Acne in 60 seconds
Vor 2 years
How to get flexible legs
What's in my dance bag
How to get flexible hips
Bang bang I Cardio Dance
How to do a cartwheel
My 2016 in a minute
How to do a handstand
Middle Split Tutorial
My First Q&A!!
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Paradise in the Desert
My sister’s wedding
After school Ab work out
scary boi
scary boi Vor 4 Minuten
Day 1!
dimpledhope Vor 10 Minuten
I don’t have acne but I have a lot of scars from picking at pimples, scrubbing too hard and from chicken pox. My pores are quite visible, I have freckles that make it look more textured and I used to hate it. But I’m grateful for the fact that my skin no longer breaks out or produces pimples like it did. It might not be perfect but I’ve learnt to accept it as a thing I have.
Rebekah Faith
Rebekah Faith Vor 15 Minuten
Two times had my friend pointed out and said so very rudely " oh you have something right there on your face. It's like a pimple." Like she's telling me something I don't know, I tell her "yes, I know that, it's acne." but I still question why some people are so, so, SO very rude... Like, can you just be more polite and mature up? Ugh, I guess the best thing to do is just ignore it, oh and p.s the friend has clear skin...
jojo juice
jojo juice Vor 19 Minuten
now this is a content
Madison Callaghan
Madison Callaghan Vor 46 Minuten
It seems like every episode is a cycle of a hard place, a binge, and a "breakthrough" and starting over, and then it all begins again the next episode
Alivia D'Andrea
Alivia D'Andrea Vor 6 Minuten
Yes that was what happened in my real life and I wanted to be transparent with you guys about my journey. This cycle ends in the first episode of season 2
Tashara Lewis
Tashara Lewis Vor 54 Minuten
You don’t understand how much i needed this EXACT video!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
FrenchMoomoo Vor 57 Minuten
It's not a diet problem, it's psychologic problem. The way that you see yourself is the key.
Waffle Popsie
Waffle Popsie Vor Stunde
Your vids are so inspiring. I want to glow up a bit but the thing is that I haven’t found my real self
feather dust
feather dust Vor Stunde
You're so pretty. I love the way you carry yourself, keep it up!
taetae Vor Stunde
I want my face just clear of acne, no need to be glowing like a korean skin, just that, but idk why my acne always came T_T
T. F.
T. F. Vor Stunde
Very nice, remember that Jesus is soon coming back to clean the earth from all bad people. Turn back to Him and let him guide your life. No matter your sexuality, race or ethnicity. He is open-armed, waiting for you. Stay blessed 💜
T. F.
T. F. Vor Stunde
Very nice, remember that Jesus is soon coming back to clean the earth from all bad people. Turn back to Him and let him guide your life. No matter your sexuality, race or ethnicity. He is open-armed, waiting for you. Stay blessed 💜
Aimen Ahmad
Aimen Ahmad Vor Stunde
doing this so that i can do flips for fun, i just love it sm, cause i do taekwondo and freestyle poomsae is so cool!
Eeolen Vor Stunde
Use skincare everyday just like me! Mine gones for 3 months phew
Jesus Said Chill
Jesus Said Chill Vor Stunde
I'm afraid of down the up & down on the wall
TikTak Vor Stunde
2:59 gosh you don't need makeup you look amazing
Jesus Said Chill
Jesus Said Chill Vor Stunde
Me: trying to do excercise The ad at the beginning: stop,do not excercise
chez grg
chez grg Vor Stunde
1.Dont use scrubs 2.Dont pop your pimples nor touch them 3.Dont use make up removers 4.Get good sleep 5.Use face wash every day and night (I suggest dove facewash if you have sensitive,rough and oily skin) 6.Dont watch too much screen 7.Rinse your face and body after an workout or if you are sweating a lot 8.Wear baby powder to make your skin dry 9.Don't wipe your skin with tissue paper,instead use a soft towel 10.Don't use others towel,the acne may transfer! 11 . Love yourself for who you are <3
Lilangel Your angel
Lilangel Your angel Vor 2 Stunden
What my family says to me: don't eat oily/fatty food or drinks, that doctor isn't educated listen to us, stop picking your face, you're skin is improving, you're skin got ruined, you're skin got A LOT of acne now, EWWWW, OMG UR FACE!, you're whole body is covered, don't touch me!!! etc.
Tala Ab
Tala Ab Vor 2 Stunden
Ohh I miss Josh and drake🥺😂😂😂
AlexaHasAOreo Vor 2 Stunden
Oki so I’ll tell you what I achieved day by day so today Day 1: I didn’t watch the whole thing...I watch till the wall splits Day 2: I’m struggling with the middle split I’m still doing it now...I’ll tell you when I finish the video
AlexaHasAOreo Vor 2 Minuten
scary boi Thanks!!
scary boi
scary boi Vor 4 Minuten
Keep it up!
Subi Jinadu
Subi Jinadu Vor 2 Stunden
We all gotta remember that your beautiful no matter what even if you think acne has destroyed your face . We are all unique and that's that.
Lisa Roessler
Lisa Roessler Vor 2 Stunden
Literally cried to my mom to help my skin cause some people don't know how your confidence can go down because of acne
atreyeegupta21 Vor 2 Stunden
Radhika parmar
Radhika parmar Vor 3 Stunden
Hey um ' broken crayons still draw' so ummmmm........ I guess you get it🙄😅😅
Nuke_tOxic 77
Nuke_tOxic 77 Vor 3 Stunden
Starting 9th of august
Nuke_tOxic 77
Nuke_tOxic 77 Vor 3 Stunden
Age 16: around 177 to 178 goal height : 6ft wish me luck
Signe Bech Andersen
Signe Bech Andersen Vor 3 Stunden
who else is looking like an idiot trying to do all these positions?
Aadya Seth
Aadya Seth Vor 3 Stunden
6.46 why do your switches look so sad lmao :D
Loro Vor 3 Stunden
Does anyone know what she used to edit the video?
Richa Rollan
Richa Rollan Vor 3 Stunden
since childhood I woke up early because I love the feeling of being ahead of others when all the people re still sleeping and just talking to early rise sun and mild darkness. I'm still like this.
TPWK _HS Vor 3 Stunden
I'm gonna start this from today and I'm gonna come back to update
Hehe 0ops
Hehe 0ops Vor 3 Stunden
Who else is preparing for the second quarantine?
Taskot Bass
Taskot Bass Vor 3 Stunden
I love her
Khalifeh Yasmina
Khalifeh Yasmina Vor 4 Stunden
Am I the only one that ki da cried the. she got accepted to the university ??!
samira ritu
samira ritu Vor 4 Stunden
U are saying the thing which i had kept in mind for a long time...thx a lot dear for this motivation... God bless u....
SandyCheeks Vor 4 Stunden
I never have had bad acne but what i do is three exfoliating scrubs and when im out of the shower i use a skin booster and my sun milk and creme and later at night i wash my face with my scrubs again and apply vaseline to my nose, lips and eyebrows. Then i put skin booster and then aftersun and thats it. Love yourself bc youre beautifull no matter what
Kalina Ilieva
Kalina Ilieva Vor 4 Stunden
I love this video! You created something that not a lot of people do, you are amazing keep on doing what you do! 😊😊❤️❤️
Poonam Giri
Poonam Giri Vor 4 Stunden
I literally feel guilty whenever i c some1 drinking water 💧
Ana .-.
Ana .-. Vor 4 Stunden
even tho i cant handle pain that much im still pushing myself to do what i want to achieve :3
Gem02forever Mclean
Gem02forever Mclean Vor 5 Stunden
I like her
Shion Vor 5 Stunden
I can happily say that after 4 years of heavy acne there is almost none of it left on my face. Only scars, but they will vanish right? :)
strawberré Vor 4 Stunden
maybe, maybe not.
pinkipanda Vor 5 Stunden
omg NTU!! i was just there studying abroad but my program was cut short bc of covid and had to go home to the states :( seeing this video made me miss it so much. real, relatable, content as well. well done!
mscorrine t
mscorrine t Vor 5 Stunden
I just can't binge watch you. Your videos make me feel strong. God did so good with you. You are a great influence on others. Especially on me! 😘
Gyan Irick
Gyan Irick Vor 5 Stunden
I found the right channel for myself
Srii Nithi
Srii Nithi Vor 5 Stunden
Ur beautiful no matter what💖
Lunarxci •
Lunarxci • Vor 5 Stunden
Kpop stans vining to View 4:36
tristan mcwade
tristan mcwade Vor 6 Stunden
eggs aren't vegan but ok
Moodibunni Vor 6 Stunden
Love watching your videos since they’re so inspirational and well made~ I’m currently living in Taipei, so seeing all the familiar sceneries and mrt stations was also very interesting 😆
Petra Uhráková
Petra Uhráková Vor 7 Stunden
It feels like you’re eating/exercising almost compulsively. You’re not enjoying it; you want to get things done. Exercising *should not* be the consequence of your eating. I get that it’s hard and it’s probably this big loop of being in and out of control, but maybe that’s why you keep binging. Loosen up a bit, sweetheart. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 💗 I have a tip for you: when you get a urge to binge on unhealthy food, try to imagine the aftermath. You’re not gonna feel good, your stomach will probably hurt and you will be fatigued. Instead eat a piece of cheese or some fruit and vegetables. This way, you’re both fueling your body and eating something sweet/good for you. Good luck. ✨💗
ItzMira Anueser
ItzMira Anueser Vor 7 Stunden
Its ok its just puberty everybody will have acne maybe theyre done or starting to have acne Remeber everyone has it
Daniel Aponte
Daniel Aponte Vor 7 Stunden
Your beautiful
Bhumika I don't use my last name
Bhumika I don't use my last name Vor 7 Stunden
I m a cow milk person
Black Moonshine
Black Moonshine Vor 8 Stunden
Just let me say this, you are SO strong don't forget that
Tinsi Jayesh
Tinsi Jayesh Vor 8 Stunden
Am I the only one who read pie in 01:40 instead of pleasure 🤦
XxBrokenSkyxX Vor 8 Stunden
0:29 I thought I was getting a fistbump :(
Bol.olivier 101
Bol.olivier 101 Vor 8 Stunden
61 seconds you had it wrong😠
美しい残酷な世界 Vor 8 Stunden
I have 1 older sister. Growing up, I have always had hundred of freckles on my face and a lot of acne. I've always been insecure about it, and even though I take care of my skin, people would always tell me to wash my face, or protect my skin with sunscreen, etc. In general, I just hated my physical appearance. Whereas my sister would get thousands of compliments on how pretty she was, how clear her skin was, how talented she was at everything, and how kind and funny she was. I tried to work harder to improve myself mentally and physically, but I could never reach her in anything. I fell into and endless spiral of being afraid to go outside in fear of people even looking at me. People judging me. No matter how hard I tried, looking in the mirror almost brought me to tears. I'd never wear my hair up, because I had an issue with my forehead and hairline too. Everything was hard on me, and my sister and I fought a lot when we were younger, and she'd avoid me. Of course, we grew closer during our teen years, but I still nagged myself unconsciously. I still have these feelings, but hearing everyone's stories has given me hope and made me feel like I'm not alone. To everyone struggling, all I have to say is regardless of what you've been told or led to believe, *you are beautiful.* You may think I'm just saying that, but beauty isn't and *shouldn't* always be defined by how clear you skin is, the shape of your features, your jawline, your size, your shape, your hair. It's defined by YOU. It's defined by the kind of person you are. Help others when you are struggling to help yourself. Smile. Be strong, and love yourself! You only have one life, one face, so we need to all take care of ourselves together!
Star Dust
Star Dust Vor 9 Stunden
People could like do over ten and I can barely do 2
Live Hennie
Live Hennie Vor 9 Stunden
I’m gonna binge all the episodes heh..