Ural Motorcycle Review - Our Best Sidecar

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As a couple capitalist pigs, it's hard to understand Ural. Who would buy a sidecar? Why? Are they expensive, unreliable and exhausting to drive... or more? Let's find out!
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Cinematographer & Editor : Aneesh Shivanekar
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********** Vor 14 Stunden
Ural ist good
Stahlkatze Vor 15 Stunden
Ural proves that you wont build a quality machine simply because you ended up at the wrong side of an NKVD badge and a Makarov pistol. Oh wait, the entire soviet economy proves this 😂 (greetings from a former soviet country)
Владимир Добрый
Владимир Добрый Vor 17 Stunden
Это божественно!!! Какая подача материала. И обзор мотоцикла, и за историю рассказал.
Old fun’s Front porch
Old fun’s Front porch Vor Tag
kl_vs Vor Tag
Yo, Bro, thanks, just got a little bit of nostalgia, when you showed me my hometown, with the footage as old as myself 😂😂😂😎 that “skyscraper” 22 storey building was never finished. . . 5 seconds, but still 👍🏻
Double H H
Double H H Vor Tag
One of the best motorcycle, let alone product specific, videos I have seen.
Stive creative
Stive creative Vor 3 Tage
Эхх...аж грустно стало(
call me RAT
call me RAT Vor 3 Tage
2:10 what is this music ??? please tell me ! help a comrade
Matt White
Matt White Vor 3 Tage
dude, your production values are absolutely top notch
ThePigeon Keng
ThePigeon Keng Vor 6 Tage
Спасибо за русские субтитры )
Tortuga Verde
Tortuga Verde Vor 7 Tage
Nothing I can say thay hasn't already been said. What I would like to see is a "sidecar" that is towed behind. I feel like that would make way more sense with the geometry and physics of a motorcycle to keep it handling well. Yes, I know: you can't high-five your riding buddy but...small price to pay.
XNIFER Vor 7 Tage
Привет, я из России из города Ирбита. классное видео. По смеялся от души!. Хотя немного и грустно за свою страну.( _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
BMW HowKnow
BMW HowKnow Vor 8 Tage
URAL was my first motorcycle, which started my acquaintance with motorcycles. I remember I was about 9 years old when my father taught me how to drive this miracle of the motorcycle industry. On the first day, I dropped it on the left in the right turn on the descent from the mountain. Then there were years of URAL actively used by us in agriculture, as it was beyond the reality to buy a car or truck in Soviet times. With URAL, at the age of 12-14 years, I fully mastered the device of engine, the principles of operation of the gearbox, differential and electrical equipment. I can not say that I was interested in it then, because it was necessary to know and be able to repair with your own hands, so that this motorcycle could ride. I am sincerely grateful to URAL for instilling in me a love of transport and motorcycles and it has become a part of my life.
Дмитрий Страхов
Дмитрий Страхов Vor 9 Tage
M_genius Vor 10 Tage
Ural - best bike for stunt ride (русские поймут)
NoAdO Vor 11 Tage
Itz Ya Boiii
Itz Ya Boiii Vor 11 Tage
Amazing! Brought a tear to my eye 😢
Антон Калошин
Антон Калошин Vor 12 Tage
From Russia with love 😄
that_G_EvanP Vor 12 Tage
How does this channel manage to consistently put out Hollywood level videos? It's almost unbelievable. You guys are killing it!
Ed in Miami
Ed in Miami Vor 13 Tage
Soviet National Anthem.
Ed in Miami
Ed in Miami Vor 13 Tage
You can mount a machine gun on that side car. Then you can take on a Nazi Patrol! Nostrovia
CoopDuhvil Vor 13 Tage
This video makes me want a Ural more than any other bike!
shuaibvp Vor 13 Tage
Dude the production quality
Greg Garmin
Greg Garmin Vor 13 Tage
I had the pleasure? of working on a Urinal. Thought I stepped into the Twilight Zone.
steve zorn
steve zorn Vor 13 Tage
Funny and enjoyable. Keep it up.
John Dyer
John Dyer Vor 13 Tage
Love Ryan chucking his smartphone into the sidecar at the end, opting instead to just enjoy the moment.
Maksim Tarasov
Maksim Tarasov Vor 13 Tage
Oh man, your video it's like drop of vodka on my sneezing soviet soul!
raglanheuser Vor 14 Tage
but how is it as a solo :D
Nick Warren
Nick Warren Vor 14 Tage
Absolutely sublime and then some!!! The best-produced, funniest and quirkiest video I've seen on bikes in ages. 11 out of 10. Legend!! I haven't laughed like this in ages.
Leadership for Kids
Leadership for Kids Vor 14 Tage
Well done vid! Hats off to the team!
Levi M
Levi M Vor 14 Tage
Hunt for Ural-tober at modo-mudpuddle crossing, Bret Tkacs cameo, very nice 👌
Сергей Дёмин
Сергей Дёмин Vor 15 Tage
6.03 - Прослезился ;)
Кирилл Красный
Кирилл Красный Vor 15 Tage
лучший обзор на урал!!!
Darryl Owen
Darryl Owen Vor 15 Tage
I had a Urnal Tourist about 15 years ago. It broke down constantly. It's was nothing but a turd. Then the motor self-destructed at about 1500 miles. It was an absolute waste time and money, and I feel sorry for any poor sucker who buys one of the pitiful excuses for a motorcycle.
Dinar Isayev
Dinar Isayev Vor 15 Tage
You are great pronouncing pizdetz.It was top.Take care of yourself.
cobblerama Vor 15 Tage
Seventeen thousand dollars for that?! wtf?! They used to be like 3900. And the side car was less than a couple grand. Jesus h Christ.
Simon Hempsall
Simon Hempsall Vor 15 Tage
Superb film quality, and as always, it’s like watching a top movie, amazing
Paul Bordelon
Paul Bordelon Vor 16 Tage
So great! How did you get those areal shots...drone? Anyone else wants Ural now?!
Кое Как
Кое Как Vor 16 Tage
Greetings from Russia!Thank you for such a good review of our motorcycle,I myself had one from my grandfather,the reliable thing still goes and catches the surprised faces of people on the roads: ))
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques Vor 16 Tage
Bravo comrade! Ussr is proud of you. Btw, so well prepared and filmed video, like small movie.
chewyland live
chewyland live Vor 17 Tage
Cheers from Bulgaria, as a person who has lived in Vancouver for 25 years these videos are incredible.
Steven Womack
Steven Womack Vor 17 Tage
You have the best job in the world...
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez Vor 17 Tage
This was one of the best videos I've seen on the Ural and on DEshow. Really great job!
Maverick Toby Keith Ortiz
Maverick Toby Keith Ortiz Vor 19 Tage
The video editing is superbly grandeur than mother Russia herself..
Ron White
Ron White Vor 20 Tage
THE best channel on t'Tube. Ryan makes me proud to be Russian.......and I'm English. Blyat!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Vor 24 Tage
OMG! The best motorcycle video ever!!!
Aidar Samudinov
Aidar Samudinov Vor 24 Tage
My grandpa has 2 of them.
Kizz NoLastName
Kizz NoLastName Vor 24 Tage
And you do motorbikes... Man you are capable of so much more. Hope you find what you are looking for, because your work, is excellent.
Shany Ménard
Shany Ménard Vor 24 Tage
Holly molly, I don't have a motorbike, I don't plan to have one but your videos are so epic that I can only subscribe to your channel !!
grant mitchell
grant mitchell Vor 25 Tage
Good work Comrade.
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales Vor 25 Tage
What an amazing video, maybe the best of your channel!
MrPotatochips4 Vor 28 Tage
"To speak it's language is to stare down heinous quirky build quality, and translate that into laughs" Like watching US government drive economy into mental institution.
Paul Barriscale
Paul Barriscale Vor 28 Tage
Отличный обзор, товарищ. Люблю свой выбор фоновой музыки тоже.
iSim0641 Vor 28 Tage
Felt like watching a Wes Anderson short film. Loved it.
jbremeno Vor 29 Tage
Best video ever.
Brian Sands
Brian Sands Vor 29 Tage
So, a Ural is like the TVR of motorcycles. No two are the same.
mike grice
mike grice Vor 29 Tage
i want one
Graham Millar
Graham Millar Vor Monat
When I lived in the UK in the 70s I met a chap who actually bought one of these things. It came with a 2x2x2 CRATE with tools and spares. The machine was horrific. The bores were > .004 oval, it leaked like a witch, the carb was useless and the wheels were out of alignment. That was just the start. This fella took the whole bloody thing to bits, rebuilt the entire machine to proper standards (including machining the PTO for the third wheel). When he finished a year later it was the best bike he EVER rode. Reliable, brutally tough (he took it over the Brenner Pass in Feb}. Never gave a hint of a problem Just goes to show don't it ? My wife wants one, but Her Ladyship will require a heater ! She who must be Obeyed. Excellent video, complete with the Russian Anthem
killgora1 Vor Monat
I want one. I don't know if I will ever be able to afford one, but I want one.
Mohammad Ebrahim
Mohammad Ebrahim Vor Monat
The best short-film i've watched in a while.
Lucas Erickson
Lucas Erickson Vor Monat
That looks like it was shot at Evan's Creek ORV park in WA state. And the nuclear generator towers were WA too!
JimWakable Vor Monat
"I am sweating like capitalist pig"... LOL! Funniest thing I have heard all week...
ilprep630 Vor Monat
Holy crap! Great review, Great video! Thank you!
Omar Sandoval
Omar Sandoval Vor Monat
guaauuuuu un cross over
Fabowski Kaboski
Fabowski Kaboski Vor Monat
The older ones have differentials, truly amazing
Soviet Toaster 1984
Soviet Toaster 1984 Vor Monat
constanly disrupts with own ideas yes comrad
Othmane ammisse
Othmane ammisse Vor Monat
You sir, single-handedly made enter into motorcycles world to overcome my depression .... Really thank you.
Vova Sava
Vova Sava Vor Monat
you should know that there is Ural with all weels drive, so it can be 3x3 :)
Transylvania Customs
Transylvania Customs Vor Monat
the amount of work invested in these videos is mind-blowing...
Yogurt Lurker
Yogurt Lurker Vor Monat
Feels like im watching a wes andersen film
D L Vor Monat
The ural is the most loved and most hated bike....by the same people. The car of choice for bipolar riders. I think it’s beautiful, personally. Wish a motorcycle company would take over manufacturing it.
nope Vor Monat
10,000km scheduled catastrophic failure XD
Moment Master
Moment Master Vor Monat
Dashcam joke was killer
PAUL S Vor Monat
As an ex member of the Australian Russian Motorcycle Owners Assoc. I can say the newer bikes are much better than the 1974 Dnepr 650 I had in the eighties but I can remember many miles covered well, the times it stopped proceeding and the road side fun had. We looked down on Urals from the other factory with their cast iron heads as we had modern aluminium in ours..... the same Al that came out of the diff in liquid form when you serviced it :) PS I think only left hand drive countries get the two wheel drive version.
im gay woah
im gay woah Vor Monat
Me and the boys at 3 am:
Amazing Jepoy
Amazing Jepoy Vor Monat
In the philippines tricycles are one of THE MOST DANGEROUS vehicles youll see. Especially riding in the mountains.. When we see one far far away its time to slow down. They wont give a shit if u get hit when they do theyre quick af u turns or theyl try to beat you pulling out. Absolutley hate those things. Number of friends already got into an accident with these 3 wheel deathtraps. Or atleast the dumbass tricycle riders.
Marco Fragoso
Marco Fragoso Vor Monat
I hope you will visit Portugal on your rides
DuFF90INF Vor Monat
"Wow this is epic!..Did you ever think youd get YOUR bike up here?" - "Nah nah nah...this is OUR bike." 🤣 Communism.
Lil' Jawn
Lil' Jawn Vor Monat
I bought a Ural once. I rode it 25 miles home and had a catastrophic engine failure. I spent a year fixing it and once I got it running, the ignition system went out 4 miles later. I ended up selling it. I've never loved a motorcycle as much as that one. I'll buy another some day.
Benny Hughes
Benny Hughes Vor Monat
Ryan how long have you smoked ? you look like a natural
Dom Vor Monat
How are these on highways? I take it it's not meant to go 85mph all day?
Dieter MacPherson
Dieter MacPherson Vor Monat
Someone has been inspired by Wes Anderson with that colour correction and intro :D
Barney Go
Barney Go Vor Monat
Thanks for the “Sweating like a Capitalist Pig...” So appropriate as he dons the Russian headdress and the Anthem kicks in .... well done. I’m still laughing at the entire video. Thanks for so much knowledge and entertainment.... Cheers!!
Jason Tauber
Jason Tauber Vor Monat
I'd watch you present a box of macaroni
Nicholas Gurr
Nicholas Gurr Vor Monat
What is the music in the beginning called?
SocialTransmission Vor Monat
"In Soviet Russia, bike ride you" Ryan F9
C Warren
C Warren Vor Monat
Outstanding and entertaining review. Adding that touch of history along with the music pushed this one over the top. WELL DONE!
790 AdventureR
790 AdventureR Vor Monat
Great review! I have the sister bike, the Ukranian Dnepr 2wd sidecar, which does have a diff (and a few less horsepower and drum brakes). Easier to turn, but not as capable off-road. Hilariously scary at any speed.
Somesh Jaiswal
Somesh Jaiswal Vor Monat
3:34 when you hear Bella Ciao 🤩
Dcxplant Vor Monat
Geiger counter sound was priceless! I've owned a Ural Gear Up for several years... It's my favourite motorcycle I've owned.
Evan Underhill
Evan Underhill Vor Monat
If Wes Anderson directed a Soviet themed sidecar review.... I don't think it would be as good as this
y Kevin
y Kevin Vor Monat
Haha tricycles with makeshift sidecars can do anything, go anywhere here in Philippines! I use one to cary 7 to 8 cavan of rice, each cavan is 50kg pretty good for a 125cc honda tmx! 😂
SpeedyCotton55 Vor Monat
My dog and I had one of these for about 2 years. Best fun ever. Wish I had one when I was single, dog and sidecar is a chick magnet.
HellsSgt Vor Monat
Did I just watch a Hollywood movie quality review....for free !! Well 2020 is not that bad after all. Good job guys.
sergey 7
sergey 7 Vor Monat
This shit is just a copy of BMW's war years🤣🤣🤣.
smackroscoe Vor Monat
I want one...NOW!
Borodinsky Vor Monat
Можете закрывать эти ваши интернеты. Теперь я видел всё 😅
Вадим Vor Monat
Первое что надо выучить прежде чем садиться на УРАЛ это русский мат. Как выучил, все, дальше как по маслу пойдет знакомство с техникой )
Rob Pinter
Rob Pinter Vor Monat
Fantastic....my next bike when I retire perhaps.....I like the old school design......."If it's broke...don't fix it"
røb Vor Monat
After 2 mins I stopped the video and saved it in my watch later folder. I’m gonna put it on the big screen to watch and enjoy
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