Is Gore-Tex Worth It? Waterproof Comparison Test

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Gore-Tex, the Mike Tyson of the waterproof membrane world, goes up against 7 contenders to the throne. We have everything from cheap and cheerful basic liners to high-performance waterproof membranes from Alpinestars, Rev’it and Dainese. Round One…FIGHT!
Gear breakdown:
Revit Neptune Gore-Tex Jacket -
Frogg Toggs Pro Action Rain Jacket -
Fieldsheer Moto Morph Jacket -
Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry Jacket -
Alpinestars T-Core Air Drystar Jacket -
Revit Sand 3 Jacket -
Olympia Expedition 2 Jacket -
Scott Summer VTD Vented Jacket -

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Zyriab Vor 22 Stunden
Just ordered a brand new Gore-Tex vest + over-pants from a military surplus (Portuguese army) : 107€ shipping included :D Also, I have Drystar gloves and got my hands soaked after 10 minutes under a normal Belgian rain... I think I'll use your rubber gloves hack until I find proper snowmobile gloves... :)
Benstamous Vor Tag
This video is amazing! I actually own a business that is trying to break into the waterproof garment industry. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to have a deeper conversation with you and your team on the subject.
You have to much FUN, lol
Jim Glasson
Jim Glasson Vor 5 Tage
From my experience nothing waterproof made for a motorbike is waterproof it's nothing more than water resistant. The amount of times I've got to my destination and had to wait four more than 12 hours before they dry out that's not waterproof. If you had a submarine and it started leaking with water after 2 hours you would want your money back. He's a little bit of advice for anybody who wants to keep dry while riding. Buy body armour that will set you back about 50 pounds and look for waterproofs elsewhere bye people that know what they're doing when it comes to waterproofing! You end up spending a lot less money and it will actually keep the water out for long periods of time👍 Not even Gore-Tex is waterproof despite what this Guy is saying I've had a lot of Gore-Tex equipment and all of it has started leaking after about two-and-a-half hours in the rain don't waste your money.
Alexander G
Alexander G Vor 5 Tage
I don't understand how a man with such terrible taste in shirts, can talk such good sense.
Yogie Putra
Yogie Putra Vor 6 Tage
no DryVent test?
Mark Burton
Mark Burton Vor 6 Tage
Great test and nicely done! Can you do cycling specific jackets?! That would be amazing.
StarSn1per Vor 6 Tage
Polyurethane is the only true waterproof fabric.. Get yourself a Helly Hansen rain jacket it will beat all these 1000$ hacks.
Attila V
Attila V Vor 7 Tage
After 10:47 there are some Jacko impersonations.
Paul Gianni
Paul Gianni Vor 7 Tage
Thank you for this detailed explanation! The Fortnine Advanced Research Centre for Equipment (FARCE) sealed the deal, I'm now a subscriber.
stephane matis
stephane matis Vor 7 Tage
I understand the need for environmental cleanup rules, I worked on projects for just that, but I'm honestly suspicious on the overall dangers of one such range compared to say an old petrol station's tank that leaked. I always wonder how the bureaucrats rate things and if they are honest. Glad you had a nice day. It matters to have a positive final memory.
Aldo Moto
Aldo Moto Vor 9 Tage
Excellent test thank you
John a
John a Vor 10 Tage
I've used a load of these fabrics and although expensive I've found goretex to be more durable. also, The face and lining fabrics do a little more than you give them credit for. The chemical hydrophobic treatment on the face fabric keeps the membrane clear to let moisture through and the liner keeps dirt, and particularly grease off the membrane to prevent seepage. If either is compromised you'll get wet.
robert kvasnika
robert kvasnika Vor 11 Tage
I just use a vinyl jacket like the one the sailors use, it's dirt cheap (30$) and doesn't let one drop in. Of course it's not breathable but who sweats in rainy/winter days anyway, also when the rain is really intense one doesn't keep riding for hours except under very uncommon circumstances so again, one doesn't spend enough time with the rain jacket on to really sweat. I'm an all year motorcycle rider, in Belgium where it is always rainy and I just stick to my vinyl jacket. The only goretex jacket I had was 25 years ago, it was an expensive MQP jacket but after some time in the rain, water always managed to pass through and I ended wet so no more goretex for me anymore.
Greg Hilliard
Greg Hilliard Vor 13 Tage
I laugh at the rain in goretex. Tried them all!
Fran C
Fran C Vor 14 Tage
Love your videos and your presentations. Is it possible to add pressure (psi) without expanding the fabric? Doesn't elongating the fibers increase the size of the pores/membranes increasing the chance of leakage? Can the fabric be restricted in a screen or other device so the fabric remains in the state it would be while wearing? Certainly a gore-tex jacket isn't going to be stretched while wearing.
Maurice Tremblay
Maurice Tremblay Vor 15 Tage
As always, informative while being fun. You make all this nonsense make sense. Thanks.
Luke Vor 17 Tage
PVC Guy Cottens is what professional fisherman use, Anything else lets water in a heavy downpour.
Chris Hemming
Chris Hemming Vor 18 Tage
Brilliant video Really informative
Johny40Se7en Vor 19 Tage
Amazing test. I have to say though, Richa do a wonderful set of cheap waterproofs called 'Rainwarrior' and the 'Fluo' jacket. It can be rolled up small, it's light and it even blocks out a lot of wind in the colder months. Only down side is that it breathes like an asthmatic in a smoke box 😆😝 You will get warm, but then on a cold day, that's nice. Like bikers say "better to sweat than to bleed" 😜
Thorsten Metalhead
Thorsten Metalhead Vor 20 Tage
Thanks for that awesome Video and the effort put into the tests. One thing still bugs me: The amount of sweat getting through a membrane is highly depending on the temperature difference between the two sides of the garmet. If I remember correctly, for example goretex needs a 15°C (=15K) difference to start letting any sweat throught. Under perfect conditions this would mean something like: 36°C bodytemperature on thr inside and the membrane is acting basicly like a plastic foil, until the outside is colder than 21°C. That's why membranes in hot summer are basicly useless.
Justin DeBattista
Justin DeBattista Vor 20 Tage
This is awesome! Please do it again comparing all the different types of Gore-Tex
Gergely Gulyás
Gergely Gulyás Vor 22 Tage
Or just go into a hunting/military store and get a plastic fully waterproof onesie to wear over everything
masguel lopez
masguel lopez Vor 23 Tage
Imma be real wit y’all I came here from Seinfeld my boi George was gassin dis brand up so I thot it was tuff 🤩🤩🤩💯💯💯
lazyreuvin Vor 24 Tage
I don't even own a bike but I watched the whole video 😄
Brandon McCarthy
Brandon McCarthy Vor 24 Tage
brooo gore tex is absolutely worth it
Doug Bonsall
Doug Bonsall Vor 26 Tage
A factor to consider is the abrasion residence of each of the articles, the life of the garment an important selling point.
Junkerl R
Junkerl R Vor 28 Tage
Awesome! Best test on GoreTex on YT
scott juniper
scott juniper Vor 28 Tage
Amazing Review and testing!
All My Hobbies
All My Hobbies Vor 28 Tage
i think the water test is flawed. you allowed the fabrics to expand with pressure. i think giving them all a very strong backing fabric that would handle load of and let the fabric just do the water proof part.
Ozzy shea
Ozzy shea Vor 29 Tage
Alexander Dunlap
Alexander Dunlap Vor 29 Tage
Algo commnt
James Precious
James Precious Vor Monat
Outstanding test. A great way to assess and speak the quality of these offerings. FortNine gets my vote.
Chris Sexton
Chris Sexton Vor Monat
Ryan's stuff is great (maybe I like it more as an engineer & dirt/snow biker....)! This shows you get what you pay for (which isn't always the case). Finally, someone who's doing practical testing instead of just going off "claims" written on a label. But what about durability? Gore-Tex fabric is known for awesome durability & performance over time - I'd be curious to see how other fabrics / coatings perform over time (e.g. a 1-year old jacket might perform significantly worse than it does straight out of the box).
moto1p1 Vor Monat
Saying Gore-Tex keeps water out is akin to saying Al Gore's theory on global warming holds water, both are blatant fabrications.
johannes fossi
johannes fossi Vor Monat
Jacopo Tersigni
Jacopo Tersigni Vor Monat
so dainese d-dry looks like the best compromise. as always, content quality and production value of these videos are unmatched
Carreidas Vor Monat
Haha, loved how f9 added an extra m-letter to the 1500 millimetre .......
fitacola88 Vor Monat
amazing video
It’s itchy dude 1
It’s itchy dude 1 Vor Monat
Fancy trying a paramo test paramo/ nikwax? Cheers good topic👍🏻
Graptos Vor Monat
Curious about light weight packable jackets, treated with DWR, (e.g., Outdoor Research’s Helium, or Fox jackets), and eVent-based jackets (e.g. Endura).
Brance B Jones
Brance B Jones Vor Monat
I'd be curious to see how this test changes after the garment/fabric goes through normal wear/abrasion, and maybe a couple of washes.
Nelson Kaiser
Nelson Kaiser Vor Monat
Warranty is also something to think about. I spend a lot of time in the weather, and when, after more than five years, my Arcteryx jacket had seams come apart, they replaced the jacket. My even older Mountain Hardware jacket was damaged in a fall from my bicycle, and they very kindly repaired it free of charge. Both jackets had a ton of time on them and did a great job the whole time I wore them. When buying something expensive it might be good to inquire about warranty policies.
Barrie Hellon-Warwick
Barrie Hellon-Warwick Vor Monat
Just get oversized ex army surplus goretex pants and jacket, job done for a fraction of the price. If you're worried about the camou stick reflective tape on it.
Ivarr Bergmann- Evasion Survival, Alaska
Ivarr Bergmann- Evasion Survival, Alaska Vor Monat
I never use gortex in real wet weather in Alaska.. Only in cold dry conditions of snow.. IMO and experience its useless as a rain garment for serious time spent in the wet..
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Vor Monat
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Al Gore. Gotta love your Gore's.😂
dan jones
dan jones Vor Monat
frustrating to watch
Craig Davies
Craig Davies Vor Monat
Wow this is like going back to school. I've got 3 gore Tex coats and 2 with Berghaus own equivalent and both seem to do the same job. In the UK I can get a decent gore Tex coat for $85 though. We have a range of brands from Berghaus, Rab etc. Seems to be a huge jump in prices with your segment.
Bryn Hullah
Bryn Hullah Vor Monat
My friends family owns gore Tex I’ve never used gore Tex but I think it works
astronaut dolphin detective
astronaut dolphin detective Vor Monat
it kinda makes sense that goretex doesnt breath as well with its water proofing being so high but yeah you still would expect a little more with the price
Philip B
Philip B Vor Monat
In the real world you just can't beat gore tex
anthony kirtley-sorrosa
anthony kirtley-sorrosa Vor Monat
It would be cool to see you do some of these tests on Kuiu products
Destination Bushcraft
Destination Bushcraft Vor Monat
Fantastic video it also has its applications for rain gear aimed at outdoor enthusiasts :)
Craig Macintosh
Craig Macintosh Vor Monat
Lol really? What a waste of 60seconds. There's some shite on DEshow but this tit has a whole channel devoted to it.....that or the dick heads that watch it must be some thick as fuck? 1, Who actually cuts up perfectly good (all grades) coats? (this numpty) 2, Who gives a fuck about the science regarding the product? (this numpty) 3, & who really stands still when it's pissing down doing fuck all and thinks about weather there coat will hold out against the rain? (the clever ones sort that out at the shop)
S.M.C. Kennels
S.M.C. Kennels Vor Monat
Frogg Toggs are junk!
Here in the North West Gore Tex is mandatory!
mark taylor
mark taylor Vor Monat
Had some gortex boots that would not stand up to walking through a wet field I got in touch they told me to go back the the shop I got them look they are full of shit and will not do anything
Alexey Shokov
Alexey Shokov Vor Monat
It would be great if you do an updated version of this video, with TNF Futurelight membrane added to the list. The company says that it's waterproof and breathable (like better than Gore-Tex). Curious to compare :)
Alexandre Mendoza Collepicolo
Alexandre Mendoza Collepicolo Vor Monat
Missed the RS Taichi DryMaster Field Parka RSJ324 with the T-DRY mesh on this test
Alan Robinson
Alan Robinson Vor Monat
On two separate occasions, I tried to get Gore Tex to honor their 'Guarantee', to no avail. I sent multiple Emails regarding a Reima Jacket that was quite expensive, leaked like a sieve. and they simply never responded. I called and was put off, finally getting the message they weren't interested. This happened again with a pair of Gloves. The Gore-Tex 'Guarantee' is a total sham, and their Customer Service is a farce.
Mark John Michaud
Mark John Michaud Vor Monat
The issue that I’ve always had with the concept of Gore-Tex-esque fabric design is that if one is riding (or walking, for that matter) in the rain, the outside atmosphere (that is, humidity outside of the jacket) is near or equal to 100%. That stated, there is no outside “draw” for the humidity inside the jacket. In short, there can be no flow of moisture through the fabric unless the outside humidity is less than that inside the jacket. It follows that the greater the difference in humidity (i.e. outside vs. inside) the better the outflow. It follows that Gore-Tex (and all) will exhaust sweat on a dry day just fine; on a moist day - ain’t gonna happen.
Adam Hostetler
Adam Hostetler Vor Monat
I would have liked to see a control cup in the vapor test.
Calité Vor Monat
Why did I watch this video right after buying an A* drystar jacket. At least with how well it breaths I imagine it, and say a merino wool base layer, will at least dry quickly.
pablo gonzalo zalazar
pablo gonzalo zalazar Vor Monat
So awesome it hurts
Fan Feng
Fan Feng Vor 2 Monate
Kathmandu gerotex jacket gradually failed after few washes, even I strictly followed the cleaning instructions
shatteredsquare Vor 2 Monate
this kind of data consolidation gets my blotting paper so wet
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain Vor 2 Monate
Wait a minute. Are you, by using a pressure test that stretches out the fabric, introducing tears and opening of pores wider as the fabric inflates? So what is being tested is actually tensile strength of the laminate.
Roscoe Skipper
Roscoe Skipper Vor 2 Monate
I recognize Ryan now, he’s the guy who aced my Physical Science class. Nerd.
Jack Wern
Jack Wern Vor 2 Monate
Rubbish product for hiking. It would keep me dry from the rain, but I'd be soaking wet on the inside from perspiration. The expelling of sweat is just as important for these expensive jackets.
polla2256 Vor 2 Monate
One thing I'll say as an all seasons rider in the UK, once you've used rukka you'll never buy anything else, ever.
Christian Fritz
Christian Fritz Vor 2 Monate
I have a frogg toggs suit that is designed for riding, it has some very interesting vents designed into it that manage somehow to ventilate well while keeping me dry even in a torrent. The hood even rolls up into the collar and closes around the neck to make a pretty decent "seal" I bought it several years ago now, and I haven't seen it since, it's possible it was discontinued, but of course I haven't looked because I haven't needed to replace it. The only drawback is it carries no reflection and I could only find it in black or dark blue.
Scott Kent
Scott Kent Vor 2 Monate
I know I am necro'ing an old video...but which Gore-tex was used in this? They have several that are all rated at or above their min 28k, but some are designed to breathable and some are designed to stand up to abrasion...a few are even designed to stretch. So from Paclite to the Pro Series the breathability varies.
kurt mathews
kurt mathews Vor 2 Monate
I’ve ridden road and trails for 20 years. GoreTex is the ONLY thing that works. Yes it’s expensive but you get what you pay for.
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak Vor 2 Monate
Using a bicycle pump is completely wrong as it momentarily increases the pressure to well above your claimed failure point for all garments :) Use some air compressor with pressure regulator valve to introduce air to arrive to actually meaningful results otherwise just entertaining - still love to watch lol.
mob syr
mob syr Vor 2 Monate
Gor tex is a scam for shoes I bought many shoes with gore tex wateeproof but most of it fail in test they leak water.
Dean Pattrick
Dean Pattrick Vor 2 Monate
What a superb video.!
Kieran D
Kieran D Vor 2 Monate
Fantastic content. Keep it up.
Soeren Uhlmann
Soeren Uhlmann Vor 2 Monate
an other problem with all these test they make for waterproof fabrics is, that they never account friction!!! when I move my arms and they rub on my body or the backpack is rubbing on the fabric. same for leaves and brush in the forrest. this stuff also lowers the water proofnees cause you rub the water into the membrane and once it is through the cabillar effect does the rest.
Ari R
Ari R Vor 2 Monate
Nice Test Dude , Thank You
TomeuRR Vor 2 Monate
My Gore Tex gloves just stopped working, now they get wet at any minimum water drop like a mad cop ... They were not cheap ( 180€ )...
Mike APMechanic
Mike APMechanic Vor 2 Monate
Just saw the video about liners. Gor-tex is the best. I have very expensive Gor-tex lined Bates tactical boots. I tested them through Denver winters, lots of snow and deep puddles and my feet were always warm and dry. Gor-tex products are always going to be more expensive because it does what they advertise. Very good quality video.
Christian Ramm
Christian Ramm Vor 2 Monate
When you compare breathe ability for example like the RET scale, gore tex can score different on the type of jacket and materials used (layers, 40d vs 75d etc) so this is like Comparing apples to oranges in my eyes. This is why buying a hiking jacket is a pain in the ass... buying something for both ability to breathe and waterproofing is a fine mixture. For example: goretex 28 000mm, RET 5, 40D, = about 600grams weight on a size large jacket. So by adjusting the treads you can get a lighter jacket but not necessarily a more robust to scratches. Hope's this helps someone. Good video.
Marty Niner
Marty Niner Vor 3 Monate
Love your shirt!
rae wood
rae wood Vor 3 Monate
You videos are pure entertainment. I thank you. Keep up the good work.
Literary Artist
Literary Artist Vor 3 Monate
Dude this is awesome! Love how you reviewed this! Thanks!
Gabriel Rosewood
Gabriel Rosewood Vor 3 Monate
I bout a gortex rain shell from REI on sale for 100 bucks but I got it a size larger then I usually wear so I can put a sweater underneath it. It works great for a fraction of the cost of a real motorcycle jacket. plus it works in warmer weather too!
That Alaska Guy
That Alaska Guy Vor 3 Monate
Something else to consider is that goretex doesn’t melt around bug dope, some other types will. I like goretex, it’s the only membrane I’ve found that keeps you dry over time but it eventually fails as well. I’m not sure why? The coat can look good, no apparent damage the the shell or seams but it still soaks through. Your breath ability test was right on. Under heavy excursion in cold weather it doesn’t breath very well and I’ve had ice/frost form under my shell. But, nothing is perfect. They make a different version of goretex for more active use but for street bike riding, the normal version is preferred.
Jacob Franklin
Jacob Franklin Vor 3 Monate
Channel is very underrated
Bird Brain
Bird Brain Vor 3 Monate
Gore Tex is not breathable I would rather have wet feet than hot feet
Devin Auld
Devin Auld Vor 3 Monate
Did you consider mounting the jackets liner side out for the vapor penetration tests? Maybe some of these fabrics have a sidedness to them.
bat shit crazy motorcycles
bat shit crazy motorcycles Vor 3 Monate
excellent review. would be better if you set them on fire at the end. just saying
cameron Bidiix
cameron Bidiix Vor 3 Monate
0:48 Have you seen dark waters by any chance?
Felipe Lins - Físico
Felipe Lins - Físico Vor 3 Monate
Amazing vídeo!!!
Coleman Adamson
Coleman Adamson Vor 3 Monate
Stick your millimeters up your arse.
Blue Vullubuh
Blue Vullubuh Vor 4 Monate
awesome video!, it would be great to have a follow up on how they degrade, u.v. salt, humidity.... i really liked this video.
Frank Techmaniac
Frank Techmaniac Vor 4 Monate
Gore Tex is much more durable than other membranes. My oldest GT membrane is 26 years in use and still works. Unfortunately the seam tapes have started falling off. I always go for riding suits with extra membrane. The old one was a "BMW" made by Klepper, the newer is a Dane.
peter hutt
peter hutt Vor 4 Monate
Great stuff!! Great review methodology
greasefitting49 Vor 4 Monate
In my experience, you can't have water proof AND breathable. Even my gortex brand jacket couldn't keep me dry for more than a couple of hours working in storms. My rubber jacket I bought from a lobster fishermans outfitter, on the otherhand...
deepsquat600 Vor 4 Monate
Look guys and gals.. just use the same rain gear that fisherman use on The Deadliest Catch ... you will NOT ever get wet.. no it is not pretty . but will keep you dry in a hurricane I have ever got a drop of rain on me wearing my Gordons Fisherman/ Morton Salt girl :) gear
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown Vor 4 Monate
As a mountaineer who also sold sporting goods for 6 years, I can attest that GoreTex is king. Trust me when I say I really wanted some other promising brands to work because of the overpriced GoreTex. Not to mention as a company they a bullies. But nobody has come close to the balance of waterproof and breath ability. Sure Gordon fisherman yellows are far more waterproof and soft shell NorthFace is way more breathable but living in the NW if I get caught in ugly weather GoreTex products win. Also as a note when the outer fabric of any jacket become soaked breath ability Is crap in everything, it’s why I always recommend put zips no matter the jacket.
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