Alexander Zverev vs Dominic Thiem | US Open 2020 Final

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US Open Tennis Championships

US Open Tennis Championships

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Alexander Zverev takes on Dominic Thiem in the final of the US Open 2020.
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US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships Vor 4 Tage
We'll bring you extended highlights as soon as our broadcast restrictions expire!
Hamida Hamid
Hamida Hamid Vor 2 Tage
Tmp. Kzo@Will Smith @ fftd
Dori rori
Dori rori Vor 2 Tage
Shoot I'm sorry I fell asleep while watching DEshow and rolled on my phone and this is the result 😂
Marilena Zaharia
Marilena Zaharia Vor 2 Tage
BITM Vor 3 Tage
We need full match uncut
Natalia Folis
Natalia Folis Vor 3 Tage
@Kevin Cassman .
qwi911 Vor 4 Stunden
Does this win come with an asterisk?
Best Moments
Best Moments Vor 12 Stunden
This is the future of tennis : battle of mediocrity. Grand slam winners will be decided by who chokes first.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Vor 13 Stunden
congrats Dominator!
Doc Smith
Doc Smith Vor 15 Stunden
To bad it means nothing this US open 😂😂😂😂
Shuban Devarakonda
Shuban Devarakonda Vor 16 Stunden
Thiem was born in Wiener, search it up
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Vor 13 Stunden
Thiem futuro numero 1, felicitaciones por el us open y felicitaciones igual para nicolas massu por fornar un campeon
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Vor 21 Stunde
I'll readily admit that I've got zero love for Zverev. But he played extremely well out there, had Thiem on the brink of defeat. Well played for sure.
LFC Vor Tag
Sad nadal is close to retiring. That was my guy, but looking foward to the future these guys especially Thiem.
Nichole The Otter
Nichole The Otter Vor 23 Stunden
It will be sad when Nadal retires, but Thiem will likely be the one to step up in his place as the King of Clay. The day Thiem beats Nadal at RG would be an ideal “passing the torch” moment.
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
I know he has a single hander but Dominic Thiem wants to be... Rafa Nadal! You can tell he wants to be Rafa lol
ThanetElitePool Vor Tag
Ok I'm not the only one who can see that then
Johanne Perron
Johanne Perron Vor Tag
Drama! Heart failure, almost! Congrats Domi, you are the best! Congrats to Zverev, but Domi you walked out with the trophy. You are the best, hope you can defend your points at are getting awfully close to world #2. Love watching you play❤
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Vor 21 Stunde
It's as if the US OPEN organisers felt sorry for Thiem and did him a favor by deliberately sabotaging Djokovic, to allow him win something. Looks that way though. US OPEN: "
Oeqkbdansb Svqnsbak
Oeqkbdansb Svqnsbak Vor Tag
Is my is my mother goose club out
Darcy Sherman
Darcy Sherman Vor Tag
No ones talking about the comeback
Aleksandar Sadic
Aleksandar Sadic Vor Tag
That was a Djokovic Titel 100%
NoPro Dad
NoPro Dad Vor Tag
Dominic Thiem's pass game is on fire and no one there to see it in person.
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
@NoPro Dad Yep. His grunting, court positions, forehand style, falling to the ground after he won...It's actually cringe-worthy to watch him. He should be original
NoPro Dad
NoPro Dad Vor Tag
@DEshow Person 2:25 is that classic Rafa
NoPro Dad
NoPro Dad Vor Tag
@DEshow Person vamos! 💪
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
He wants to be Rafa lol. You can tell he idolizes him
Philip Stacey
Philip Stacey Vor Tag
Zverev claims on best two players in world in final....Nadal beating carreno busta with ease, (semi us open) admittedly clay.. But it took the Corona con for these two to av a chance at grand slam glory.
Mike sebastian
Mike sebastian Vor Tag
The new lads of The future .
Nichole The Otter
Nichole The Otter Vor 23 Stunden
DEshow Person Totally would explain the “Prince of Clay” to Nadal’s “King”.
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
Thiem wants to BE Rafa lol
Alexander Blem
Alexander Blem Vor Tag
Zverev du bist ein Idiot.Nach so einer Führung noch zu verlieren das muss noch schaffen.
Ham Boba
Ham Boba Vor Tag
When Rafa is gone, I will jump on the Thiem bandwagon
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
Have you noticed, apart from having a single hander, Thiem literally wants to BE Rafa
Ziva Markovic
Ziva Markovic Vor Tag
danke novak
Vladimir Petrovic
Vladimir Petrovic Vor Tag
Too bad Novak was ejected from US Open. Thiem was lucky, but congratulations for a great game in the final match!
loko 69
loko 69 Vor Tag
Thiem futuro numero 1, felicitaciones por el us open y felicitaciones igual para nicolas massu por fornar un campeon
Ivan Campos
Ivan Campos Vor 2 Tage
Nada es imposible!! Ni unaa weaa!!😤
Michael Vonhaven
Michael Vonhaven Vor 2 Tage
Was this an ATP 500 or Grandslam final?
Nichole The Otter
Nichole The Otter Vor Tag
Grand Slam.
Sebastradlin yeayeayea
Sebastradlin yeayeayea Vor 2 Tage
With a couch like massu you cant just give up. So Happy for thiem.
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis Vor 2 Tage
It's as if the US OPEN organisers felt sorry for Thiem and did him a favor by deliberately sabotaging Djokovic, to allow him win something. Looks that way though. US OPEN: " We hate Djokovic, he wins all the time, we have to work something out to get rid of him to allow Thiem win something." Kyrgios was right when he said that tennis is corrupt and protect their two precious puppets Mr. 40-15 Chokerer and Kneedull because they make money from them. Double standards and get away with everything.
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence Vor Tag
Djokovic was arrogant by organizing a covid-infested tournament. Then he hit the poor lady with a ball. So arrogant.
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis Vor 2 Tage
I can't give Thiem credit for his victory, because the favorite Djokovic was deliberately disqualified by the US OPEN, and he didn't prove himself against the best player (Djokovic). Which is true.
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence Vor Tag
Djokovic was a joke after apologizing twice in a span of days. First was the tournament he organized. Now the frustration he showed in this tournament.
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold ! Vor 2 Tage
I mean not every slam involves the champion defeating the No. 1
BITM Vor 2 Tage
Boi finished the match single-handedly; I mean without using his backhand at all
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
He wants to BE Rafa, you can tell
Robert Bran
Robert Bran Vor 2 Tage
Well done, Thiem! Outstanding performance!!!
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge Vor 2 Tage
GFW777 Vor 2 Tage
The RED HORSE of Revelation 6 verses 3 + 4 will gallop on the earth soon !
Llort Rebo
Llort Rebo Vor 2 Tage
Die Russen sind halt einfach nicht so ehrgeizig.
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez Vor 2 Tage
Dominic won like his coach used to won.. With suffering and guts. Congratulations
Esta Subtitulado
Esta Subtitulado Vor 2 Tage
Massú changed Thiem's career. He's a new player. And a better one
Carlos Walter
Carlos Walter Vor 2 Tage
Incredible how Thiem imitates Nadal's forehand, slice and return position. I am for originals
Visnja Stolic
Visnja Stolic Vor 2 Tage
Poor tennis quality, no fans, asterisk open
mane thiem
mane thiem Vor 2 Tage
congratulations theim !!!!!!! next champion zverev !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 悔しいけどティエムの勝ちだ。ズべレフに勝って欲しかったけどおめでとう。
Raphael Kamleithner
Raphael Kamleithner Vor 2 Tage
Luka 06
Luka 06 Vor 2 Tage
Sauba Domi weida so! 🇦🇹
Schnick Schnack
Schnick Schnack Vor 2 Tage
Nandana MS
Nandana MS Vor 2 Tage
Thiem is sure goin to be in the next gen big 3,rest we will have to see
Nandana MS
Nandana MS Vor 2 Tage
Thiem is sure goin to be in the next gen big 3,rest we will have to see
Anvarri Vor 2 Tage
It ain't the same without a crowd to roar and cheer you on
Morten Riise-Hanssen
Morten Riise-Hanssen Vor 2 Tage
What a joke! US open with no people is no grand slam. Sorry, but the pressure is completely different with audience.
Cristian Yáñez
Cristian Yáñez Vor 2 Tage
Amazing!!!! I could remember the Nicolás Massu games! Incredible victory!!
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane Vor 2 Tage
Theim, don’t give heart attacks to people like this... great match and u truly deserve it! But also learn from the mistakes done, so can Sascha! I did not know Sascha’s parents were sick with covid. Hope they feel better soon. Things happen as a player matures, just keep on playing.. victory is around the corner.💐💐to both!
javier saez parra
javier saez parra Vor 2 Tage
Jesús entrena a thiem
Kabuki Khazana
Kabuki Khazana Vor 2 Tage
Quality of the match was just 5/10. But drama 10/10. That made it so enjoyable
Dubourg Arnaud
Dubourg Arnaud Vor 2 Tage
Its an particular tournament with a particular champion . In normal conditions he has 2% to win , true Story ...
Neopumax Vor 2 Tage
Like si viniste por massu! 🙋‍♂️
Glutenkirche Vor 2 Tage
I like both of them but as an Austrian I'm glad Dominator finally did it. I love the respect between them.
arasilky Vor 2 Tage
Have been following Thiem's career for 6 years. Fantastic he has won a grand slam at long last! Congratulations Dominic! You left everything out there on the court. 🎉🏆🇦🇹
Emir Seviner
Emir Seviner Vor 2 Tage
He deserved this trophy
packc3 Vor 2 Tage
Well deserved Dominic. You are better player and a real hard worker. Zverev will have more chances to win a major soon. Year after year he gets more mature. Those 2 and Tsitsipas will dominate tennis courts in the future.
Anders Jensen
Anders Jensen Vor 2 Tage
What a match and what a turnaround by Thiem. Both of these players have great futures-:)
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner Vor 2 Tage
What differences are there between playing at the USO and playing at Roland Garros? I don't even know anymore. The tour has devolved into such a battle of grinders. And these two are the NextGen grinders, which means more of the same for years to come. Sad, really. Spinning in 80mph serves by the end . . .Thiem standing at the backstop to return even those powderpuffs from Zverev . . . it was a clay court match without the sliding.
Random Things
Random Things Vor 2 Tage
Both players played their best....
PKORNI-Brawl Stars
PKORNI-Brawl Stars Vor 2 Tage
Yey Austria :)
Alberto Olmos
Alberto Olmos Vor 2 Tage
What if with crowd?
none Vor 2 Tage
This one was almost as bad as Gaudio vs Coria RG final, one of the worst 5 set disasters ever from the worst Slam in the world boasting BLM but also the lies of the SPAMDEMIC everyway they could. Idiots
DJ _CD_2006
DJ _CD_2006 Vor 2 Tage
Jaaaaaa Thiiiiem!!!!!!!!
DJ _CD_2006
DJ _CD_2006 Vor 2 Tage
@PKORNI-Brawl Stars Stimmt
PKORNI-Brawl Stars
PKORNI-Brawl Stars Vor 2 Tage
Yeeeeey Österreich 🇦🇹 🇦🇹🇦🇹 :)
goran Lalič
goran Lalič Vor 2 Tage
iN tHE SKY Vor 2 Tage
Well done.
Bravo aux 2 joueurs !👍👍👍 Si tu es passionnée de tennis et que tu souhaites progresser , n'hésite pas à regarder ma chaine !! Je te donne un conseil tout les 2 jours (tactique, mental, physique...😉🎾)
Darko Vor 2 Tage
We all know that djokovic would have won
1 Conboi123
1 Conboi123 Vor 2 Tage
Ist hir noch ein Österreicher
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simeon simeon
simeon simeon Vor 2 Tage
хубаво ама без публика ...тъжна работа.
Danthez Lisa
Danthez Lisa Vor 2 Tage
Yeeeees Thiem 💪 😄!!!
Jorge Paz alcon
Jorge Paz alcon Vor 2 Tage
Sin publico el festejo de tirarse al piso se ve muy 🤨
André Pourcelot
André Pourcelot Vor 2 Tage
Stojan Dobrocelic
Stojan Dobrocelic Vor 2 Tage
Djokovic play "against wind"! Some players play with "help of wind"!
Tobias Troppmair
Tobias Troppmair Vor 2 Tage
Funfact: Thiem did not win a set in his girst GS Final, one in his second, two in his third and now in his fourth finally three. 🇦🇹🇦🇹🎾
capelle 55
capelle 55 Vor 2 Tage
No Nadal , Federer or Djokovic .No problem .We have the champions in waiting to give us a thriller .Thanks USOTC .
Rishab Nambiar
Rishab Nambiar Vor 2 Tage
I am sure zverev, Medvedev,tsitsipas, Felix A A and shapovalov will have more grandslams than thiem cuz now, thiem cannot be counted as next gens as he's 28 or something. The others have more time than him
Like Skylefalker
Like Skylefalker Vor 13 Stunden
@Rishab Nambiar I don't think so
Rishab Nambiar
Rishab Nambiar Vor 22 Stunden
@Like Skylefalker everyone will win soon but not now in the djoko Nadal era
Like Skylefalker
Like Skylefalker Vor 2 Tage
I am sure that not everyone (medvedev tsitsipas zverev Felix auger shapovalov) win one slam
Aleksa Pavlovic
Aleksa Pavlovic Vor 2 Tage
What a sad final of a Grand Slam :(( Djokovic Nadal final pls
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
Lol or Federer Nadal
Jafar Ali
Jafar Ali Vor 2 Tage
Beautifully came back & won
Mike Saraft
Mike Saraft Vor 2 Tage
👚✈💛🦓🐭🐼🌟🌘🌗🎦🌖🌪🌫💙👙 *Exclusiv pe baza iubirii. Dumnezeu a trimis pe Fiul Său Isus Hristos să moară în locul nostru. Apoi, în a treia zi El a înviat din morți.* *Acum, deși singur Isus Hristos. Dumnezeu ne-a acordat darul fără plată al vieții veșnice. El va salva și vindeca tine, dacă Îl întrebi.* *(privește spre cer și întreabă-l)*
Da Biggest
Da Biggest Vor 2 Tage
I dont think neither of these two deserved the trophy.. thiem and zverev choked when it came to the big moment of winning the game, thats why djoko, nadal and federer are the best players, because they would finish the game off the first chance they get.. you really get a sense of what it will be like when the big three finally retire, and i think its a sad ending for tennis fans
Akez Vor 2 Tage
Der olle echte Österreicher 💯
maka3230 Vor 2 Tage
I knew he would win. He work hard. I wish he won his first slam against Novak though.
norakat Vor 2 Tage
Sad they had to play to an empty stadium
Tina Ristivojevic
Tina Ristivojevic Vor 2 Tage
Ja samo za Noleta navijam 👍Mogu da te mrze zlikovci a onaj kote voli zna se a imogu i da se foliraju. Budi oprezan nemaś prave prijatelje. To moraź da zaś.👑🌹🍀
blood bone
blood bone Vor 3 Tage
Honestly if Nadal would've played or Djokovic hadn't been disqualified then he would had no chance of winning it!!!!
YouTube Person
YouTube Person Vor Tag
As you mentioned Nadal, I gotta say, don't you think it's cringy watching Thiem trying to be Nadal. He should be original! It's as cringy as Justin Bieber trying to be Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga trying to be Madonna. Blurrghh
CY Chew
CY Chew Vor 3 Tage
Well done Dom -- hope you manage to improve on grass and do better at SW19 when the time comes!
Stiopic Nurmagomaethje
Stiopic Nurmagomaethje Vor 3 Tage
FIFA 14 soundtrack at the end.
leurostyl Vor 3 Tage
cinnamon c̈́͆̆̾̔͑̽ͧ̈̒̒͛̋̇̀҉̩͓̺͔̬͇̘̳͚̲͙̤̱̳̣̝ͅi̶͐̔̾̋̔̾ͩ̐̚̕͞҉͇̹̭͖̝͍̺̪̪̘͓n̢͙̤̠̙͙̮̞̪͕͎̖̦̭̗͇̣ͨ̓̈ͣ̾́̓͒̉͝͠n̵̥͓̙͙̮͓̯͓͔̮͎̳̳̻ͤ̑̋ͨͪ͟ͅâ̴̡̙̭̭̪͉̦̥͓̻̖̥̯̼͍̞͙ͫͣ̔̆͂̎̊͛̇̈̇̑ͨ́̚͢m̶̸̲̰̲̦͖͇̥͕̟͕̹̺̓ͦͮͨ́̎ͧͪͥ̿̿̈́͛͂͝͝͝ͅo̸̡͉̤͉ͥ̌͂̌͜͝ͅn̷̷̛̯̣̠̖͉͇ͣ̈́ͤ̂̏ͨ̈́̈́͢͢ ̧̢̯̲̦̯̭̱͓̭͔̣̼ͬ͂̓̎̈́̽͋̀͜͜l̵͇̜̘̮̩̫̯͐ͭͬ͑̒ͫ̊͛̌̈́ͧ̌̎͊̉͜͟i̸̛̟͓͔̜̳̱̞͎͈͉͖̳̓ͧ́̑̂ͅṉ̡͓̺̺̹̤͉͈̹͓̱̪͕̼̹̯ͥͭ̎̉̌̌̍̇̒ͣ̀ͧ̕͢͝n̷̷ͪ̆ͫ̋̉ͬ̽̌ͭ́͏͉̼̰̱̠â̛̓͗̎͋̈́ͯ̄̌̍ͣ̿̒͋̚͘͠͏̞͚̺̼͍̥̠̣̦͉͎̥̣̖̗͕͘ͅm̄͐͒͑̓̽̃̊̏͆ͬ҉̸̶͔̜̯͇̗o͔̩̝̳͖̙͉̟͊̉ͨͯ͆͐͊ͫͤ͐͌ͭ̀͟͞n̡̦̼͇͖̟͙͍̼̙̫̪͔͉̥͆ͥ̿́̇ͭ̍ͤ͊ͩ̋ͣ̂͜͝͝ ̲̲̲̩͉͇͎̖̘̣̻͙̻͖͉͊͑́̅͒ͬ͗̏̿ͥͭͥ̐̊̑̚͢͠ļ̪̝̩̗̟̹̥̣̟͓͔ͯ̍ͫ̃ͥ͛̉̈ͭ́ì̸̤̥͉̙̬͕͙̗̙̜̰̬ͥ̿̏̿̓͆̿̿̑ͭͪ͊̓̓̆̏͛͑́͡ç̿̀̇ͧͧ҉͞҉̨̗͓̳̱̻̙̰̬k̴̨̘̬̣̱̫̗ͮ̇ͫ̂͑̄̈́͌̃͒ͣ͋ͫͧ̇͆ͣ̚̚ä̶̡̭̝̼̺̬͙̘̰̹͉͓̮͊̇͠m̸̛̬͇̟̖̬̤̃̀͛ͧ̉ͤͮ̊̑̏̊̌̽̾͌ͨͦ͞o̠͉͚͔͎̤̾̄͌ͭ̑͌ͥ͂ͪ͂̍ͭ̾́̈̀̅̅́͜͠n̡̛̈́̓̂̃ͩͩ͏̧̹͎̪̲̩̥̬̹̖̟͔̠̰͚͉̯͎̹ ̶̶̬̭̪̤͓͉̙͓͚̒͆͛̓ͧ͌͋̈́̉̂ͮ̌̎̚̚͢͢ͅp̷̡͇̬̮̞̟̺̣̭̟̣ͪ̓̍ͧ̎̔̀o̸̸̺͉̫̙̪̱̜̯̘̦͉͊ͫͥ̒̍̿̑͊̈́͌͐͒͋̊͐̌͑͛͘͞k̨̧̝͖͔͍̳͈̠̜͍̻̥̠̜ͤͯ̆ͬͨͭͪ̆͂ͪ̀͡ȩ̵̲͙̩̺̯̺̼̺̲̲̲͕ͥ̇́ͨ̌ͧͭ̔̿ͫ̌̅͢͠͠ͅm̶̢̨̫̰̲̜ͩͧͥ͆ͨ̈́̇̔ͫ͆̎ͬͧ̅̈́̌͞o̵̝̳̗̫͇͉͎̺͉̞̳̺͉͇̣̅̀ͨ̾͊͂͞ņ̦̬̖̥̫̟̤̥͍̫̈́͗ͣ͐̔̈́̏͌ͦͯ͆͒ͬ͑̋̕ ̨͊ͮͦ̓̔͆̔̋ͦͪͥ̒̏̀ͥͪ̐̊̅҉̸̧̬̲̝̹͎̘͔̩̖̝p͚͉̟͖͈̠͍̫̠̫̖͚̠̬̃̏ͨͬͧ̎̏ͮͫ̃͑̏͟e̴͕̰̠̙̺̪̒ͦ̾̈́̄̆̓͑̀̏͐̿͗͘͜͟ę͖͙̥͉͚̫̠̠͇̺̼̐ͥͥͫ̀̋͘͟͟͟p̨̘̫̫͈̻̟͕̤̦̜͍̟͉͍͇̤͑ͬ͛ͧͤ̕ͅe̵̡̮͕͓̥̗̯̥̭̹͇̺̪̠̞̖̘̣͔͒ͩ̒͒̒̕̕ë̷̘̫͉̻͓̥̱̟̩͙̫̰͍͈̱͎̬͙̓̓̾ͪ̎̽ͥ̋̏ͬ͌ͤ͛ͨͭ̚͟m̢̽̋ͨ͂͌͒̓̋̓̃̑ͨ͢͝҉̩̝̟͖̪͖̖͇̞̬͍̭̭͔͎̗͍o̸͔͕̻͎͇̱̣̹̭͙ͣͮͪͫ́͆́͡ͅͅnͭ̋̀ͨ͋̀̿̽̒̔̈́̄͋͂ͮ̚͏̶̡̺̭̟̖̭̩̖̦̯͠ ̷̡̠͇̪̠̰̞͔͚̼ͨ̊͒̎ͨ͌̇ͦ̄̀͟m̡͖͖̙̩̙̞̲̃̓͗̐̍ͦ̿̒ͬ͗̃̈́ͬ̈͑̀͝͡ơ̧̢̢͚͇̮̙̮̽̉̒̓͒͘n̶̨͍͙͇̪̼̖̦̞̤ͮͫ̅ͧͨͨͯ̈́̒̑͒̑͐͜͠m̷̡̟͍̙̠̬͎̮̰͈̠̪͉͉̣̫ͯ͑͊ͤ̒̆͗ͭ̓͆̎̈ͥ͐͆͊ͨ͗̚͘͜͢ͅo̓ͩ̂̋͌̅̎̓ͬ͑̓̑̀҉̰̹͕͍n̨̼̬̞̟̙̞̺̺̠̱͇͔͓̘̦̤͔͐̍͆̑̐͊͆ͬ͑ͧ̕ ̸̸͈͇̻͙͖̥̗̜̤͓̤͍͎͂̀̇p̸̨̳̰̻͕̙͉̥̲͕̒͐́͌́ͯͬ̒̀̀̚͟ͅo̶̷̴̟̞̭̱̮̗͇̫̝̺ͯ̾͆ͧ͋ͩ̇͒̿̓ͧ͂ͮͨ̓ͬͪ̀o̞̭̬̫͖̫͚̒̇̃ͨͪ̈́̍̈́ṗ̨̢̥̯̫̲̭̀̊̈̐͑ͨ̒͆ͥ̀͢͡k̴̞̗̂ͪ́ͬ̆̓̒̔̅͆ͭ͂ͦ̈̀͜ͅa͋̊̊͌̅̃ͯͧͬͪ̇̑͌ͭ́͆̋͏҉̝͙̫̙̮̠͚͇̥͍̜͝p̷̡̝̥̙̟̫̤̪̝͖̼͓̙͉̙͉̓͌ͩ͌ͩ͂̇͗ͦ͋́͝ͅō̵̸̵̺͈͙̲̪̭̗̰͇̘̞͇̲͚̪̼̞̞͇͋͆̂ͣ̐́ͨͧ̈́̀̓̿̀̚͠ò̸̢̧͍̼̞͇̗̟͚̺ͣ̅̂̏̃̓̉̀ͯ̏̄͛ͩͮ͐̔͟p̸̤̭̪̩̮̺͙͔̙͎̒̄̈̽̐͛͟ͅaͩ̀͛̄̆̑͐̓ͭ̍ͭͪ̄͏̻̯̣̮̼̰̲̭̹͈̕͞͞i̛̗̩͚̖̜̙̥͉̩̮̗̙̭͓̬̒̇ͯ̅̉͌̌̑ͨ̿͜nͧ̎̓ͯͨͥͣ̉̿̚҉̴̴̤̫̹͖͈̝̝̜̞̻́ͅeͬ̈́͆̈́ͦ̊̋҉̸̢̦̙̰̪̤͟ ̵̪̖̟̺̝͇̰ͧ͒ͥ̓̓̓ͪ͗̂͋̌͒ͦ͝p̲̮̹̩̱̪̻̘̘̲ͨ́̄̓̒̽̽̀͆ͧ̄̄ͩ̀͠͝o̸͙̱̗̼̠̽ͭ̆͂ͥͪ̉͛ͯ͆̊͜õ̶̦͔̪͔̫̻̥̇̈́̽ͪ̔ͬͦ͜p̧̯̯̦̜͔͕͔̬̖̫̣̼͎͍̗̔͆̈́̂̔͆͒͠ḫ̡̡͚͕͍̮̻̲͍̰̩̫͇̗̰͔̓̅̽̒ͦ̿ͬ̇ͣ͒̕͠ͅͅô̸̧̡͓͈̝̰̅̐ͮ̽̅͢͞o̶ͫ̎̋ͦͧ͐̂̂҉̸̭͉͓̻̦̪͈̳͔̭̝̫̪̝̩̩̖̘p̛̊̐̍͟҉̸̶̜̙̫̤̞̬̺ ̏̃̇̈̔͐̅ͨ͜͏̡͎̪̱̙̬͙̮͔͙̰͖̗̙́ͅs͐͗ͦͨ҉̴͎̙̘̩̘̼̭͓͔̤̜̮ͅͅͅͅj̷̓̈́̋̐ͤ̂́̍́ͤ̿͒ͭ͆͋̕͞҉̠͍͓͖̥̹̻͈̗̠̲̥̪̬̰̯̗y̡̭̩̯̙̦͈̪̱̱̤͇̣̖̺̪̭̎̈͒̾͂̌̓́͑̎ͪ͗̏̇̽ͣ́͜e͛̍̏ͬ̔̽̑͋̚͏̜͈̩̞̠̤͇̮̟̱̱́ư̶̪͚͉͉͙̙͔̫͔̭̼̭̎̈͗́̿̔ͪ̒̀͜c̃͑̐̈̆ͭͣ̎ͫ͒̅͋́͒̀͝͏̴̗̫̪̠̪̙͟ų̪̩͕̗̗̩͉̠̹͔̰͙͕̦̭͔̗͒ͤͬ̏͐̋̏ͫ̾̾ͧ͐͑̀͊͛̍͝w̉̂̅ͮ̆ͨͤ̚҉̵̢̢̼͎̖̦̞j̸̴̸̤͔̺̟̭̇̓̃͐͒̔̏ͫ͌̐̓̓ͯͪ͒͝j͑͂͂ͩͬ̊ͧ̇̽̅̊ͣͬ҉̷̷̧̣̘̮̰͍̠̥̲͇̜͍̥̞̲̠͚̜̳͡ͅe̙̗̯͍̳̗͎̻̥͕̟͇̟̞̦͒͂ͨ̔͒͋́̚n̸͚͍̤̰̠̤͖̪̪̭͍̱̤͓̠̘̄ͪ̆̉̀͂̔̔̉͐͞͠͠d̨̡͎̙̺̜͍̙̜̝̱̘̘̲̬̠̙̱ͮ̇ͫͧ̿̀̓̉̉̉͛̈͒j̶̡̦̼̤̭͖̬̗̻̯̠̣ͮ̄̔ͤ̋͊ͪ̽͗͞c̙̘̩̖̝̲̦͔̻̣͚͍͚̦͈̙̖̬̝̊̅ͣ̉ͨͩ̆́̓̄̅́͢͡͝h̺̰̗̮̲̱͍̻͚̘̦̬̩̝͍͎͈̣͑̎̅̀ͮ͑̉ͮͥ̂́́̚͡s̨̝̦̪̪͍̩̫͖̝͚͍̺̲̩̞̹̾̄̽̂̄͋̄͋̉̔̆̍ͥ̏̅͌ͨ̓̚͠ű̏ͣͯ͊̒͏̬̪͔̦̗̝̣̺͕̟̣̕̕͜͟ų̢̡̳͇̣̮̦̪̬̥̻̠̜̲̗̗̺̝͔͛ͮ́̄͐̎̎̀̂̚ͅs̨͛͛̈́̾ͫ͋͋́́͐̇͗ͫ̔ͮ҉҉̶̗̤̝͙̪̙̙͔̺͔͡u̸̴̴̢̙̠͚̝̭̥̬͊̐́̀̋͗̀̾͗̇ͭ̒̐͛̏̚͟d̷̛͉̻͕̜͚͛͑ͭ̒̃̔̿ͨ̑̎͑̓͗͘͡ͅư̸͔̘͙͙̙̟̼͇̻̤̦͈̟̞̬̲̟͊̄ͧ͒ͯ̓ͫ̊́̚͘͠ͅh̷̲͓͈͚̟͉̟̏̽̿̾ͣ͋͒ͣ̎́͜͠d̷̩̠̱̬͒̽͆ͬ̽̽͛̔̀͂̈̽̃̾̽́̇̈̀͘h̴̡̛͕̺̗͉̫̩̩͈̤̥̺͇̖̜̞̣̙ͧ̌̄͗̅̾̄͂̾͢j̷̯͖͇͉̰̗̟͈̝ͥ͊́͆̄̉̆ͨ̄̆̄̔̃̐̈́̀ĕ̲͈̩͖͚͕̲̜͚̙̮̏̊͛̃ͨͪ̓̅̿ͬ͗ͪ͘͘̕͢j̅̒ͬ̅͌̈́͊̋̔̐̄͗̽͏̡͎͈͇̺͓̮̱͔̭͈͉̮̟d̨̯̠̞̞ͩ͋̄͂̔̃͋ͤͪ̓̕͠ĵ̶̛̮̮͉̩̱̫̯̀̀̅͡x̸̧̜̪͈̭͎̜̥̻̤͈̅̓̏̎̆͗̾̌͆̇̈͡͠j̷͓̩̺͍̼̽͋̾ͬ̇͗̈̽ͤ͟͜͠c̸̫̼̻̯̺͙̦̞̜̋̔͛ͫͤͮ͆ͦͣ̿̅̑̋͑͘ͅj̶̢̙͎̫̬̲̞̭͙̖̙̭̇ͪ̊͐ͨ͌̓͌͐ͮͦ̍ͯͤ͂̀̀jͭ͊͐ͯ́̏͐̐̽ͩ҉͏̡̟̘̱̺̬͙̻̦̗̻̖̤̠̠̝̹̮̰̗͜͢c̛͍̬̝̣͇̫̜̤̤̗͎̫͔̣͈͓̟̭̓͒ͥ͋̋͋̔ͨ̑ͭ̐̅ͯ̇̾̌͢͠h̛̎̋͂̂ͭ̏ͧ͂̽͒̉̾ͩ̚̚͏̢̭͉̞̗̺̩͙̮̠͚̦̖̖͚͖͕̳ͅx̛̼̬̹̓̓̑̀ͦ͒͋͗̍̈̚͜͠͞͝ͅh̴̷̢̞̦͎̯̺̘̣̦̣̳͚͆̏̅ͤ̀̀̅ͭ͒ͤ̓͆͆̽̃͌̚͞͡h̷̼̹̣̞̰͔̠̿̅̑̔̀͒̄͘̕s̵̵̩̺̹̺̪̫͕̈́̋̄́ͯ̍ͥ̊̍ͬͭͮ̏h̉̊́͐ͣ̎ͥ͏̹̜̘̻̜̗̠̘̭̩͖͔̩̙̟͓͚͠͠͞s̶̨͉̤̲̝͔̹͎̱̘̓̐̓̓̓̈͒͒̀ͪ͋͑͑ͬ͑͘͢h̴̸̢̩̱̻͕̝̪̱̘͓̮͔̻̟̭̉̄ͣͥ́̌ͫw͐̑ͩ̉͒͒ͬ͐ͮ̇ͧͬ̆͆͛͒͌͒͘͘͢͏̬̥̰̺̳͖̻̭̬̝̪ͅj̴̨̧͕̩͕̳̳̣̯̦͓̜ͧ͌͑ͮ̒̅̂͑ͭ͐̃̆̑̓ë̴̢̧̡͖̫̭̤͖̠̥͙̭́ͬ̉͒̓͋ͬ̈́͛̅͌̋͆ͣ̉͆͗̒j̻̺͖͚̝̪͈̻̖̞̹̈́ͥ̉ͨ̍ͧ͡͠͠j̸̧̢̩̙̠̟̺͙͖͕̹̦̥̩̻̼̐̀ͬ̃̂̅̉ͮ̏ͅd̵̸̝̼̪͍̤̖̪͓͖̱̫͖̝̣̬̺̔̍̇ͣͪ̽ͮͫ͑̐̏̀͟͜j̴̵ͪ̀͌̈͗̒͟͏͍͎̘̻̮̟̗̼͉̠̪͔̬̬ͅc̶̵͎͓̫̬̩̥̣̳͇̤̬̠̙̳̃̑̿͆̓̒̇̓̀̚̕͝j͒͋͛ͪ͗͊̒̈́҉̶̞̳̱̪̬̱̫͖̗̫͟͟͝d̡̓̏ͣ͌̓̈̓̋̔҉̬̜̣̦̬͍̞̜͙̰̝̖̠̜͈̞̱͈͔͢͟͡j̧̞͕̻͎̹̙̩̯̞̤̘̳̖̻̰ͧͣ̃ͮͬͤ̽ͫ̉̊̑ͧ̃͊͢eͦ̈́ͬ̐̚. tenis boi
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Nice encryption
Yumply Vor 3 Tage
¿¿Hola 😢😢??Probablemente nadie leerá esto, pero espero que alguien con un buen corazón lo haga, quiero ser DEshowr, pero no tengo suficiente apoyo, Espero no molestarl@. !!GRACIAS POR TU APOYO!!♥️
Smokey 66
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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Vor 3 Tage
Vi partidos malos, pero como esta final, ninguno. Más de 100 errores no forzados entre los 2, más de 20 doble faltas, malísimo el partido. Si alguien no vio el partido diría que fue un partidazo que se definió en 5 sets. Menos mal que no perdieron 4hs de su vida los que no lo vieron. Ahora Thiem a esperar que no estén ni Djokovic ni Federer para ganar otro Grand Slam.
Rashiq Rahuman
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Two champions
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Vor 3 Tage
These 2 guys r going to be the next Federe- Nadal for sure🙏
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Thiem literally wants to BE Nadal lol. It's cringeworthy to watch him, he really idolizes Rafa
Finasma Joyeria
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next gs Roland Garros, then they must show their best tennis, because rafa and nole gonna be there
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Erm...Rafa's gonna be there...But that's it
Guillermo Meana
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De la semifinal al cierre del torneo... partidos muy extraños... Medvedev es una sombre frente a Thiem, que lo sobrepasa cómodo en 3 sets... A Carreño Busta se "le escapa" una semifinal increíble frente a Zverev... Y la final entre "dos amigos" como Thiem y Zverev, tiene ribetes muy particulares. Claro que en el tennis hay idas y vueltas... momentos, sensaciones, nervios y timings que pueden ir y venir... pero también hay apuestas, y seguramente quedaron muy sotto voce en un torneo donde el público se escurría tras una pantalla. La verdad, no me cierra nada el nivel de Thiem en el último tramo del torneo y, pese a que deseaba que gane su primer Gran Slam, lo hizo sin brillar para nada con un tennis agresivo como lo supo mostrar años atrás, sobre todo con su revés con top... Un US Open que quedará en la historia, si queda en algo, como esos GS en los que ganan posibles nuevos relevos. Veremos qué sigue diciendo este año tenístico que casi recién se retoma.
Novak Nadal
Novak Nadal Vor 3 Tage
so happy he won, he's come so close in many GS finals, twice at RG against Nadal and recently the RL against Novak.
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Les Moore
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Choking v Cramping
Juan M. Xene
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Sebastian Vor 3 Tage
Poor quality
Luis Cea Salamanca
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Los dos se merecían el premio. Porque jugaron increíble...... Bendiciones desde Chile.....
Sam Schutz
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Bruh is nobody going to talk about how weird it is without fans...