Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

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Celine Terra
Celine Terra Vor Stunde
3:24 Same Old love vibes
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!! Vor 3 Stunden
Who's The Most Unique Artist 😍😍 ? L I K E = Taylor Swift C O M M E N T = Taylor Swift I G N O R E = Taylor Swift
YASH MEENA Vor 4 Stunden
This is such a amazing song when we listen to it feels like heaven best song of Taylor
__ Vor 5 Stunden
Popular Opinion : Taylor was beautiful witg black hair
Nurse Mgidi
Nurse Mgidi Vor 7 Stunden
I love it
Kevin Waiba
Kevin Waiba Vor 8 Stunden
Unpopular Opinion : Taylor doesn't deserve hate. Her video are always awesone.
Jorge Vor 8 Stunden
Its so tall??? Hahaha eastwood Jr. its almost as kevin hart....
Eve Medalla
Eve Medalla Vor 8 Stunden
724 million views just wow😳👏 Taylor is a Legend💪🔥
Afton Clark
Afton Clark Vor 11 Stunden
Let’s notice how all of Taylor’s videos are SUPREME! There awesome
Taylor Vor 11 Stunden
October 29,2020,9:48 am 724,404,496 mil. views
Fortnite X
Fortnite X Vor 14 Stunden
MrBeast got Also 40M subs
Irin Ara Moly
Irin Ara Moly Vor 15 Stunden
Yes i love this song but the problem is i have phobia of lion😢
Kathleen Ryan
Kathleen Ryan Vor 16 Stunden
This video reminds me of "The English Patient" :)
who cares
who cares Vor 16 Stunden
I always thought she said “his clothes are in the roof”
who cares
who cares Vor 16 Stunden
I’m sorry let me keep this nostalgic feeling please
Yasmin Vor 16 Stunden
Carrie Fisher To Harrison Ford during their affair
Adal Hernandez
Adal Hernandez Vor 18 Stunden
Anyone here just because of Clint Eastwood’s son ?
TheLankieMidget Vor 20 Stunden
do you think the guy had the same reaction in real life after filming this to the one he has at the end of the video
Alyssa Vor 21 Stunde
How is no one talking about how this song is about Matthew Gray Gubler!!!!
Trinity Gaudreau
Trinity Gaudreau Vor 21 Stunde
yes ive been here since 2015 if your from tiktok u aint an og
Sagarika Debbarma
Sagarika Debbarma Vor 21 Stunde
If u r liking this it's mean you r before 1B views.
Shannelle Vallejo
Shannelle Vallejo Vor 22 Stunden
im here because of tiktok 🥺
Aima Lifte 936
Aima Lifte 936 Vor 23 Stunden
Mateo Gonzalez Montoya
Mateo Gonzalez Montoya Vor Tag
Lady Gaga with Bradley Cooper
Abhishek Patil
Abhishek Patil Vor Tag
The 1989 era music videos are totally on a different level. Love each one of them so much! Beautiful, conceptual and innovative.
Rex Erskine
Rex Erskine Vor Tag
In my wildest dreams...
Mildred Matibe
Mildred Matibe Vor Tag
Wow amazing 🤩
Kyra Cassanova
Kyra Cassanova Vor Tag
Our favorite cowboy 🤠💕
Alexandra Bravata Ochoa
Alexandra Bravata Ochoa Vor Tag
cada que veo el video envidio a Taylor, besar a Scott aunque sea actuado es ganarse el paraíso. Aunque hermosa la Taylor igual.
Tom Wang
Tom Wang Vor Tag
Happy 6 years of 1989!
Lent John Ponce
Lent John Ponce Vor Tag
I suddenly remember 911 MV in 3:34 T_T
10 k subscribers with one video challenge
10 k subscribers with one video challenge Vor Tag
stop asking who's still listening in 2020, we never stopped listening
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Vor Tag
No one will subscribe to you
dipak mandal
dipak mandal Vor Tag
Taylor seriously looks exceptionally gorgeous in black hair.💝😍😘💕💖💞💗💝💝💝
David Speers
David Speers Vor Tag
Is it just me or does this song remind anyone of Hardin Scott???
vi Smith
vi Smith Vor Tag
HAPPY 6 Year of 1989! 🤍🤍🤍😭 TIME FLIES SO FAST 💅
Alessandro Gomesdelima
Alessandro Gomesdelima Vor Tag
Clipe perfeito 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
mrlnx11 Vor Tag
I will always love this song and the music video! Great cinematography too 😍😍
reade hunt
reade hunt Vor Tag
Let's see who's watching this on October 27, exactly 6 years since 1989 was released.
DLEE019 Vor Tag
6 YEARS OF 1989
โอเล่ เอกพันธ์
โอเล่ เอกพันธ์ Vor Tag
ครับโอเล่ เอกพันธ์ ส่งจากประเทศไทยครับ
Nitya Konidala
Nitya Konidala Vor Tag
Going through all these again is so nostalgic...
eric li
eric li Vor Tag
*more views more views more views more views more views more views*
eric li
eric li Vor Tag
*more views more views more views more views more views more views*
eric li
eric li Vor Tag
*more views more views more views more views more views more views*
Oh mah aliens YT
Oh mah aliens YT Vor Tag
Princy Sarungbam
Princy Sarungbam Vor Tag
Happy Birthday to 1989!! Happy6YearsOf1989!!
Liza J
Liza J Vor Tag
HAPPY 6 YEARS OF 1989!!!!
Sophia Jones
Sophia Jones Vor Tag
Is that captain America ? 😂
demon_overlord10 Vor Tag
2:47 my fav part
William Brito
William Brito Vor Tag
*Happy 6 Years of 1989* *is the best era*
L o l a Oppar
L o l a Oppar Vor 2 Tage
why every taylor swift music video feels like a wattpad stories
Luiza Lopes
Luiza Lopes Vor 2 Tage
Is this song about HS?
heartbreak prince
heartbreak prince Vor 2 Tage
Here’s the plot twist: Taylor Swift as Elizabeth Taylor and Scott Eastwood as James Dean. Elizabeth Taylor loved James Dean but James Dean loved another woman.
Kelly Correia
Kelly Correia Vor 2 Tage
Essa música é 1000% maravilhosa não tenho palavras para descrever na minha opinião é uma das melhores.
Kelly Correia
Kelly Correia Vor Tag
@William Brito pois é
William Brito
William Brito Vor Tag
*Sem sombras de dúvidas, é umas das melhores do Álbum 1989, inclusive 1989 está completando 6 anos hoje*
Alpha Val
Alpha Val Vor 2 Tage
Ahhhh I love scotttttttt😍😍😍😍😍
Killer body2020
Killer body2020 Vor 2 Tage
She is my favourite singer
nisdev Vor 2 Tage
dang, alexander skarsgard really be getting one of taylor’s best songs
The Wandering Gamer
The Wandering Gamer Vor 2 Tage
I'd be concerned if you weren't familiar with your partner's voice.
100 subscribers without video
100 subscribers without video Vor 2 Tage
Imagine if you kiss TAYLOR
Sushi Queen
Sushi Queen Vor 2 Tage
This is just a beautiful smooth song!! Taylor has such a beautiful voice!!
Sebastian Shaw
Sebastian Shaw Vor 2 Tage
0:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dipali mandal
dipali mandal Vor 2 Tage
Taylor seriously looks exceptionally gorgeous in black hair.💝💝💝
Sue T.
Sue T. Vor 2 Tage
This is Taylors life right? When will she learn?
Lisa Cheatum
Lisa Cheatum Vor 2 Tage
Aint no body watch this!
Iván Cancino
Iván Cancino Vor 2 Tage
Nice song 👌
gOreY g0th
gOreY g0th Vor 2 Tage
This gives me major ♌ leo vibes
Girish Santlani
Girish Santlani Vor 2 Tage
This song is describes Kim Taehyung ~
Shahzoda Nabieva
Shahzoda Nabieva Vor 2 Tage
thanks taylor i now miss my ex again
Sarah Doodnauth
Sarah Doodnauth Vor 3 Tage
I love the ending ❤
ريوف الشمري
ريوف الشمري Vor 3 Tage
Jane Claire Valluta
Jane Claire Valluta Vor 3 Tage
Don't ask " Who's watching in 2020 " because we never leave.
who cares
who cares Vor 16 Stunden
Too bad they weren’t watching it when it came out
Not the official Wolfie Chan
Not the official Wolfie Chan Vor Tag
I am lol
ליחן בוכריס
ליחן בוכריס Vor Tag
Qg Qg
Qg Qg Vor 3 Tage
One of my favourite songs and mvs❤
Sofia Lorraine Dequito
Sofia Lorraine Dequito Vor 3 Tage
Imagine if this was a movie
Sheetal Tumari
Sheetal Tumari Vor 4 Stunden
I would watch it definitely!!!!!!
Ambar Batista
Ambar Batista Vor 3 Tage
While watching this video my blood was boiling and I just wanted to hit him 💀
RageNation _fan
RageNation _fan Vor 3 Tage
Who watch this is 2020 ⬇️
Shaan Pandey
Shaan Pandey Vor 3 Tage
This song tho!!! 🥳🥳🥳
tvtime2122 Vor 3 Tage
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...I love you
Marucanah_ Vor 3 Tage
She looks like my math teacher from my sophomore year of high school
Brandon Vor 3 Tage
Oh well nobody gets over on me...grand opening grand closing...
100k Subscribers with Videos Challenge pls
100k Subscribers with Videos Challenge pls Vor 3 Tage
Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020.
anissa And arrian get creative
anissa And arrian get creative Vor 3 Tage
Wow those eastwood men..
Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott Vor 3 Tage
This song makes my life complete it’s perfect omg.
Frank Yonley
Frank Yonley Vor 4 Tage
The magnetic fields that draw me back to this song ...
Porter Maddy
Porter Maddy Vor 4 Tage
I dedicate this song to Damon salvatore
Shae Harkless
Shae Harkless Vor 4 Tage
Hi! So, I am not really much of your fan. I like some of your music. I just came here to say this was one of the first songs I really loved. I still remember some of the lyrics!
Khawlha Khald
Khawlha Khald Vor 4 Tage
قلبي يدق يدق 🥺💞
أعلم أنني أحب هذه الأغنية أيضًا!
dog4_ life
dog4_ life Vor 4 Tage
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin Vor 4 Tage
Gerard Sangster O'Brien
Gerard Sangster O'Brien Vor 4 Tage
Scott Eastwood is cute
Sukhpreet Singh
Sukhpreet Singh Vor 4 Tage
Was this song sung for Harry style??
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Vor Tag
Shae Harkless
Shae Harkless Vor 4 Tage
I don't think so...?
ahh lece
ahh lece Vor 4 Tage
how was this 5 years ago
Dngthanh Am
Dngthanh Am Vor 4 Tage
Mỗi lần nghe lại. tròng lòng cảm thấy nhẹ đi
BlkWdw ThnxU
BlkWdw ThnxU Vor 4 Tage
I felt every emotion in this video
buket yüksel
buket yüksel Vor 4 Tage
everyone dragging taylor because of writing about her exes but nobody drag other artists cause they are not writing their own songs like taylor..
baby rainbow
baby rainbow Vor 4 Tage
Am I the only one who thinks this song would've made so much sense if it was gay?
Papa’s Gameria Master
Papa’s Gameria Master Vor 4 Tage
goals Shake It Off 3B Blank Space 2.7B Bad Blood 1.4B LWYMMD 1.250B YBWM 1.150B Wildest Dreams 750M Style 650M WANEGBT 650M IDWLF 625M 22 600M Love Story 600M IKYWT 475M Delicate 450M ME! 400M EHC 350M YNTCD 300M Ready For It 300M Lover 200M cardigan 100M
One Indian boy
One Indian boy Vor Tag
Back to december 500 M
William Brito
William Brito Vor 4 Tage
M J Vor 4 Tage
I’m not usually a huge a Taylor Swift fan, but I was CRAVING this song just now
Tasmina Rahman
Tasmina Rahman Vor 4 Tage
I really hope this is about Matthew Gray Gubler. IT EVEN HAS A GIRRAFE!!!! (srry if you dont know what im talking bout)
John Dow
John Dow Vor 4 Tage
Put A Little More
Put A Little More Vor 4 Tage
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