Ural Motorcycle Review - Our Best Sidecar

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As a couple capitalist pigs, it's hard to understand Ural. Who would buy a sidecar? Why? Are they expensive, unreliable and exhausting to drive... or more? Let's find out!
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N Vor 13 Stunden
I like the bike, it doesn't look two tired
Manie Redelinghuys
Manie Redelinghuys Vor 20 Stunden
I also own a Russian motorcycle, called a Minsk with a 175cc 2 stroke 4 speed engine😂😂😂 the engineering on these bikes are super weird, for example the gear lever shaft runs inside the klick starter shaft, the sprocket sits on the right hand side and has a hole in the middle where the clutch disengage pin sits, the clutch mechanism is build into the sprocket cover to push on this pin when the lever is pulled😅
Steve Larson
Steve Larson Vor Tag
Paul Duncan
Paul Duncan Vor Tag
How did they defeat the Germans in WW2?
STER Gaming
STER Gaming Vor 2 Tage
If you own this motorcycle, I'm sorry comrade. It is not _YOUR_ motorcycle, it is _OUR_ motorcycle.
Hawg Hunter
Hawg Hunter Vor 3 Tage
Its so close to urinal
Евлампий Гадский
Евлампий Гадский Vor 3 Tage
Such motorcycle has never been produced in Russia, the factory is bought by the United States and produces other motorcycles under the stolen brand, the real uranium is known only in Russia.
PAUL Sutton
PAUL Sutton Vor 3 Tage
Would love a Ural combination for winters here 😁
68404 Vor 3 Tage
That Russian National anthem. I love it so much. The sad thing about Urals in Australia is our chair is on the other side, therefore we don't get the 2 wheel drive. So they have become overpriced useless eunuchs; denied their chance at doing what they were born to do.
TacoMan Vor 3 Tage
thats the sidecar point there has to be aperson in the sidecar for better riding
Назар Колонтирський
Назар Колонтирський Vor 4 Tage
Keep rewatching this masterpiece
sameer ajgaonkar
sameer ajgaonkar Vor 7 Tage
Simply awesome team Fortnine .. Great production value , Great story telling , great camera , great direction ... And top of that .. No nonsense next level content ....! You are raising the benchmark so high ...! And match it every single time ..!! Respect ...! Keep it up Ryan .. Stay blessed ..
Edward Frenn Mariano
Edward Frenn Mariano Vor 8 Tage
Meanwhile, Philippines love sidecars so much, literally every house has one.
Maurice Tremblay
Maurice Tremblay Vor 9 Tage
Smilling Puppet
Smilling Puppet Vor 9 Tage
This should be a ural ad
Юрий Кринский
Юрий Кринский Vor 10 Tage
Fun to watch from the Post-Soviet Russia )
Paul Vor 10 Tage
Ryan , great video, from u-tuber to filmmaker, it made me feel all patriotic for the Soviet Union and I’ve never been there. The underwater sc
Brown Hound
Brown Hound Vor 11 Tage
The artistic touches you add to your videos are a great touch, and you have really outdone yourself with this one. Everyone enjoyed this one particularly the water crossing!
Lord Jock
Lord Jock Vor 11 Tage
It looks so bloody cold
R A Vor 11 Tage
Artem S
Artem S Vor 11 Tage
Спасибо, товарищ Фортдевять!
UnclearFizzyCyst Vor 12 Tage
Nice to see the Ribbentrop history get a nod, rather than the cover story :)
- Vor 12 Tage
Comes with Utility Shovel, saving you $3.
Jay Goldberg
Jay Goldberg Vor 13 Tage
Lol the BMW dismount immediately gave away Bret Tkacs
Sergei Serdyuk
Sergei Serdyuk Vor 14 Tage
Good humor and attitude but a great talent in video production is above it all.
John Cavar
John Cavar Vor 14 Tage
Shut box ? I’ve seen one new Quality is not so well ....🤓😶
John Cavar
John Cavar Vor 14 Tage
Shit box
instaquant Vor 14 Tage
Alex Lukashev
Alex Lukashev Vor 15 Tage
Flite or Fight
Flite or Fight Vor 16 Tage
What are the first two songs used in this review?
jim wortham
jim wortham Vor 19 Tage
Thanks for video looks like fun been inviting many many years almost finished turning wrenches if Honda made such an animal with stand online to buy
Armin Scharlach
Armin Scharlach Vor 19 Tage
I have seen plenty of Fortnine videos now and not a single one was any less than „great“... but this one is EPIC! 👍👍👍
Geoff Boxell
Geoff Boxell Vor 19 Tage
I had one in the 70s and it was a lot less sophisticated to this. I still have a Ural sidecar, but it is now attached to a Triumph Trident.
雷欧在法国 Vor 20 Tage
I totally lost it when he says: in Soviet Russia, bike rides you lol
Eyal Vardi
Eyal Vardi Vor 20 Tage
BBC must take you under their wings, you create such amazing episodes, so much wisdom so much talent, you have capabilities to make history and nature films never seen before...
Harry Haller
Harry Haller Vor 20 Tage
I had one in 1977. Came with plough attachment (useful for lugging bundles of firewood) , and enough spares to rebuild it in the event of it breaking in the middle of Siberia, all wrapped up in waxed brown paper - valves, guides, piston rings, bearings inside and out, dynamo brushes, spokes, gear shift return springs, carb innards, cables, tyre levers... The manual was an unintentional comic masterpiece, decipherable only to those who already had years of oil under their fingernails. Absolute hoot as long as you treated it as a pet and didn't rely on it for daily transport. We left my mate's dog in the chair as security when we were out on manoeuvres...not that there was much risk of it being stolen as it was pretty conspicuous and just too weird for the local bike crims. Your vid so very accurately captures the full flavour of the ownership experience, top marks.
Ilya Cibko
Ilya Cibko Vor 21 Tag
1:33 the fake "russian dashcam" clip had me explode with laughter. okh nikhuya syebe! :D
Bruce Poindexter
Bruce Poindexter Vor 22 Tage
Your videos are incredibly entertaining! Great job!
Michael Griffith
Michael Griffith Vor 23 Tage
I just signed the papers for one, Should get it in about a week, I bought it so I can take my Disabled Son for rides....
tzarbg123 Vor 24 Tage
4:48 :D
thekevinager Vor 25 Tage
can we just appreachiate ryan proving that soviet stuff is awesome, despite it being shit?
Vince Bautista
Vince Bautista Vor 25 Tage
Lol Trust me its not hard to drive a Tricycle, i have learned and driven from it using a 150 cc Honda TMX.
SpeedFireARL Vor 25 Tage
"полезная лопата" )))
SpeedFireARL Vor 25 Tage
тебя смотрят как тут, так и в переводе))
Dom Mecca
Dom Mecca Vor 25 Tage
Nice video! You are great!
I always love your videos. :-) They are not only very informative, but also very fun to watch. Thx for that.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen Vor 28 Tage
An excellent review! Will never buy one but, did enjoy the video!
Jethro Bronner
Jethro Bronner Vor Monat
Jokes about communism aren't funny unless everybody gets them.
Cody Allen
Cody Allen Vor Monat
I get so much joy from your videos. I'm just commenting to say the quality of your videos is unbelievable. As long as you keep making videos, I'll keep watching them.
Imkong Toshi
Imkong Toshi Vor Monat
Is there side stand??
O. L.
O. L. Vor Monat
Top shelf content
Konstantinos Kapralos
Konstantinos Kapralos Vor Monat
This was not your review Ryan, this was OUR review.
Bob Vedder
Bob Vedder Vor Monat
Really a good video! Riding my Ural Patrol is a mild upper body workout.
zachary zathros Parnassus
zachary zathros Parnassus Vor Monat
great video nicely done i want one but not in Russia i cant speak Russian. lol
abdul abdanahib
abdul abdanahib Vor Monat
Не важно
Brett Barnes
Brett Barnes Vor Monat
Did you get this from the guys at old vintage cranks? Those guys are the best.
David S
David S Vor Monat
I hear they come with 2 AK-47s. Did you find them?
nyetloki Vor Monat
Never change F9. Never change comrade.
Maureen Hummel
Maureen Hummel Vor Monat
ROFLMAO! Loved this video! What a cool machine.
Kasie Clark
Kasie Clark Vor Monat
Thought about putting a sidecar on my hayabusa
Ernesto Golli
Ernesto Golli Vor Monat
Canada sucks. This show is the only thing that country has.
P Dee
P Dee Vor Monat
If the petrol station is closed, Ural will run good on Vodka. Driver run excellent on vodka.
Stehfree Jesseah
Stehfree Jesseah Vor Monat
I want one!
Unplug your life
Unplug your life Vor Monat
He looks a bit like those Russian kids that has been raised up by his babushka, and she has only feeding him nothing but blini all day.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow Vor Monat
Odd that Russia looks strangely like the frozen hell of Canada, and that if ever that any vodka was ever put in the tank, that a Canadian would probably try a Molson... eh.
smarba1 Vor Monat
I drove a Ural Taiga daily through 3 canadian winters while my harley hibernated in the garage...what a hoot!!
Mark Allen
Mark Allen Vor Monat
One of your best videos ! Very entertaining and informative !
Jeffrey Stroman
Jeffrey Stroman Vor Monat
Ok, thank you, just thank you.
Dylan Knouse
Dylan Knouse Vor Monat
Bruh he in Chernobyl
TheGearhead222 Vor Monat
Learning to drive a sidecar rig is easy-it's the mnt. that's a PITA!:(-John in Texas
Ultra Jubular
Ultra Jubular Vor Monat
Tiger800 XCx
Tiger800 XCx Vor Monat
This was THOROUGHLY entertaining.
Seconds sweep!
Seconds sweep! Vor Monat
Wrong attire, you must wear Adidas.
Ian Mrozewski
Ian Mrozewski Vor Monat
Ryan needs motorcycles to be able to have the same feeling of freedom and speed that most people get by being able to run. (Great video, great channel)
Rafa Vor Monat
this is a soviet crap!
Darren Vincent
Darren Vincent Vor Monat
You guys are the best. You know exactly how to make someone's day!!! Keep up the good work :)
JoE 420
JoE 420 Vor Monat
Blyat! Not true Russian 🇷🇺 ride with out 🐻Bear in sidecar.
Qasim Chaudhary
Qasim Chaudhary Vor Monat
The most insane drivers are found in Russia
Vladimir Nersesov
Vladimir Nersesov Vor Monat
How can I like it one more time?)))
potempb Vor Monat
You should have said Sowiet-German not Sowiet-Nazi
Dunlop Kuhmo II
Dunlop Kuhmo II Vor Monat
Nick Gale
Nick Gale Vor Monat
I'm disappointed, not one shot of the real reason anyone gets a sidecar. Where were the dogs! and the Doggles!
n0xx Vor Monat
The People's sidecar.
Al Nothere
Al Nothere Vor Monat
Even this one, bad copy of BMW.... Have the Russians invented themselves anything at all?
Phredo Cassera
Phredo Cassera Vor Monat
Miles on a Ural are like Dog years on man’s best friend... Sadly taking an exponential toll on both man and beast, leading to heartbreak, sadness and a deep depression only diminished by the slow passage of time.
David Mercury
David Mercury Vor Monat
very high quality and relax video
Gorf Vor Monat
This video is so fucking amazing holy shit
ChessMeister Vor Monat
So, most of the bad press about this bike I can find is from 7ish years ago. Apparently lots and lots of maintenance. Is that still true 2019-2020? I'd like one but...
Gorf Vor Monat
@FortNine what type of maintenance?
FortNine Vor Monat
It's true - don't buy a Ural if you don't like wrenching. ~RF9
Ari Seeber
Ari Seeber Vor Monat
I’m not sure how much money you’re getting for this, but I’m sure it’s not enough.
John Daltrocanto
John Daltrocanto Vor Monat
Where is this? It's beautiful
Ronnie Jay Miguel
Ronnie Jay Miguel Vor Monat
In the Philippines, we have trike patrol and bar none! This is the best tricycle a person could ride
Doc Detroit
Doc Detroit Vor Monat
If it wasn't for the Germans NO URAL
Eric Marsh
Eric Marsh Vor Monat
Kinda makes me want one, but not at that price. Seems like the perfect bike for putting around on a Sunday. Possibly too wide for some of our smaller Spanish roads though.
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones Vor Monat
why does this video make me want to spend $20k on a bike that was designed 80 years ago and built on trade for dehydrated soup, lol!?
Да Vor Monat
11/10 мне бы такой мотоцикл
Konrad Harla
Konrad Harla Vor Monat
I've gotta say, this may be one of my favorite videos on youtube
Df Vor Monat
От бездока) Шикарный обзор!
Vanargand Vor Monat
To bad they are so god dam expensive
Seathal Vor Monat
jasbir183g Vor Monat
This guy need his own Netflix show.
Roberto Aguiar
Roberto Aguiar Vor Monat
Try checking an brazilian Amazonas motorcycle anytime. I'd like to see your video about it.
Vadim Bobov
Vadim Bobov Vor 2 Monate
Our motorcycle comrades!
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