ordering the weirdest cat products from wish

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Naomi Jon

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not to be dramatic, but i would die for taco and chili (with sunglasses on)
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lova yaaaa my lil broccoliiiis
#wish #wishhaul

vibha vinod
vibha vinod Vor 3 Tage
Did Noami order the banana bed 3:25
ace_bean Vor 5 Tage
love how u respect your cats Grüße aus Deutschland lul
HeyitsAndy Vor 9 Tage
i like how this video turned into naomi wearing everything
Meghan Henderson
Meghan Henderson Vor 13 Tage
I never realized your cats name is Taco. In the sims my cats name is Taco lol
Beth B
Beth B Vor 16 Tage
5:31 he's already chillin the amazing bed you got him XD
liona squires
liona squires Vor 16 Tage
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković Vor 21 Tag
I like that they would rather sleep on a bag other than that bed
Maddy Adkins
Maddy Adkins Vor 23 Tage
what's funny about the bell collars is they're supposed to make it harder for cats to hunt and bring you dead animals but in some cases the cats adapt to it and learn to be even stealthier
E Harland
E Harland Vor 27 Tage
I love the tide pods hair
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković Vor 21 Tag
exactly what I was thinking
Federica Musumeci
Federica Musumeci Vor 28 Tage
"COCCO, COCCO FRESCOO" we love a sicilian stan 🥰
Alice Westermann
Alice Westermann Vor Monat
Witch race is Taco?🥺😊
Tara Stanković
Tara Stanković Vor 21 Tag
you mean breed? kind of looks like a siamese cat
Hip Vor Monat
are the cats meowing in the background or is it my cat?
vikingsX X
vikingsX X Vor Monat
i love this video!, could die from laughing :'D
Ewa Lawrukiewicz
Ewa Lawrukiewicz Vor Monat
I got so much shit for posting pics of my cats with the bat wings on 😂 people assumed my cats had to be VERY stressed (they had it on for like 2 minutes) and I should get a doll if I want to dress something up 😂
Olivia DeVarn
Olivia DeVarn Vor Monat
I thought his hair was watermelon
Queenpanda97 memelover
Queenpanda97 memelover Vor Monat
Low-key Vincent be looking like a watermelon SNACK.
nonogirl 007
nonogirl 007 Vor Monat
they allow so much to be done with them
Lenora Vor Monat
Maa VH
Maa VH Vor Monat
Can anyone tell what breed taco is ?
Angela Nk
Angela Nk Vor Monat
What about the banana bed??
Susi George
Susi George Vor 2 Monate
Does Chili still sleep in that cat head pillow?
Susi George
Susi George Vor 2 Monate
OMG guys! Thankyou ❤️
mkchristner Vor 2 Monate
This was really the cutest funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! 😸😹😺
D Rivs
D Rivs Vor 2 Monate
When Chili slapped Taco that sent meee 😂😂😂💀
Natasha Curtis
Natasha Curtis Vor 2 Monate
That fish is my sleep paralysis demon
historical unicorn
historical unicorn Vor 2 Monate
song at 14:54 ??
Indy Barone
Indy Barone Vor 2 Monate
Is taco a birman? He’s adorable
mkchristner Vor 2 Monate
He looks like it... those blue eyes! 😻 I had a Birman, she had the big gorgeous blue eyes too.
Matylda Ożarowska
Matylda Ożarowska Vor 2 Monate
Andrada Basarab
Andrada Basarab Vor 2 Monate
0:10 omgggg how cuteee
Alee Vor 2 Monate
@ pls watch and subscribe
Britc200 Vor 2 Monate
Caught me off guard with the "was ist das?" 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Anna Fulínová
Anna Fulínová Vor 2 Monate
What breed is taco?! Shes soooo adorable 💕
• A n g e l a •
• A n g e l a • Vor 2 Monate
Sub to me and I’ll sub back!
Victoria Saba
Victoria Saba Vor 2 Monate
I think everytime there buying things for the cats Naomi is wearing it at the end 😂😂
Devin D
Devin D Vor 2 Monate
Whats the instrumental @13:29?
Anouk bozek
Anouk bozek Vor 3 Monate
Selfy Tv
Selfy Tv Vor 3 Monate
Mim ist jetzt erst aufgefallen wie Krass du am Anfang des Videos über malt hast bei deiner ober Lippe 😂😅
shanshan08 Vor 3 Monate
wat was that dress supposed to b
Emma Vazquez
Emma Vazquez Vor 3 Monate
As mexican myself... yall do Spanish sooo fine
carlos zaiter
carlos zaiter Vor 3 Monate
Love you from Lebanon
Mona Hummel
Mona Hummel Vor 3 Monate
steph Vor 3 Monate
My cats have the banana bed. They love it. I also bought the fish toy that moves and they go nuts over it. (The game with all the holes is similar to 'whack-a-mole) the bell is supposed to alert birds ect that a cat is around.
Candice Ball
Candice Ball Vor 3 Monate
One of the only youtubers that actually makes me laugh out loud
SaranDraws Vor 3 Monate
I must be overtired. But like. No shit- this was the funniest thing I’ve EVER WATCHEDDDDD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie Bidmead
Natalie Bidmead Vor 3 Monate
Where do you buy your clothes? I love them
Makenna Gortmaker
Makenna Gortmaker Vor 3 Monate
Are they dating or just friends living together with cats??
Kim Bambi
Kim Bambi Vor 3 Monate
Ahhhw your cats are so super cuteeeee 😂😍🤗🦁😻💖
Laís Vor 3 Monate
I'm laughing so much at everything 😂😂
Anniii 007
Anniii 007 Vor 4 Monate
Where is the banana😭
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor Vor 4 Monate
Did she take her tongue piercing out ? I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to see inside her mouth
Treesaretall Vlogs
Treesaretall Vlogs Vor 4 Monate
TaCoS gEtTiNg Up!!!!!!!!!!
baby montgomery
baby montgomery Vor 4 Monate
why every cat parents have this energy? me and my boyfriend are so much like you both when its about our cat childern😭😭
Belle ELH
Belle ELH Vor 4 Monate
Vincent looks like a Male Dixie Da'melio
j a s m i n
j a s m i n Vor 4 Monate
I'm looking for a German comment
MOYO AB. Vor 4 Monate
Love it! Please check out mine here: mmini.me/TryOnHaul2020 💕✨
MrAnd MrsSkye
MrAnd MrsSkye Vor 4 Monate
I have the same belly problem Naomi has, but mine is bigger. I am so insecure about it that it’s unreal. 🙃. Does anyone have advice on how to fix it? Is there exercise to get of the baby belly pouch?
K4rgol Vor 4 Monate
11:59 i can't ahahaha
Yasmine Abouzolof
Yasmine Abouzolof Vor 4 Monate
ordering cat products then end up wearing it for yourself lol
Cordelia Vor 4 Monate
Don't worry, I understand 🤣 it's a crazy cat lady thing 🤣
Aljaze Aljaze
Aljaze Aljaze Vor 4 Monate
Im the only one falling in love with fensten?🥺👉🏼👈🏼
its Me Hana
its Me Hana Vor 4 Monate
the moment chilli slaped taco said : MY HOUSE ! * SLAPS*
Blcssom Vor 4 Monate
i love how naomi wore the collar-
Nita Sin
Nita Sin Vor 4 Monate
🤣 you and Vincent are too funny. Love when he’s in the videos
black ruby
black ruby Vor 4 Monate
9:07 lmao
Dream NotFound
Dream NotFound Vor 4 Monate
German guys here?
Dream NotFound
Dream NotFound Vor 4 Monate
German guys here?
Marcondes Henrique
Marcondes Henrique Vor 4 Monate
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Cake Shop and More
Cake Shop and More Vor 4 Monate
Use CGWXXRGB code to have 50% on their purchases . I hope it works for you. 😀😀😀.
Lena Lovegood
Lena Lovegood Vor 4 Monate
Me.exe has stopped Working XD My brain.exe has never been working
Jade Lindqvist
Jade Lindqvist Vor 4 Monate
I’m sorry for everybody to say this but I hate cats but now an want my own lmao😂🤪✊🏼
Whatev3r Vor 4 Monate
Part 2 pls
chelsi m
chelsi m Vor 4 Monate
I really enjoyed this myself here
ivjohnmaciv Vor 4 Monate
Banana cat bed?
}{ Vor 5 Monate
There is a add next to my video with animal caskets... What has DEshow turned in to?…
Jessica Merino
Jessica Merino Vor 5 Monate
coco coco fresco
Gay Ass
Gay Ass Vor 5 Monate
is taco a rag doll?? cuz we got ome too his name is yoshi :3
Z.O.A Vor 5 Monate
hahaa im in love 11:59
n n
n n Vor 5 Monate
Jesus I can’t stop laughing
Tony cos
Tony cos Vor 5 Monate
My favourite Denglish You Tuber lol Alter diese Maus got me laughing
Nazreyna Nurain Abdullah
Nazreyna Nurain Abdullah Vor 5 Monate
More cat product pleaseeeeeeee
Sienna Wall
Sienna Wall Vor 5 Monate
i think the blue and orange hair is ultimate. so gorgeous. also i love every video you make omfg
Haruka Nanase
Haruka Nanase Vor 5 Monate
I´m from Spain, and seriously, I LOVE when they speak spanish. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.
maria clara
maria clara Vor 6 Monate
Taco looks exactly like my cat
Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith Vor 6 Monate
Why did this make me want a cat even though I have a dog and I know I’ll never be able to have one😫
A J Vor 6 Monate
A J Vor 6 Monate
I love how you edit your videos lolol
Hannah M
Hannah M Vor 6 Monate
Where is the banana🍌😅😳
Kinga Skomro
Kinga Skomro Vor 6 Monate
batcat or catbat?
Luana De Paula
Luana De Paula Vor 6 Monate
sarasthoughts Vor 6 Monate
Btw please don't put bells on collars!! The sound can drive animals crazy
Guadalupe Murrieta
Guadalupe Murrieta Vor 6 Monate
I don’t think you will ever read this comment buuuut I’m Mexican and I loveee your spanish, OMG ¡tú cuerpooooo! ILY guys ❤️🤪
Rose from UK
Rose from UK Vor 6 Monate
Your videos always make me laugh out loud
Donatella Cifuentes
Donatella Cifuentes Vor 6 Monate
Cocco fresco è bello
Nelly Lindner
Nelly Lindner Vor 6 Monate
When Naomi said tired boopitababobijobupitaa *I felt that*
Chelsea Louise
Chelsea Louise Vor 6 Monate
I recently stumbled across Naomi's videos on DEshow and honestly I can't stop watching them..I love her personality so much and Vincent is hilarious 😂
iiyuasaito Vor 6 Monate
thats a cute doggy!
iiyuasaito Vor 6 Monate
water vs fire
MonaHerSelf Vor 6 Monate
First Seconds into the video and I'm crying 🤣🤣👏
JisungsNoona Vor 6 Monate
wtf i tot the title said 'ordering the weirdest cats from wish' n i was like.... 'what the frick? u can order cats from wish??' so i reread it and i was like ' am i that dumb??'
Usuario Claro
Usuario Claro Vor 6 Monate
Stfu and show me the cats already!
Selena Bean
Selena Bean Vor 6 Monate
"I was thinking maaybbee I can order something cool for Taco.. omg he's gonna eat my birth certificate again.." So random 🤣☠️❤️
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