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This is an epic one, fam!
We bought two identical 350z’s and have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track. Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) get the expensive parts and Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) get the cheap ones. Then we test them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on.
If you want more power out of your Z, you really have to go forced induction. Which basically means, forcing more air into the engine to get more combustion. So in this episode we're installing turbochargers.
Hi Team went with a Jim Wolf Technologies twin turbo kit. It’s high quality across the board. Best materials, it’s been through lots of R&D, everything should bolt up easily. But it’s $8000 DOLLARS! That’s more than we paid for the actual car! Can that possibly be worth it?
It comes with two Garrett GT25 turbos. Garrett is one of the most trusted brands of turbo. It also comes with all the piping, plumbing and pieces you could ever ask for. Sometimes with these kits, the plumbing won’t fit quite right so you’ll find yourself having to do fabrication or calling your friend who knows how to weld. But with this expensive kit, theoretically everything should bolt right up and we won’t have to get our Tinker Boyz on. Part of that $8000 price tag.
It was designed to be an OEM+ set-up with OEM reliability in mind, which means it shouldn’t require a lot of attention from you once its in--another benefit. It comes with its’ own piggyback box which talks with the car’s ECU or computer, and the right one can save you a lot of time and effort.
These turbos are good for up to 530 hp, which is beneficial in two ways. If you do choose to go FULL hot boi down the line, you won’t need to upgrade your turbos, you can just keep these. The other benefit is that because these are way more than what we’re going to be throwing at them, they’re not likely to be a failure point.
Team Low went with a Rev9 turbo kit, purchased on Amazon for $2400. It’s a single turbo kit. It comes with a turbonetics 60-1 turbo and a turbonetics evolution 38mm external wastegate. That’s one of the reasons we chose this kit. The turbocharger itself is the part of any turbo kit that is the most likely to fail. So even though this kit is “cheap”, I know with a name-brand, at least the turbo itself should be fine.
This kit only includes the hard parts and doesn’t come with any software to help tell the ECU what’s going on. So in addition to the kit, we also had to buy an UpRev software license.
We’re gonna show you our super long journey to get these things installed, then we dyno them to see who makes more power!

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WolF Vor Stunde
@38:24 is that a SUPRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Avery Hodson
Avery Hodson Vor 4 Stunden
You know what would make everything cheaper ? If donut left cali
Blake Voege
Blake Voege Vor 7 Stunden
tries to start EFI car with no EFI control .... mekanik
Majik Majka
Majik Majka Vor 7 Stunden
That Nissan hat is dope
Prod. White Mamba
Prod. White Mamba Vor 12 Stunden
Did they ever make the Albuquerque episode lol?
Phantomx206 Vor 17 Stunden
Man I feel his pain when I install my first turbo I was licking oil and coolant on the first startup....
Soeltan Sohail
Soeltan Sohail Vor 18 Stunden
bruh i ' m still waiting fore the moter swap
Rogue Vor 21 Stunde
Turbo V.S. Supercharger
Yes Vor 21 Stunde
Fire comes out from under my car not on purpose!
david sa-ao
david sa-ao Vor 21 Stunde
is it wierd that I'm a kid that I'm subbed that I can understand most of what they're saying?
Ted Salmen
Ted Salmen Vor Tag
26:44 happily struggles to put on seat belt
Horny Hamster
Horny Hamster Vor Tag
Anyone know a good turbo kit for a Honda prelude 5th gen?
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ Vor 2 Tage
It’s code TTTO everybody!
Drayden Tyrrell
Drayden Tyrrell Vor 2 Tage
I would pay a lot of money to see David frieburger and Steve dulsich watch and narrate the donut guys doing this😂
James Firpo
James Firpo Vor 2 Tage
both james and npl both tightened up the bolts/nuts on hood and under car
Amanda Stike
Amanda Stike Vor 2 Tage
Babingo DeSpingo
Babingo DeSpingo Vor 2 Tage
what is that red car at 39:52 ??
Chuck Moore
Chuck Moore Vor 2 Tage
Hey Zack, next time don't UNPLUG the ECU! Try pulling the fuel pump relay instead! It's usually easier, and does the same thing!
Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder Vor 2 Tage
This episode is me, EVERY time I work on my car...
walter Koole
walter Koole Vor 2 Tage
the sound on 32.45 tho that hit diffrent
Z K Vor 3 Tage
Aaron is in Hyperdrive on Netflix!!
Hdh Jsns
Hdh Jsns Vor 3 Tage
John Ferro
John Ferro Vor 3 Tage
I wanted that car to start so badly hahah😭😭😭
ian Vor 3 Tage
"You're gonna drive it once and it's gonna explode" lol
Michael Saxonson
Michael Saxonson Vor 3 Tage
7:04 Lmao, Aaron smacks the lift 😁
Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!
Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! Vor 3 Tage
Could you tell people WHO you bought the single turbo from so that we know to avoid them? I don't think they sent you one correct part. What a nightmare!
Bud Masta
Bud Masta Vor 3 Tage
over the top fat people with loud mouths are so disgusting. seriously dude, eat more so the world will be a better place.
SpicyTuna Vor 3 Tage
When ur a business major jealous of the auto majors so u live vicariously through the internet
Bsam Navas
Bsam Navas Vor 4 Tage
WalkingW Vor 4 Tage
i feel like you guys should've added a middle priced option
CODEwater Airsoft and More
CODEwater Airsoft and More Vor 4 Tage
AugmentedGravity Vor 4 Tage
HiCar sounded like a rotary there for a minute xd
Leonardo Renzi
Leonardo Renzi Vor 5 Tage
Now my dream would be to work at a mechanic like this. Sadly you can't modify your car like this in Italy.
Dejaun Hall
Dejaun Hall Vor 5 Tage
I’m thinking that too
Gavin Webb
Gavin Webb Vor 5 Tage
what a roller coaster
kakka626 Vor 5 Tage
juts found this channel and im addicted :D
Juan M. Jimenez Perez
Juan M. Jimenez Perez Vor 5 Tage
if you plan to go turbo a good mechanic should tell you all you need to have a good job and don't expect is going to be cheap for a good because is smart and cheaper doing everything 100% sure on the first time than do everything again,
Uridimmu Vltozwta
Uridimmu Vltozwta Vor 5 Tage
I see about $60k+ worth of OSHA safety glasses violations.
Smithbenjamin_ Vor 5 Tage
this is where it all went wrong but i love it
Arshia dollar
Arshia dollar Vor 6 Tage
lol nightmare build
It'sDarensbourg Vor 6 Tage
"your gonna drive it once and it's gonna explode" - James predicted the future
Jameson Hardcastle
Jameson Hardcastle Vor 6 Tage
I absolutely love how around day 4-5 everyone's faces said; "we just fucked two really nice cars" then they start the cars and everything changed.
hugues beauregard
hugues beauregard Vor 6 Tage
That just turned into a roadkill episode 😂
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Vor 6 Tage
Aaron parker is from hyperdrive
Buhrayden Vor 7 Tage
this video just screamed stututututu
Revenite Vor 7 Tage
23:55 xD
QuinnieBin Vor 7 Tage
Aaron is such a good guy
Tommy’s Top Beatz
Tommy’s Top Beatz Vor 7 Tage
Where are the turbos located on the JWT kit?
christian ernspiker
christian ernspiker Vor 7 Tage
The fact the cheap turbo kit is the one that drove all the way without breaking down
fish sticks
fish sticks Vor 7 Tage
Donut could sue you then lose but sue you again and win because they bought 300 lawyers
Seb Web
Seb Web Vor 7 Tage
21:21 am I the only one thinking a horse humped this car and blasted a load off in to the car and now it’s dripping. (Just sobbing wet exhaust dripping 😏😏😏)
TruMoist Vor 8 Tage
I love watchin these bro, wish i could do shit like this
devsagar raj
devsagar raj Vor 9 Tage
BlaZeツ Vor 9 Tage
the flames at the start looks like forza flames
Johnny Singh
Johnny Singh Vor 9 Tage
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Vor 10 Tage
Why did this make me want to do this? Something about stuff not working gets me hard.
Aelx B
Aelx B Vor 10 Tage
You guys are hilarious. Lol I love your humor. Lol
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Vor 10 Tage
That guy grabbing James wrist was legit fear he thought James was gonna break some s***, had my ass laughing
Gaben Netswrth
Gaben Netswrth Vor 11 Tage
Not gonna lie when they started the engine and it shat oil I got tired too
Bus Driver
Bus Driver Vor 11 Tage
$3500 Turbo kit is the one
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Vor 11 Tage
At 24:30 I legit almost cried
Jared Howell
Jared Howell Vor 11 Tage
I hear a trumbone 👀
Dara Elite YOS
Dara Elite YOS Vor 12 Tage
What is that song called ? 3:41
Luke Bopp
Luke Bopp Vor 12 Tage
Season 2 of high low, foxbody
kiDD Yuuto
kiDD Yuuto Vor 13 Tage
Wait a second at 40:09 IS THAT A SUPRA!!!
RåZ Checking in
RåZ Checking in Vor 13 Tage
This video earned my sub👍🏽
peter kalcounis
peter kalcounis Vor 14 Tage
you need to add nos cheap off brand and real stuff pls
Brown Ryan
Brown Ryan Vor 14 Tage
I think the black dude doesn't know what his doing, hire me i don't know shit and like money
Car Sales
Car Sales Vor 14 Tage
Wayyyy too many ads
Luke Harrison
Luke Harrison Vor 15 Tage
way too many ads imo
Sunny 730
Sunny 730 Vor 15 Tage
I'm getting serious Roadkill vibes from this episode.
Logan Juchtzer
Logan Juchtzer Vor 15 Tage
38:25 is that a supra lol
- Vor 15 Tage
What's the backround music at 23:50 and 24:30
Angela Stark
Angela Stark Vor 15 Tage
What is that song
Logan Carbin
Logan Carbin Vor 15 Tage
albuquerque welcomes you. Try not to get shot
Prod.Shottaa Vor 16 Tage
hmm. see now I was thinking of Turbo-ing my future 350z but now. That thought just died. :/
Seth Muñoz
Seth Muñoz Vor 16 Tage
I like that one guy who is wearing that one shirt that says donut
Skuby Duuu
Skuby Duuu Vor 16 Tage
you guys should make a video of alternate ways to bring up those hrsprs, like supercharging and how that works and what to buy
straitsouthern8 Vor 16 Tage
As soon as I seen the thumbnail, all I could think was “Mo Powa Babeh” 🤣😂😭
John D Cornman III
John D Cornman III Vor 17 Tage
Excuse me sir, there was a video in your ad
Jamil Jalil
Jamil Jalil Vor 17 Tage
38:36 is that a supra???
G.D BIGGS Vor 17 Tage
25:27 you should hear my BiTURBO V8 🔥
ryan mac
ryan mac Vor 18 Tage
Where are the wings that they put on em
MadHatter Music
MadHatter Music Vor 18 Tage
31:31 whoever their editor is, they deserve a raise
burak kula
burak kula Vor 18 Tage
Nolan always seems so miserable 😭
the flying fyish
the flying fyish Vor 19 Tage
im not surprised that starter burned it you guys ran it for ten minutes straight
Dr.Bluebox11 Vor 19 Tage
Just watched Hyperdrive, and I'm glad to see Aaron on here.
EpicTacoCatGalaxy Vor 19 Tage
I wanna know what is the best company to get a turbo kit for a 1.3L rotary
mo. Vor 20 Tage
So many ads my god
David Sazonov
David Sazonov Vor 20 Tage
i have never seen working on a car portrayed so well.
Cactus Souls
Cactus Souls Vor 20 Tage
yall should of done an expensive single turbo vs cheap single
Mitchell Rodriguez
Mitchell Rodriguez Vor 20 Tage
Thomas Akselsen
Thomas Akselsen Vor 20 Tage
This is how to succeed top gear, not blatantly coping it as others are doing.
Grizz Bear
Grizz Bear Vor 20 Tage
I absolutely love how all of you work together as a team. Even though you guys are on two separate teams and you guys talk shit you all are friends at the end of the day. I love it please don’t stop making these videos even after the Z’s are finished. Do like a second edition of like the Miata or the WRX or something. My heart can’t handle this series ending. I love it
lbryanyangl Vor 21 Tag
This was fun to watch.
Frank Cooke
Frank Cooke Vor 21 Tag
Why do cars need so many parts? It's just a chair on wheels. You just need a way to make the wheels turn. That shouldn't take like, a ton and a half worth of parts
Ling Endrawati
Ling Endrawati Vor 21 Tag
Martin Salgado
Martin Salgado Vor 21 Tag
It started as a v.s. Video it ended up being a vlog. Not mad about it
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Vor 21 Tag
Amazing content. 👍 A mo powaaaa babayyy!!!
James Wachala
James Wachala Vor 21 Tag
Where can we find a playlist of all the songs used in your videos. Some serious hype going on!
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