Three Mistakes Every Motorcyclist Makes

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'If you don’t know where your mistakes are, that’s your biggest mistake’ said Meek Mill once and he’s right…whoever he is. We’re all prone to making mistakes and here are three you might still be making - often unknowingly - while riding.
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Segments shot on GoPro Fusion:

Cinematographer & Editor: Aneesh Shivanekar

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aakarsh gv
aakarsh gv Vor 40 Minuten
michael shannon 😹👌👌 you resemble him from revolutionary road😹😹😹
Primenacer Vor 4 Stunden
I never heard of this full beam stupidity before, as if temporarily blinding the oncoming traffic will somehow help you to survive?! And in the U.K. a little nod of the head is how bikers say hello.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Vor 18 Stunden
That’s why, we in the UK give the nod
Tapsu10 Vor Tag
My bike has 5 driving lights. 2 front lights. 2 lowbeam and 1 highbeam. With lowbeams the front lights and lowbeams are on and with highbeams the frontlights and highbeam are on
Michael Joe Smith
Michael Joe Smith Vor 2 Tage
Drivers will have to look up from their cell phones to know if a motorcyclist is signaling a left or right turn with their arm.
Byron Joseph Hallar
Byron Joseph Hallar Vor 2 Tage
Yet another outstanding video. Informative and entertaining at the same time.
Paul Fagan
Paul Fagan Vor 2 Tage
For my biker wave, I hold my arm low with a peace v, or stick my leg out.
- Vor 2 Tage
The Polite Zone. You mean Canada?
True Brit
True Brit Vor 2 Tage
My FZ1 has both light on dip and full beam, but I agree that car drivers can be confused by this. It's happened to me in the car!
wright vcx
wright vcx Vor 2 Tage
2:30 Before, During and Climax.
George Byron
George Byron Vor 2 Tage
This is fast becoming my favourite motorbike channel. I love how you present things on here. Reaally engages and catches my interest.
Takahashi314【R32Taka】 Vor 3 Tage
One of the best videos I watched at fortnine
C N Vor 3 Tage
Don't buy that logic on #1. The single lights just looks like 2 lights even farther away so they're merged. Not that just flipping on your wide-lensed highs is a good solution. My main bike has 1 main and 2 lower-mounted aux beams, so let them makes of that triangle what they will!
Art Vanden Berg
Art Vanden Berg Vor 3 Tage
My bike, and many others, do not have a second assembly for high beam. That said I still use high beam the same as I would in a car and go low beam near oncoming traffic. Around here, the wave would not be mistaken for turning left. I can't remember the last time I saw someone use hand signals. Car only drivers certainly don't know them. And the wave is done under the handlebar and not usually where people are turning because you need the clutch at those locations.
Tapsu10 Vor Tag
My bike has 5 lights. 2 front lights. 2 lowbeam and 1 highbeam
Michael Serrano
Michael Serrano Vor 3 Tage
The headlight zone
geoopa Vor 4 Tage
I have now idea what I just tried to watch.
Jensen Hanley
Jensen Hanley Vor 4 Tage
Well shit my bike has 2 lights normally and 4 on brights. Guess I gotta sell it now
paul k
paul k Vor 5 Tage
every motorcyclist? come on man when is youtubers going to put truth in their titles? the first one is just stupid. only a goon would run high beams at an approaching vehicle. the 2nd one is nonsense. it is likely the majority of people do not even know about using the arm as a turn or stop signal and i have not seen anyone do that is many years. i drop my hand when passing a motorcyclist but it is not at an angle that should ever be mistaken for a turn or stop signal. the third one is also stupid. the suspension is pre-loaded by the riders weight. it depends on the curve, the visibility and if there is anything in the curve like gravel whether you should coast through, brake or maintain speed. there is no simple hard and fast rule about taking a curve but it is better to be cautious than not. that does not mean slow down, it just means be wary and look closely at the road because hitting loose gravel in a curve is no fun. also be on the lookout for animals and errant cage drivers. those are real hazards.
Røss Williams
Røss Williams Vor 6 Tage
I grew up riding on the back seat with my dad. Rider wave is to put your left hand low so the wind doesn't catch it & also doesn't mean turn left.
Luke McMahon
Luke McMahon Vor 6 Tage
In Australia it’s a head nod not a hand wave
The Boomerang Biker
The Boomerang Biker Vor 6 Tage
Here in Australia waving or nodding at other bikers seems to be dying out, or maybe everyone hates BMW GSA riders! :)
GoneIn SixtySeconds
GoneIn SixtySeconds Vor 8 Tage
On long tours especially at night in remote areas, bikes not only use full beams but also extra led lights. Motorists get used to the norms and it's not as dangerous as told in the video
Matthias Roca
Matthias Roca Vor 8 Tage
2:52 got me lmaoooo
andrea papapostolou
andrea papapostolou Vor 8 Tage
I think anytime someone makes any content online there is a horde of people calling them a twat. I just want to say I appreciate this guy. I bet these videos take a lot of effort to make. So thanks from all the riders!
hardcoregamer1985 Vor 8 Tage
Top notch editing. Love your channel
william luckhurst
william luckhurst Vor 9 Tage
In the uk we always nod not use our hand
Bipin Shrestha
Bipin Shrestha Vor 9 Tage
You sound like Kai W from DigitalRev Tv..
Forty Vor 9 Tage
Wave straight ahead haha
TrialsGuy Vor 11 Tage
Is Aus we wave by doing a head nod or head tilt (as if giving an exaggerated wink).
kiuhlahla Vor 11 Tage
That's cute!
TheTrueTex Vor 12 Tage
Waving in Texas is extending your arm below the handle bars and basically giving the peace sign. Cant speak for other states though.
Rob Atwood
Rob Atwood Vor 12 Tage
Can we get a Star Trek themed episode next? Maybe about helmets. Something along the lines of season 3 episode 9. The Tholian Web.
Sean Inthisan
Sean Inthisan Vor 13 Tage
Just do a short head nod to greet other bikers
Hedayetul Islam Mahmud
Hedayetul Islam Mahmud Vor 13 Tage
Hi at 3:50 what camera/gear did you use ?
FranktheDachshund Vor 14 Tage
Bicycle riders around here use some sort of fusion meltdown powered high-beams, then they make them flash. The result is a blinded driver with a target fixation directly at the rider.
Stealth Enforcer
Stealth Enforcer Vor 15 Tage
Getting driving lessons from a bmw driver
Bruce Grumpy ol'Biker
Bruce Grumpy ol'Biker Vor 17 Tage
love your video's but you clearly have no clue about the Respect Wave it's done properly with two fingers DOWN and the Arm motion should be BELOW the Handlebars (so that it is Not confused with a left hand turn signal.
Rob Salvv
Rob Salvv Vor 17 Tage
At night I wander from one tyre track to the other. A wandering headlight should produce curiousity in a driver observing it and help the headlight break out of any camouflage or looming. Never assume you've been seen though. I nod or only raise my hand off the bar, heel of hand still connected. The cornering tip is almost too concise that it could be dangerous. With modern suspension it's unlikely that a bike will be wallowing dangerously simply because it is "unloaded" in a corner. Suspension is always under load, I.e., gravity and weight. And it loads up some degree simply due to cornering forces and loads. What circumstance places a bike in danger should they enter a corner at a constant perhaps tentative speed (for that bend) with stable weight distribution between the tyres?
TMS Big Cove Moto Concepts
TMS Big Cove Moto Concepts Vor 19 Tage
The brevity of the typical wave doesn't lend itself to the rarely seen and longer duration Left Hand Turn Signal..
100MPH Selfies
100MPH Selfies Vor 19 Tage
if "every rider has made one deadly mistake" aren't we all dead now?
Franck Ghannam
Franck Ghannam Vor 19 Tage
Excellent video 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Mathew Horney
Mathew Horney Vor 20 Tage
Great video ! I like the twilight zone twist. 👍
Joshua Rodgers
Joshua Rodgers Vor 20 Tage
I enjoyed this episode entirely too much.
akshay Mistry
akshay Mistry Vor 22 Tage
So scary
arnohag1 Vor 22 Tage
Here in the Aussie outback it does not matter what you are driving as all lights on the 100K straights are hard to judge. Great production. Love it.
tpalladino23 Vor 23 Tage
Love the way you did this Vlog - excellent!
Hello_Chiko Vor 23 Tage
I wish his videos would average at around 20 min 😪
Raunak Singh
Raunak Singh Vor 23 Tage
I always thought that riding slow during corners is safer but after this, it changed everything. I will try to move faster but not that fast during corner.
Alexander Coll
Alexander Coll Vor 23 Tage
Dude you drive an E37 Z3 too!! ❤️
Wayne Kent
Wayne Kent Vor 23 Tage
Living in England it just seems weird to wave at other bikers. We still acknowledge them but it's with a nod
Paul H
Paul H Vor 3 Tage
It’s odd as I mainly ride in central London where no one nods then I got a bigger bike and went down to the coast I was wondering why all these bikers were nodding at me? I thought I must just look really cool or something lol.
shannon churchill
shannon churchill Vor 5 Tage
Wel, naturally if you’re driving in one of those “left side of the road” countries, your throttle hand is on the side of oncoming traffic, which doesn’t lend itself to removing it from the bar to acknowledge other riders. In right side countries, your left hand, which is tasked only with the clutch, turn signal and high beam duties, is free to wave. That said, the proper way to “wave” at oncoming riders is to extend your left hand below the waist, usually with sort of modified “peace” sign.
Stooby Vor 6 Tage
Also England, and I was going to say it's the nod (or sideways head tilt thing). Or my pillion waves.
kiuhlahla Vor 11 Tage
Same in Korea. Waving is for.. er.. cyclists.
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney Vor 13 Tage
I’m American. I just drop my left hand into sight and wave with a little shake of the fingers, and that’s only when I’m on a straight stretch or otherwise not that busy/involved. I don’t wave at other cars when I’m driving, not even when it’s another driver of the same make and model as my semi-rare, kinda cool cars and trucks, so I don’t really sweat it that much. Riding safely and comfortably is FAR more important to me than silly tradition.
Morgan Nordahl
Morgan Nordahl Vor 23 Tage
Love your videos. They just keep getting better. Keep em coming.
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Vor 24 Tage
My friends why you keep watching his video?? Me: *To improve my skills* Friend: *which skills* ?? Me: *English Speaking skills*
Adam Jeff
Adam Jeff Vor 24 Tage
In the UK we drive on the left so we do a head tilt as a rider salute or a thumbs up at traffic lights/ junction
sandakureva Vor 25 Tage
2:43 This is why, at least in America, the biker wave is two fingers pointed at the road. Partially because of historical reasons, but also because no other signals are using it.
Doom Smythe
Doom Smythe Vor 26 Tage
Head nod
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia Vor 27 Tage
love the intro
kiwiadventurer Vor 29 Tage
You are more than the some of the parts. I keep finding material of yours I've somehow missed and each is a goldmine of wisdom humour satire all mixed in one. You are so damned entertaining my man.......
Claudio Santander
Claudio Santander Vor Monat
Top Gear should be talking to this man
Blue Skies Truth Radio
Blue Skies Truth Radio Vor Monat
2:52 who laughed lololol
endymionas Vor Monat
Uncanny good advice. Maybe... Too good
Roman Jourkov
Roman Jourkov Vor Monat
damn i want to buy a streety with these double headlights...
Sourjya Naskar
Sourjya Naskar Vor Monat
Quentin Tarantino jr?
zhukie Vor Monat
Or, you could just nod like people who ride on the correct side of the road do lol
Shawn Keats
Shawn Keats Vor Monat
U put a lot of effort into your videos mate♥️
Karan Bhardwaj
Karan Bhardwaj Vor Monat
Holy shit, your videos are so quality... You really are TARANTINO
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity Vor Monat
I thought the motorcycle wave was two fingers pointing down
PAUL Sutton
PAUL Sutton Vor Monat
They don't do that here in France, to an oncoming bike the rider takes their left leg off the footpeg & straightens it out sideways slightly
Blue Skies Truth Radio
Blue Skies Truth Radio Vor Monat
The ultimate nightmare scenario... Waiving to a guy while slow corning with your high beams on
shinjita Kurose
shinjita Kurose Vor Monat
Can’t do f cause of F fucking plastic flairings ahhaha
Nadeem Qureshi
Nadeem Qureshi Vor Monat
Either I am dumb or I didn't understand the second and third points. Can any one please help me here.
Dominic Radmall
Dominic Radmall Vor Monat
In the U.K. we don’t wave or do anything with our hands to acknowledge other bikers, a simple nod or head tilt does the trick. I’ve always thought this as a lot safer.
payel halder
payel halder Vor Monat
Love the hitchcock effect in his videos
ronold cross
ronold cross Vor Monat
Humerous but clearly gets the message out. 👍
AlexVillaPro Vor Monat
Kaushal Khotkar
Kaushal Khotkar Vor Monat
U just wow
ImNotStalkingYou Vor Monat
Mistake #1 can be prevented by not riding at night. Riding in the dark is asking for trouble
DirtBikeRick Vor Monat
yea well in australia we ride upside down... I don't know how that really helps though...
Daniel Ruegemer
Daniel Ruegemer Vor Monat
So many international nuances I never thought about. Two fingers to the road = wave. Tap on helmet=coppers. No misunderstandings. From Cali.
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid Vor Monat
Lol awesome. Intelligent useful and brilliant.
Kristian Perry-Adams
Kristian Perry-Adams Vor Monat
Anyone here just give a little nod as you ride past? Quality video though 👍
JOHNNYwxw Vor Monat
you should be in a movie bro
Senor Crocky
Senor Crocky Vor Monat
Who disliked this video? The production value is top notch. Well done sir.
Bryan M
Bryan M Vor Monat
The motorcycle wave here in Australia is either a couple of fingers lifted of the grip or a helmet nod. Sometimes you might see a salute gesture
The Next Hobby
The Next Hobby Vor Monat
and the dad-joke my dad liked to tell when were kids was, "Oh look at those two headlights. Must be two motorcycles; let's drive between them."
Alexander Burgers
Alexander Burgers Vor 5 Tage
I know a case where this killed someone on a moped. 2 dim lights, must be 2 cyclists, let's give them a scare and go between them. It was a tractor.
JustMe Vor 6 Tage
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Vor 7 Tage
funny yet...worrisome and dark...
ImNotStalkingYou Vor Monat
thepaperboy Vor Monat
Very well written, well presented, well executed, great edit, well shot, very creative video transitions; very polished to get your point across. Well done!
Jari Kinnunen
Jari Kinnunen Vor Monat
Two solutions for come identified the biker: Use flashing light or make S-curve before intersection (if light turn with steering, it is better).
V Motoring
V Motoring Vor Monat
Just do a head nod.
TimPlaysLife Vor Monat
We British all Nod at eachother. 😂 (well I say all 👀🙄)
Peter Keleher
Peter Keleher Vor Monat
4:08 jesus christ your foot looks too close to the ground there
Steve Brooks
Steve Brooks Vor Monat
the biker wave is not straight out like a turn signal. it's down low pointing to the ground. Your starting to make stuff up now!
Andrew Wiest
Andrew Wiest Vor Monat
give him an Oscar!
srinivas kumar
srinivas kumar Vor Monat
Instead of leaving your high beams on flash it every 4 seconds. This will draw attention to you without annoying or blinding the drivers in the oncoming lane. This also saved my life. Once I was riding home and it got dark way earlier than I anticipated due to cloudy weather. Also the wind had picked duo and on the interstate I was fighting 50mph cross winds that randomly shifted and I could hardly ride straight. So I stopped and took some mountain roads home. They were single lane roads with no double yellow line. If 2 fat cars were to cross each other one of them would have to stop and let the other pass to do so safely. I was terrified some guy is going to run into me on a blind turn. I went super slow and flashed my head light slowly. The car drivers in these parts had some sort of code I guess where they would flash to acknowledge the other vehicle. It reassured me so much and I got home really late but I got home safe
Chip Anderson
Chip Anderson Vor Monat
Do like the Brits and nod your head towards other bikers. Just as friendly but you keep your hands on the bars. Most riders do it, except Harley riders of course.
Madalin Prahoveanu
Madalin Prahoveanu Vor Monat
Well this is a top quality video if I ever seen one.
David Silva
David Silva Vor Monat
Not sure other countries do it, but in UK most riders tilt their heads slightly to salute another passing rider. I've also seen others using their left leg to say thank you. That leaves the hands always where they are meant to be so that one is in control of the bike.
Simon Francis
Simon Francis Vor Monat
Oh, Its a nod from me !
Simon Francis
Simon Francis Vor Monat
Intelligent, considered, informative and damed entertaining. Your a pro mate. Perhaps you may of added that lights on during the day also makes it more difficult for drivers to judge your speed....they see you but pull out on you anyway ! I ve always thought there should be a small light aiming towards a rider (obviously so it doesnt reduce vision in any way ) from his own bike to illuminate him/her and any high viz on jackets etc. It would be much easier for car drivers to see riders and judge there speed.
Don Davi
Don Davi Vor Monat
Never in the states have I seen anyone use hand signals. Not even bicyclist. Not a thing here. Down and 2 fingers to represent Rubber side down. Will never be mistaken for anything else.
m3talc0re Vor Monat
"A single light is safer, and that it's unmistakably a motorcycle" Lol, come to Alabama, where half these mf's are running around with one headlight burned out XD
Dave Brown
Dave Brown Vor Monat
I drive a rig, mostly at night. if someone has their brights on behind me I turn my mirrors so I cannot see them at all. if they are in front I return the favour, and since my lights are driven by a much bigger electrical system they cannot see at all. At nights brights are an annoying distraction, turn them off, it is dumb to distract anyone controlling any lethal lump of machinery at night
jaknap1 Vor Monat
Love the editing, writing and informative..great job.
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