A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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Venice margareth
Venice margareth Vor 2 Stunden
This make me cry why just why
Sammyh 19
Sammyh 19 Vor 4 Stunden
I am sorry, but could someone tell me what happened?
Saima Khatri X C
Saima Khatri X C Vor 4 Stunden
with or without me !!!!! i cryyy
Kierstyn Daft
Kierstyn Daft Vor 4 Stunden
Stay strong my dude. You’ve got this, I’m proud of you.
Herman Pienaar
Herman Pienaar Vor 5 Stunden
Jack-I have been watching your videos for about a week now....I relate to you soo much...it is not easy to not have the one and only person you love by your side every moment of every day my girl is exactly like her I am heartbroken for you....but remember the lord God almighty is with you every step of the way and He will carry you through it
ƝĘⱲƬǪƝ Vor 6 Stunden
Can someone tell me whats going on please.
Cassie Vor 6 Stunden
“We’re not crying. Da**it “ I have been crying the whole time💙🥺HE IS SO WHOLESOME!
vishal raja
vishal raja Vor 6 Stunden
First I thought it was a prank...but....I miss them...and I want them to be together again..😍😰❤️❤️
Gift Habie
Gift Habie Vor 7 Stunden
Cassie Vor 6 Stunden
I can't stand to watch this , this boy and girl are a childhood love to me ive been a sub for many years and this makes me cry
Paradox Gaming
Paradox Gaming Vor 7 Stunden
trying to laugh at the subtle jokes. crying on the inside.
lilliana casey
lilliana casey Vor 9 Stunden
This made me cry I love them both so much
Temi Mathews
Temi Mathews Vor 9 Stunden
The lesson learnt is whenever you take a new step in your life..ask god about it..and u wouldn't have to regret on his answers!!
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Vor 11 Stunden
We all love you so much Jack and we are all here for you no matter what
Elizabeth Abashian
Elizabeth Abashian Vor 11 Stunden
i’ve literally been watching jack since i was like 11 this is so sad i love u jack and i love gab 🥺🦶🏼
Eden Vor 11 Stunden
Do you want to get back together with her??
Júlia Mora Rendé
Júlia Mora Rendé Vor 11 Stunden
he talks ñike a robot....
Morgy Weier
Morgy Weier Vor 11 Stunden
TypicalRocky Vor 11 Stunden
They’ll find their way back 🥺🥺. Wishing u guys the best!
travis stuski
travis stuski Vor 11 Stunden
Hang in there man I went through that exact same thing a few months ago years of my life and all my love given to the one I thought would I'd marry. But she left me and never looked back I thought I'd die but over time the pain dulls until you barely notice it
Presto Vor 11 Stunden
Does anyone know why y’all broke up or like some short explanation of why cause I’ve watched the videos but I’m so clueless
Michaela Deardorff
Michaela Deardorff Vor 11 Stunden
i haven’t watched them in like two years when the hell did they break up 😭
Desiree Zeidel
Desiree Zeidel Vor 12 Stunden
He’s so special.
Tatum D
Tatum D Vor 12 Stunden
you can tell how in love with her he is 🥺🥺
Code uojared
Code uojared Vor 12 Stunden
I pooped
Iris Darkness
Iris Darkness Vor 12 Stunden
I can't stand to watch this , this boy and girl are a childhood love to me ive been a sub for many years and this makes me cry
Laney Huck
Laney Huck Vor 13 Stunden
Him talking about how they were his eyes just sparkle it’s so cute
stan loona
stan loona Vor 13 Stunden
my house house
Amaya Grinstead
Amaya Grinstead Vor 13 Stunden
I hate 2020
LilyTheGod Vor 13 Stunden
if u type in wh in the search bar, at the top it says why did jack and gab break up. that breaks my heart. I love u guys and maybe one day u will find ur way back to each other.
Catherine Strange
Catherine Strange Vor 14 Stunden
Jack, me and others are so happy that you are explaining to us why it's been so long I thank you and I love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ReelSteelRacer 134
ReelSteelRacer 134 Vor 15 Stunden
Damn... last time I watched one of your videos yall were together and perfect.. i got busy lately and this is my first video recommendation
Shifty Productions
Shifty Productions Vor 15 Stunden
I watched this couple when I was thinking about it suicide and honestly they helped me so now this... please go back to each other or please PLEASE be friend I’m so scared and sad
McKenna kelly
McKenna kelly Vor 15 Stunden
this whole thing is like a beautifully sad poem.
Kestral Welch
Kestral Welch Vor 15 Stunden
i’m a senior in highschool and i’ve been watching them from the start. this breaks my heart
Raenique Lewis
Raenique Lewis Vor 15 Stunden
I started watching you when i was 14 im 17 now i remember watching you with d ugly santa in the background to you and gabrielle in the hallway with the no edited videos grow from that to this my heart is achinggg🤕
Mariana Craver
Mariana Craver Vor 16 Stunden
I don’t feel like watching the videos so can someone tell me what happened to Jack and Gabriel
Bandit Vor 16 Stunden
Did they break up or something I haven’t watched for a while so I’m confused
Mia Parker
Mia Parker Vor 16 Stunden
Hold on I randomly clicked on this video after not watching their channel for a few months...someone say spike rn this is not real.
Gaby H
Gaby H Vor 16 Stunden
also im crying 😭
Gaby H
Gaby H Vor 16 Stunden
i love you sm! we are here for you! you are such and amazing person and you deserve so much better! you do not deserve to be hurting like this! we all wish you the best and don’t worry it will get better and hopefully one day you guys will find your way back to eachother. love you jack! just know we are and will always be here for you.
Ruby Connie
Ruby Connie Vor 17 Stunden
The way it ended made me soo sad and just seeing the tears in his eyes 😭😭😭😭
My CashRegister
My CashRegister Vor 17 Stunden
I loved this couple
Ryleigh Adair
Ryleigh Adair Vor 17 Stunden
i want someone to love me like this
Ryleigh Adair
Ryleigh Adair Vor 17 Stunden
aw jack
Poppi Leshone
Poppi Leshone Vor 17 Stunden
This is worse than pat and Jen I swearrr😪
Mia Mead
Mia Mead Vor 18 Stunden
When I first saw the title I thought this was gonna be a “I HATE THAT BITCH” video and I was gonna be so pissed at Jack but then u was like ope nvm
Clara Finke
Clara Finke Vor 19 Stunden
Jack I love you
Nic Petrella
Nic Petrella Vor 19 Stunden
It's ok the cry through this but don't let everything or anyone go in your life. Remember your foundation and build it back up. We got your back ❤️
Eve Woodward
Eve Woodward Vor 21 Stunde
this is the last thing i thought i’d be watching
Kevin Stephsen
Kevin Stephsen Vor 21 Stunde
I like how he is so sad and still makes jokes we all love you jack
Gillian Hermann
Gillian Hermann Vor 21 Stunde
im not gonna lie..I balled my eyes out.
Kaden Easley
Kaden Easley Vor 23 Stunden
I soo relate to this 😞
nighthawkdragon42 Vor 23 Stunden
Everyone watching this is very young and I know that. Jack said that Gabrielle was his medicine and that he hopes everyone watching can find that. Always remember that yes we all deserve good people in our lives that make us happy but we also have to be there for ourselves and be able to make ourselves happy. We have to truly love ourselves before we can share that love with someone else. I hope you all find the love for yourselves that you’d feel for someone else! ❤️
Rosie Tripp
Rosie Tripp Vor 23 Stunden
Have they broke up I don’t get it
aubrey dowell
aubrey dowell Vor 23 Stunden
i wonder if gabrielle saw this
Mrs. PiggyPerfect
Mrs. PiggyPerfect Vor Tag
Desya Sarbini
Desya Sarbini Vor Tag
The way he talk about gabriella I see “Love”
The P family Pearson
The P family Pearson Vor Tag
What happened did they break up? Sorry I need to catch up haven’t seen any of the videos yet. He look so depressed 😕
Daniel Montes ( Student )
Daniel Montes ( Student ) Vor Tag
how did they break up
Millie Durkin
Millie Durkin Vor Tag
I cant tell tell if she passed away or broke up.... 😕
Natalie Lewis
Natalie Lewis Vor Tag
I love both of you guys no matter what
what now
what now Vor Tag
why am i so sad : ‘ ((((((((
Lucy Martinez
Lucy Martinez Vor Tag
Omg no when he said it’s awesome.. was awesome and then he almost cried. Oh no. That broke my heart.. ☹️😢😢😢
Hailey Workman
Hailey Workman Vor Tag
U guys broke up? 🥺
Anna Vor Tag
Are you a real fan if you haven’t seen their Instagram or gabs channel it
ricke vlogs
ricke vlogs Vor Tag
Anya Francis
Anya Francis Vor Tag
What's going on? What's happening? This is scary! Did they break up?!
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Tag
I love that he still hasn’t changed the channel name 🏅🏅
Shakeel Rahman
Shakeel Rahman Vor Tag
Why did Gabrielle leave him? That has not been explained!
Mini. Vor Tag
This is a little rough for the 2m sub goal
rhea gandhi
rhea gandhi Vor Tag
Wtf I have never watched his videos but I’m literally crying sm and he is genuinely so sweet
Deep hug
Deep hug Vor Tag
God bless you; I'll keep you in my prayers💗
Angel Dalee
Angel Dalee Vor Tag
I’m getting Troy Bolton vibes !!
Justin Mintzer
Justin Mintzer Vor Tag
So wholesome
Kaitlyn Crouch
Kaitlyn Crouch Vor Tag
I wanna cry....
issa from Iraq
issa from Iraq Vor Tag
Y they broken up
Latimer Harris-Ward
Latimer Harris-Ward Vor Tag
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KaylaMaeOfficial Vor Tag
Whoever put a thumbs down I would like to personally put a thumbs down to each one of you😂 This is beautiful💖
KaylaMaeOfficial Vor Tag
This video breaks my heart. You can tell how in love he still is. I just pray to experience love like this one day. Jack, we all love you and are here for you. Mad respect for this.💖
Morgan Whipple
Morgan Whipple Vor Tag
This really made me cry
issa from Iraq
issa from Iraq Vor Tag
Y they r broken up ......
Xboss Games
Xboss Games Vor Tag
This just... yeah
bqirma cotton
bqirma cotton Vor Tag
I was hoping they'd end up with each other. bcs my past love story is so similar with them, I start date my ex bf when I was 15 until when I was 22.. and while watching them I somehow hope that they won't be like me and my ex .. and watching this really break my heart , they're the one who's going through break up but I cry like it's my own break up 😭
MåkęnsęyÇhrîstînę W
MåkęnsęyÇhrîstînę W Vor Tag
There’s a song called “Happiest Year” this is a song for you. There’s a part where it says “I’m sorry for the ways that I used you” that isn’t true. But I think you should listen to it’
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