Zendaya - Neverland (Official Video)

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Zendaya - Neverland (From Finding Neverland The Album)
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sajid saji
sajid saji Vor 29 Minuten
American got talent.. souparnika nair sing this song. She is from india.
Philip Hester
Philip Hester Vor 31 Minute
Zendaya you are the best singer I have ever heard I love your work. You are the perfect singer.
Zoey Lanier
Zoey Lanier Vor Stunde
I love her everyone hated kk undercover but I’m in love with it
S L Vor 4 Stunden
Who is here after zendaya's big EMMY win?
Aaron Schokker
Aaron Schokker Vor 4 Stunden
i love that while she can dance, she looks super dorky while doing it
Margherita Koufos
Margherita Koufos Vor 4 Stunden
i love the show kc udercover
Journey Manuel
Journey Manuel Vor 5 Stunden
0:39 "ope" 😂 why is that so funny to meee
Ifeoma Nwaezeigwe
Ifeoma Nwaezeigwe Vor 6 Stunden
Here after that big Emmy win
marina wegener
marina wegener Vor 12 Stunden
Good Morning ☕ from Germany 🎧👍
Rishima Rai
Rishima Rai Vor 14 Stunden
Disney, who is this new princess that I never heard about?
megan thompson
megan thompson Vor 15 Stunden
Is that man the former stage actor for Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Gabriela Niño
Gabriela Niño Vor 17 Stunden
❤️I love your songs zendaya ❤️
Lawrence Blackwell
Lawrence Blackwell Vor 22 Stunden
Z is the reincarntion of Aaliyah!
Rui Sousa Queiroz Filho
Rui Sousa Queiroz Filho Vor Tag
0:37 Euphoria feelings? ⭐✨
Hollywood Star
Hollywood Star Vor Tag
Zendaya Filmography deshow.info/watch/yF6SZcTA5CU/video.html
doge needs the tea
doge needs the tea Vor Tag
"Weinstein Live Entertainment" if 2016 could see the man now...
doge needs the tea
doge needs the tea Vor Tag
Anyone here after she won the EMMY for "Euphoria"?
Ma'Kayla Thrasher
Ma'Kayla Thrasher Vor Tag
great job kc undercover
Ilona katalin Egeresi
Ilona katalin Egeresi Vor Tag
Nagyon tetszik koszi
Ajaykumar Divakaran
Ajaykumar Divakaran Vor Tag
Anybody here after watching bad blood
Stay Alerted
Stay Alerted Vor Tag
Talented but she ain't got ass though :(
Teabaggs Vor 17 Stunden
Stay Alerted it ain’t always about being “thicc” you know...
Martin Sean
Martin Sean Vor Tag
I like you better as an actor. Your awesome
Maliha Kulsum
Maliha Kulsum Vor Tag
who's here after she was the youngest person ever to win lead in drama Emmy award
Meli Z
Meli Z Vor Tag
Le iba re bienn yo que ella sigo con la música y de vez en cuando una peli xd
Jerrica Vor Tag
Is it just me or does zendaya look like, zayn + gigi?
heavenly anime
heavenly anime Vor Tag
i'm so glad she didn't give up acting to sing like other actors.
Nath Med
Nath Med Vor Tag
Who listens to this song in 2020?!! September 20
Decay Viper
Decay Viper Vor Tag
Who's watching in 20 20
Lola Warrick
Lola Warrick Vor Tag
Slavíková Veronika
Slavíková Veronika Vor 2 Tage
I love this song!!! she's amaizing!!!!!
Marblellous Vor 2 Tage
Who remembers her from K.C. UnderCover
Marblellous Vor 2 Tage
Olowo Jeremiah
Olowo Jeremiah Vor 2 Tage
Thank you! you made it to 48,329, 203 views, thank you all, you are the best!
Jesse Apeh
Jesse Apeh Vor 2 Tage
amzing i love the song so much you are my roll model
Anon Kat
Anon Kat Vor 2 Tage
Zendaya just kept blowing my mind. ❤
arathy babu
arathy babu Vor 2 Tage
Whos here after Souparnika sang it in bgt
Caffeinated Cookiejuju
Caffeinated Cookiejuju Vor 2 Tage
Emilie Kontrošova
Emilie Kontrošova Vor 2 Tage
⅞e . P6⁸p Emýli
Sam Pellegrino
Sam Pellegrino Vor 3 Tage
The beginning gave strong K.C. undercover vibes
Fabio Oliveira
Fabio Oliveira Vor 3 Tage
Que perfeita ❤😍