I'm trying ASOS Makeup

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Naomi Jon

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I know I'm kinda late with this, but I just reaaaally wanted to try this makeup myself and HERE U GOOO
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deshow.info/watch/qLYmtdi-GzA/video.html (NCS Release)
Love yaaaaa my lil potatoes

Maria Kre
Maria Kre Vor Monat
Jax Martinez
Jax Martinez Vor 3 Monate
11:40 quedé
Jax Martinez
Jax Martinez Vor 3 Monate
I fucking love you
Nicki Dynamite
Nicki Dynamite Vor 3 Monate
all the dick ..hahaha
Ssy V
Ssy V Vor 3 Monate
Kate Hudson
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Puppy - Puppy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Puppy - Puppy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Vor 4 Monate
you make everything look gorgeous qwq
Valeria Vor 4 Monate
It's been a year but I still think she was high
Solanum Vor 4 Monate
Why is this recommended to me 2 years later lol
Dillan Vee
Dillan Vee Vor 4 Monate
We don't see pants
no name
no name Vor 4 Monate
"From all the dick" Lmao that situation escalated quickly
Grégoire Lamarche
Grégoire Lamarche Vor 4 Monate
you don't need Lipfiller!! Please try to stay natural. you are a role model for so many young people.
Va Nessa
Va Nessa Vor 5 Monate
‚I have a sore throat because of all the 🍆🍆..‘ Oh Naomi 😂😂😂😍
Roblox Cookie
Roblox Cookie Vor 6 Monate
11:15 I found a way I found a way That's the drake and josh intro
BearCubLdn Vor 6 Monate
Loving that you used the ASOS products. I have 3 liquid highlighters and the brow kit but no one Is using them!
Melina Vor 6 Monate
Weiß jmd. wie der Concealer heißt?
Lea Vor 6 Monate
Tarte shape tape
Lea Vor 6 Monate
Tarte shape tape
Droesbeke Sarah
Droesbeke Sarah Vor 8 Monate
lashes looks like spider's legs, it trigger me real bad XD
you nice, keep going
you nice, keep going Vor 10 Monate
Naomi: My throat hurts so much from all the dick" My stupid thoughts: She lives with Vincent.. That meaanss... 😏 Sorry Naomi I love you
Q Vor 11 Monate
Omg I love that velvet headband~
Madi Jaye
Madi Jaye Vor year
wow you did that eyeliner effortlessly
Akura Vor year
Ana Lol
Ana Lol Vor year
I’m studying for my German test while watching you😂😂
- a
- a Vor year
You make asos sound like isis😧
Lara Knauf
Lara Knauf Vor year
0:06 you literally Sound Like Perrie Edwards from little mix
Makeupjorr Vor year
hi i very highly doubt you’ll see this BUTTTTT the eyeshadow picking up on the corner could’ve been because you set it with powder before hand, they’re a lot better if the base is wet and sticky.
AB B Vor year
My throat hurts so much from all the dick!!!Literally laughing out loud!!!
Kata aa
Kata aa Vor year
HaB diCh aBboNieRt, wAr Das geiLstE daS iCH jEh gEmacHt HabE LoL
are you bored yet ?
are you bored yet ? Vor year
I don’t understand why she reminds me of Emilia Clarke
Malea M
Malea M Vor year
Who else was having OCD when she touched the eyeshadow palettes mirrors and got fingerprints on them
Lina Peeva
Lina Peeva Vor year
That opera level sneeze tho
Madelyn O
Madelyn O Vor year
what lashes do you use sister
Danielle Andrade
Danielle Andrade Vor year
What was the point of ASOS releasing a makeup product if they’re not even good ?
M Elizabeth
M Elizabeth Vor year
The asos lip liner called sturdy is my favourite lip liner ever
sara wylezek
sara wylezek Vor year
where is that shirt from? 😍😩 please help!
xChloexboey04 Vor year
11:39 oh my 😂😂
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm Vor year
I thought Naomi already contoured, I mean come on those cheekbones are incredible
Mimmi Jami
Mimmi Jami Vor year
Hey, can you do a review on Lidl makeup?
Kaitlyn M.
Kaitlyn M. Vor year
Liking for the beyblades
Sarah B
Sarah B Vor year
Piiiiiiiink¡! Ohne Witz ich sage Piiiiiink jetzt auch immer so...Meine Freunde lachen mich immer aus hahah😂❤️
Lilliana_ 1_
Lilliana_ 1_ Vor year
Best friend: wer ist der beste englisch lehrer den du bisher hattest? Me : Naomi Jon It's true
TwurtleMaggot Vor year
Shister James who 😂😂
Silje R
Silje R Vor year
Japan has Godzilla, Naomi has Conzilla
ActuallyNathalie Vor year
I love the way you say pink!
Justin Ward
Justin Ward Vor year
The beyblade 😂😂😂😂
Artsy Baby
Artsy Baby Vor year
RIP Naomi’s finger
Doodoo Time
Doodoo Time Vor year
This might just be me but.. ASOS clothes suck. I’ve ordered multiple clothing items from them and the quality is not bad but after less than 2-3 months the quality started feeling ..... “cheap” and I got holes on a shirt. Might have been my fault but like.. how? ✌🏼😔💀
I'm a Homo
I'm a Homo Vor year
Did anyone else say "Bleas you" when Naomi sneezed? Bc I did
Ryann G.
Ryann G. Vor year
Am I the only one who thinks the shades in the eyeshadow palettes do not go together at all?
BenLoverFlicka96 Vor year
Mary Chastain
Mary Chastain Vor year
What lip products do you use? I can’t stop staring, they’re so hydrated and pluuuuump! I struggle with dry lips, soooooo...yours are GOALS! 🥰
Hannah Sloan
Hannah Sloan Vor year
fabiana cimpean
fabiana cimpean Vor year
"My troath hurts soo bad from all the"loollĺl
Envy Snow
Envy Snow Vor year
That sneeze though!!!
Ashley Nevitt
Ashley Nevitt Vor year
you're my new favourite youtuber.
Jenn Benest
Jenn Benest Vor year
Ive just discovered your videos.. Its like where have you been all my life ❤ you're a joy to watch and you're stunning 😊
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson Vor year
*im eating heathy food haha.* I’m eating Oreos haha...
just me
just me Vor year
.....from all the dick 😂😂😂😂😂
Jin's Princess
Jin's Princess Vor year
Dieses Edit xD As ifff da Jungkook und Namjoon waren... Lmao
Janet Goncharenko
Janet Goncharenko Vor year
You keep coming up in my recommend and I’m really happy about it! 😂
Linda K.
Linda K. Vor year
Daumen hoch wegen dem Ausschnitt von dem Drake and Josh Theme 😂😂
Daisy Oldershaw
Daisy Oldershaw Vor year
"my throat hurts so much from all the dick" me
Nej l.
Nej l. Vor year
Stine Birkeli
Stine Birkeli Vor year
Fer H
Fer H Vor year
For some reason you remind me to Zara Larsson
Tatjana Banana
Tatjana Banana Vor year
Omg the sneeze, I'm dead😂😂😂
Goth Angel Sinner
Goth Angel Sinner Vor year
She makes me laugh so much I love her 🗣
Ramona Șepilov
Ramona Șepilov Vor year
binge watched your videos, you're so funny, made my night :)))
Allison V.Melton
Allison V.Melton Vor year
How. Do. You. Make. That. Look. So. Beautiful?!!!!???
Autumn Akins
Autumn Akins Vor year
Lol, that sneeze!
Elle Salsano
Elle Salsano Vor year
Noomi joon
Charlotte Walker
Charlotte Walker Vor year
I literally love you woman
jack 1234
jack 1234 Vor year
I love your videos
Vanessa Alexa
Vanessa Alexa Vor year
BostonEmily Vor year
She's funny I just discovered her I like her a wicked lot subscribed 😂😘
첼이Cherry Vor year
You’re....i don’t know. I love you 💙
Courtney J
Courtney J Vor year
actually love this eyeshadow look for winter
kayce ann
kayce ann Vor year
The new youtube queen?
narissa jackson
narissa jackson Vor year
The cream highlighter 🥩
Maria Hestetun
Maria Hestetun Vor year
I love your videos soo much😂always makes my day😂
Dominique Nelson
Dominique Nelson Vor year
Sands Vor year
Please try the Crayola make up they put on ASOS! I'm so curious
Tracy Vor year
I've been binge watching your videos for the past 2 hours😂😍❤ New subscriber💕
AmyXRuby Vor year
"I really feel this eyeliner on my lip" omfg
never mind
never mind Vor year
13:24 Thank me later
megan mercer
megan mercer Vor year
Giiiiiiiiirrrrrlllll I love you I've been watching videos all night so happy I found ur channel❤❤❤
Amber Beaker
Amber Beaker Vor year
Why am I only finding you now?!? 😻😻 I’m in love
Angela M Ricks
Angela M Ricks Vor year
Your English is very good! 💗
Angela M Ricks
Angela M Ricks Vor year
I used to wear brown lipsticks in the 1990s and sometimes they would turn purple on me and sometimes it would be very pinkish Brown, so your experience with this lip liner is consistent with the makeup industry concerning brown lipsticks. I would have wrote this before, but I was looking at your face and forgot. Sorry.
Angela M Ricks
Angela M Ricks Vor year
The spot on your eyelid has been consistently rejecting eyeshadow.I have been watching your makeup videos and that one spot on that one in particular eye gets weird, so it is your skin.
Eyesheh Ce
Eyesheh Ce Vor 4 Monate
Lool i thought i was the only one 🤣🤣 it does the same with me
esthereuropa Vor year
Haha I always wondered if this happens to other people as well 😅
K V Vor year
Same with me alsways the one spot, BUT not with all my eyeshadows
abby fisher
abby fisher Vor year
this happens to me all the time on one of my eyes! anyone else!
C K Vor year
you are amazing these products were absolute shit yet you still somehow managed to make them look beautiful
Aulona Hoxhaj
Aulona Hoxhaj Vor year
My blind ass thought it was 5SOS
Professional Mø†hērfūçkêr
Professional Mø†hērfūçkêr Vor year
0:20 WÜT !?........😯😐😂😂
Aubrie Henderson
Aubrie Henderson Vor year
Have you thought about doing a guest show with Nikkie?
Lorrie Harkey
Lorrie Harkey Vor 2 years
Product quality (thumbs down) I think you look very pretty with some of the more neutral tones .... I’d like to see you with some soft earthy pinks, grey and charcoal... I love the POP colts too .... it just seems like everyone is doing oranges and deep pinks these days. Take care!
Marie Jack
Marie Jack Vor 2 years
Parisa Parsakia
Parisa Parsakia Vor 2 years
Daniela Sulzberger
Daniela Sulzberger Vor 2 years
Helena Groß
Helena Groß Vor 2 years
Haha hab erst Gozilla verstanden😂😂ich Feier dich voll weil du dich nicht verstellst, ich hab noch nie bei einem Makeup Video gelacht...💋😘 #consilla😂
Bailey Tranchemontagne
Bailey Tranchemontagne Vor 2 years
Why do I feel like we would be best friends
linda cavandoli
linda cavandoli Vor 2 years
Your face when you saw the mascara applicator 😂😂
Me Vor 2 years
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