Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster' (Top Note Ver.) @ IRENE & SEULGI THE STAGE

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Red Velvet

Red Velvet

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Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI's 1st Mini Album "Monster" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
😈'Monster' MV:
😈Middle Note Ver.:
Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI Official

Judith Ojukwu
Judith Ojukwu Vor 26 Minuten
I don’t Stan red velvet but this song is amazing!!!!
Riya Singh
Riya Singh Vor 8 Stunden
What's the difference between top note and middle note?
Risna Masdianti
Risna Masdianti Vor 15 Stunden
Thanks for shindong super junior who did all of the stage from SM members
Han Jisung Is My Life
Han Jisung Is My Life Vor 22 Stunden
Wait, what's the difference between the middle note ver and the high note ver? am i just stupid?
Jungkookie OPPA정국 아내
Jungkookie OPPA정국 아내 Vor Tag
What is Top and middle note?? 🤔🤔
achmad fadel Rizki mubarok
achmad fadel Rizki mubarok Vor Tag
wow you is very beautiful
Gabriella Albert
Gabriella Albert Vor Tag
배주현 Vor 2 Tage
지금이 놀라운 안무와 노래를보고❤️
• dis_idot •
• dis_idot • Vor 2 Tage
The camera quality deserves a raise
Dewa Rizqi Ashila Reka
Dewa Rizqi Ashila Reka Vor 3 Tage
Anyone know what is the difference between middle note and top note?
Overhaul ́
Overhaul ́ Vor 3 Tage
Seulgi 💕
jikook’s daughter
jikook’s daughter Vor 3 Tage
seulgi making me question my sexuality-
Floor Gang
Floor Gang Vor 4 Tage
I think somebody change the FPS .
Jel Jel
Jel Jel Vor 4 Tage
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mcvanes Vor 5 Tage
hi I make kpop dance covers and other dance videos support my vids please🥺💜
reof. Vor 5 Tage
Please Reveluv vote for red velvet Vmas
PeachiiAngelu Vor 5 Tage
Me trying to pull a lever: 1:20
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
Perfect amazing wonderful spectacular beautiful
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
That was so good
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
I loved everything
R Gh
R Gh Vor 5 Tage
I’m stuck here
Gela Ahn
Gela Ahn Vor 5 Tage
Them: praising SeulRene me: finding in the comments who could explain the middle not and top note versions of this song haha
Miranda Taylor
Miranda Taylor Vor 6 Tage එහි ශක්තිය ප්‍රමාණවත් තරම් යොමු නොවීමට පෙර එය සමතලා කර ඇත
Likha Luna: Art & Design
Likha Luna: Art & Design Vor 6 Tage
1.25X Speed sounds great too
para _noid
para _noid Vor 7 Tage
worst cam ever.
Alena Andira Andrew
Alena Andira Andrew Vor 7 Tage
ngl the design is better than in the music award shows.
Barney ForFree
Barney ForFree Vor 8 Tage
1:50 that's scarier than any horror movies
조지나42 Vor 8 Tage
마지막 동작 깜빡거리는 거 보니까 눈인가벼...
nctzen;wayzenni;deobi Vor 9 Tage
the stage>>>>>>>>>any damned music show
razberrisana Vor 9 Tage
Reni Rohimawati
Reni Rohimawati Vor 9 Tage
The stage is the best thing happened for sm stans. Thanks shindong!!! Seulrene looks sooo fine here + great editing and stage. Luv ir
Thisìz Ásēr
Thisìz Ásēr Vor 10 Tage
What's the difference btw middle note and top note version
Ray B.mira
Ray B.mira Vor 10 Tage
ok but the quality on this vid?? I feel like im there whoo boy
XxBlOOdy ScREamxX
XxBlOOdy ScREamxX Vor 11 Tage
SM made the best choice ever, to debut these girls together...
Bangtan Spades
Bangtan Spades Vor 11 Tage
such queens
Hyun Seung Lee
Hyun Seung Lee Vor 11 Tage
SM특유의 분위기 때문에 그런가 슬기한테서 유노윤호 느낌남 ㄷㄷ 간지..
ANV 000
ANV 000 Vor 11 Tage
N Y Vor 11 Tage
백댄서들 옷도 멋있게 잘 입혀줬으면 훨씬 포스있어보였을것같은데 싶네용...아쉽다ㅜㅜ...
ThePeaceweapon Vor 12 Tage
It’s a shame it wasn’t a RV song, this concept would be a really good fit for Yeri
red velvet best idol group alive
red velvet best idol group alive Vor 12 Tage
VOTE FOR ASEUL ON MUBEAT & IDOL CHAMP VOTE FOR JOY ON STARPLAY VOTE FOR RED VELVET ON CHOEAEDOL I feel like only reveluvs on twitter are aware of these voting apps and I think that should change! There are many ways you can support the girls aside from streaming! They're giving us so much content, it's the least we could do to show them how grateful we are :)
Nora Irawani
Nora Irawani Vor 12 Tage
R Gh
R Gh Vor 13 Tage
Little monsters
R Gh
R Gh Vor 13 Tage
A perfect sub unit I swear they are the best
R Gh
R Gh Vor 13 Tage
This girl is so talented
R Gh
R Gh Vor 13 Tage
Irene is such a talented girl I really love her voice
Muhammad Indra Wahyudi
Muhammad Indra Wahyudi Vor 13 Tage
which stage is better than mv in my opinion. I like this one. simple not many visual scenes so it feels like everything. so the contents of the song can be enjoyed.
Vision Dream 127 U
Vision Dream 127 U Vor 13 Tage
ingrid Vor 14 Tage
ok i just realized about that snake
Kalina Xiong
Kalina Xiong Vor 14 Tage
What's the difference in the versions? I'm not sure 😅
venus Vor 14 Tage
Manar Najjar
Manar Najjar Vor 14 Tage
Not for nothing, I am not a huge RV fan but seulgi is the most beautiful woman in the world
ARMS Entertainment
ARMS Entertainment Vor 16 Tage
Can't get enough of The Aseul Effect.
JK Kim
JK Kim Vor 16 Tage
음...슬기 솔로로 나와도 될듯
이솔라 Vor 16 Tage
does anyone know what the title meant by top note and middle note??
A Gacha
A Gacha Vor 16 Tage
0:20 she look like ryujin itzy (sorry to talk about other group here)
Myat Noe
Myat Noe Vor 16 Tage
Little monsters
Emilia Knight
Emilia Knight Vor 16 Tage
Orbitspowera Gaming
Orbitspowera Gaming Vor 16 Tage
Its quite interesting if their group name is *SIREN* *S* eulgi *Iren* e