DarksXy Vor Minute
moriah: very ugly striky stripes... *looks down a bowl of stingy cheese* me: :/
Storm The Pony
Storm The Pony Vor 2 Minuten
I am addicted to baking these... XD
Anything in Emma world
Anything in Emma world Vor 2 Minuten
mimi's lifestyle
mimi's lifestyle Vor 2 Minuten
Pls subscribe
clil sudarsky
clil sudarsky Vor 2 Minuten
Can you call the monkey cupy
Anything in Emma world
Anything in Emma world Vor 2 Minuten
The puppy’s name should be juicyyyy🥺🥺
Amelia Wąsik
Amelia Wąsik Vor 3 Minuten
Culd i send over squishues kuz i have sestroyed them 🤣🤣
kaylee gacha girl
kaylee gacha girl Vor 3 Minuten
Francesca Di Cesare
Francesca Di Cesare Vor 3 Minuten
The dad drawing and the illegal stuff made me laugh so hard
Bhaswati Vor 4 Minuten
The tracing paper is called carbon paper
Animal Crossing Alice
Animal Crossing Alice Vor 4 Minuten
Wait whaaaaaat?! I never knew you were married I thought that Jordan was you boyfriend 😂😂 sorry my bad
Ellie White
Ellie White Vor 5 Minuten
Thank you for opening my box moriah
thatarmyxx Vor 5 Minuten
I hate how the orange part of the rainbow does not have any stars
Alva Brennan
Alva Brennan Vor 5 Minuten
I actually struggle with art in general so when you say your art is bad I just.. I- I'm surprised
I maceofthecase I
I maceofthecase I Vor 6 Minuten
Moriah Saying Slut? That- That exists??
Molly Cijffers
Molly Cijffers Vor 6 Minuten
For the Dalmatian Molly or Bella or Flo
Mihaela Rusu
Mihaela Rusu Vor 7 Minuten
I love it oal
Henrietta Poulton
Henrietta Poulton Vor 7 Minuten
I've watched every single one of Moriahs vids until I saw this 😮
Witchehdy Vor 9 Minuten
BEE seclusion BEE stick
Aamna Akram
Aamna Akram Vor 11 Minuten
Who saw squishy ghost in Eustace shoe
lijo Jacob
lijo Jacob Vor 12 Minuten
Upload more upload more!! 😊😊
Gay Bin Chicken
Gay Bin Chicken Vor 12 Minuten
Name suggestions: Apple ( I don’t know why), daisy, Delilah, sprout, or chibi
Nicole Algoso
Nicole Algoso Vor 13 Minuten
Fun fact... I didn't searched this, and it's just in my recommendation
amber Fourie
amber Fourie Vor 13 Minuten
Moriah:"introducing.... MUSCLE CHICKEN" Me: "laughing my head off"
LuLu Armiger
LuLu Armiger Vor 14 Minuten
2019oh my god this is like the best day 2020 I just want to crawl in a hole and sleep until the world ends jk 😉😂
Holly Staines
Holly Staines Vor 14 Minuten
who thinks that Mariah should make her own squishy kit I would buy 1000000000000 if she did
DarksXy Vor 14 Minuten
oh mah geesh you should totally paint that box with the shells in :o
Daniyah Norden
Daniyah Norden Vor 15 Minuten
Why i suddenly remenber the *Macacake* ?
Eshaal Fatima
Eshaal Fatima Vor 15 Minuten
TheNarwalQueen Vor 16 Minuten
Dont feel bad about your shoe size I'm in a side 9.5 and I'm 12 😅
Lucia McArdle
Lucia McArdle Vor 16 Minuten
The other two containers should be pineapple and lemon
Ashutosh Mohanty
Ashutosh Mohanty Vor 18 Minuten
your keyboard cover is sooo cool
Jessica Barratt
Jessica Barratt Vor 19 Minuten
I think u should make a gorgie plushy
IzHaley Gacha
IzHaley Gacha Vor 20 Minuten
The people that got her homade Squsies 👁👄👁
Irish Galang
Irish Galang Vor 21 Minute
She's left handed :0 **realizes i'm left handed too** 😰
Song Nari
Song Nari Vor 23 Minuten
Bob the Gypsy Cob
Bob the Gypsy Cob Vor 26 Minuten
PLs do another 5 min craft vid- they are assume!
mandy Vor 27 Minuten
Baby dragons are called Whelps. So, Whelpy the Puppy.
Avani Robinson
Avani Robinson Vor 27 Minuten
i just realised moriah has more subscribers than leah ashe!
Silvia Gaspar
Silvia Gaspar Vor 28 Minuten
I like the intro
Melanie Scougall
Melanie Scougall Vor 30 Minuten
Pippo or pip for short! Love your Videos! <3
Eva Lim
Eva Lim Vor 31 Minute
My teacher: If you own a cat, the cat owns you.
Chanikant Boonma
Chanikant Boonma Vor 31 Minute
Can you plz do more thrift store mack over @moriah elizebeth
BELAL Ahmed Vor 31 Minute
Why does she sound like a little kid?
Isla Hughes
Isla Hughes Vor 31 Minute
Moriah can u ppppppllllllllllzzzzz do the giant peach squishy in ur next squishy makeover. btw ilysm and it would honestly mean the world to me if u replied i know u wont but im just saying for if u see this ( u probs wont but oh well ) honestly ur so funny and aamazing at art
KB OwO Vor 32 Minuten
“Half and half” **Weed mode on** ShOtO
Irish Galang
Irish Galang Vor 33 Minuten
Tahira Haider
Tahira Haider Vor 33 Minuten
Made a poem for especially you Moriah! Hope you like it ♥️ M-oon light I saw was very bright and light. O-ther then that all was right. R-iver flows in front of mountains every day and night. I-nside there were fishes big and small. A-ll of them were like shiny balls. H-appy ending was all I saw. Lastly I want to say I am 13 years old and all of your videos and very funny and cool.. I would love to have a heart ❤️
Lucia McArdle
Lucia McArdle Vor 33 Minuten
I like the Rubix’s cube idea it sounds really cool
lizzywizzy Vor 34 Minuten
you should make a celebrity squishy so u have to paint a squishy that look like a celebrity
Charlotte lewis
Charlotte lewis Vor 34 Minuten
Thick THICK! Get it right
Abbie Stephenson
Abbie Stephenson Vor 35 Minuten
Song Nari
Song Nari Vor 35 Minuten
Jennifer Weikel 6 Bårslövs skola
Jennifer Weikel 6 Bårslövs skola Vor 35 Minuten
I like the New one instead of the old one to be honest
Aida Smith
Aida Smith Vor 37 Minuten
Moriah: “it’s a fun time”! Me: hehehahaha that was funny! Also me: replays it thousands of times…
KittyCornFan101 Vor 38 Minuten
1 year later and that baby’s head is still in the thrift store
Camille Laugere
Camille Laugere Vor 38 Minuten
Omg this is so different to her now 🤦‍♀️
Angelina Saenz
Angelina Saenz Vor 38 Minuten
It's so cute ☺😘🤣
Greta Jodaugaite
Greta Jodaugaite Vor 38 Minuten
Who's here from 2020 ?
athenatizzy mar mar
athenatizzy mar mar Vor 38 Minuten
I think her name should be Chloe
Just a fluff
Just a fluff Vor 38 Minuten
i know almost nobody is gonna see this, but i have a little story! story: i live in ireland, and for my holidays i went to a place in cork called "cobh" (my grandad owns a house there, so i didnt have to stay in a hotel) its great there, it has an indoor swimming pool, a rocky beach, and memories! but theres one downside; theres no wifi. (i dont have data) so imagine living for 2 weeks in a different house with no wifi. now imagine the relief i felt when we turn on the wifi and all my 10000000 notifications come rushing in. i got home yesterday, and dear god is wifi the best thing since sliced bread. (sorry if you read all of this, i have a problem, i know)
amelia loves warriors!
amelia loves warriors! Vor 38 Minuten
speackals is a perfect name for the doggie also i love ur vids!!!!!
Sunny Zuna
Sunny Zuna Vor 39 Minuten
Hi Moriah! I recently just found your channel! You have got a new subscriber 👌👌👌👌 (Maybe you should paint a picture frame,if that is already a video,I'm more than ready to click on it)
It’s Wera
It’s Wera Vor 39 Minuten
I decided to check your Channel out because Jackie always talks about you and you were in my recommended so I was like "you know what? Why not" and honestly no regrets imma binge watch this channel
Banana Random
Banana Random Vor 40 Minuten
She says she has big feet but I'm in middle school and I can fit a 10 and a half. 🤨😆
savanna beshi
savanna beshi Vor 40 Minuten
Wait it's a Pegasus
Bianca Mihalache
Bianca Mihalache Vor 40 Minuten
I dare you to give me a heart😃😃 If you want of course😍😘😗😙☺ Btw the alpaca you decorated looked like the Romanian flag a little bit but it was upside down
murad oahid
murad oahid Vor 40 Minuten
clil sudarsky
clil sudarsky Vor 41 Minute
The shoes look amazing