we’re gonna try out blonde hair, make up and outfits. 8:38 Emma close up, make up done “” Hi “” nice shot, closet, picking clothes, colors. 9:35 Witty Emma & blonde innuendo on creating outfits “” Seems I’ve forgotten how to do that”” with a cutie pie grin, yeah nice one tho, I snicker. Lots & Lots of new hair and closer shots on Emma good closet overhead lighting. Try on, fittings, all looks very very nice, 10:21 Declan, as if on cue, curls his blonde tail onto Emma’s leg, He approves, PURRFECT ! At 10:44 EMMA you say there’s cat litter in my bed, with a unique grin & saying “Awesome” , I chuckle, it’s nice. Winding down but makes us feel like you don’t want to go at 11: 17 you say “” I Love You Guys “” and it’s like we all somehow know you really really mean it, anyway I’m certain you think I’m crazy, sum ov da reasons I say Best Video Ever , AGAIN. ! ). I LUV U,
Chrissy Mashburn
Chrissy Mashburn Vor 18 Stunden
Your skin is the clearest I’ve ever seen it
patrick duncan
patrick duncan Vor 18 Stunden
ay who put bille eyelash(yes I ment to say that) in the microwave to long
kazbrekkerisemo Vor 18 Stunden
Emma with blonde hair is basically just Alina Starkov change my mind
Me myself and I
Me myself and I Vor 19 Stunden
I thought you looked familiar and then you mentioned Draco Malfoy hdjdieihdudowr but like we stan
Mariam Mostafa
Mariam Mostafa Vor 19 Stunden
she looks like lucius malfoy but in a good way lmao
SoFia J
SoFia J Vor 19 Stunden
i love the blonde
liv k
liv k Vor 19 Stunden
i’m getting that’s so raven flashbacks
Margaux Michel
Margaux Michel Vor 19 Stunden
ur skin is actually gloooowing
haley brady
haley brady Vor 19 Stunden
*watches this on the toilet* *checks for tp* *back to the video*
Audree Lynn
Audree Lynn Vor 19 Stunden
Her taking her time cutting the avocado 🥑 Unlike me almost cutting off my finger
Klif lord
Klif lord Vor 20 Stunden
Syrnian Vor 20 Stunden
You are dying (killing) your hair? Bleaching is not dyeing.
Sadia Hossain
Sadia Hossain Vor 20 Stunden
This is the first video where Emma didn’t make and didn’t coffee 😱
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