Bruhè _
Bruhè _ Vor 9 Stunden
In 2022 theres gonna be squadrons 2 with all 3 eras
Emrys Aylar
Emrys Aylar Vor 10 Stunden
the 1.7k dislikes are haxion brood
Ol Wulfy
Ol Wulfy Vor 10 Stunden
Finally bringing back the war in the stars
Stephanie Loverde
Stephanie Loverde Vor 10 Stunden
Nothing from the sequel trilogy.... Disney is learning their lesson and listening to fans
R. K.
R. K. Vor 10 Stunden
Those 79k likes are the fools thinking EA is bringing a good game for a change.
Player54ug Vor 10 Stunden
Man I wish battlefront 2 added the infiltration game mode and the hero’s. It’s not as fun as battlefront 2015 scarif :P
MR Dimitri
MR Dimitri Vor 10 Stunden
LIsten ea i want my battlefront 2 back ok i dont wanna pay again after i purchase the game .ea im 8 years old and all i can play is the beta game /arcade the beta version do you know how much children that got heartbroken because of you so make battlefront2 free please 😭😭😭
Alona Jost
Alona Jost Vor 11 Stunden
I wish there was a translation from this song. Shooog!Shoooog! Huuu!Huuuuu!Huuu!🤟🤟🤟
Levin Vor 11 Stunden
Why is the Link from the EA Hompeage (deshow.info/watch/OzrxBO91NXY/video.html) The Chinese unlisted Version of Hunted?
Retro Demos
Retro Demos Vor 11 Stunden
More cg please EA
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera Vor 11 Stunden
Why Developers think a Women voice is better? (Cuz of this Virgin nerds..) *NO* a deep men voice is much better muuch better!
Андрей Тихонов
Андрей Тихонов Vor 11 Stunden
Ну да, вместо того чтобы сделать нормальный Battlefront с бесшовными наземными и космическими битвами, будем лепить всё отдельно за Full Price.
The Exiled Draco
The Exiled Draco Vor 11 Stunden
*For the Empire!!*
Matthew Marvel
Matthew Marvel Vor 11 Stunden
Such a shame that they stopped live service. This game was and had been really starting to go somewhere.
Jon Preston
Jon Preston Vor 11 Stunden
So, ties can just reprogram enemy torpedoes and missiles to go after their launchers then?
Autob Lader
Autob Lader Vor 11 Stunden
1:32 IS THAT IDEN VERSIO???!!!! 😍
PixeliteMC Vor 11 Stunden
Fahking rebel.
Poganiacz Kroow
Poganiacz Kroow Vor 11 Stunden
So maybe 2020 will not be that bad. Awesome trailer!
FoamyNaomi Vor 12 Stunden
“So, what kind of music are you into?” “It’s complicated.”
Pac1fic0 Vor 12 Stunden
Plot twist Imperial pilot name is: Saburo Sakai
Michael Tanner
Michael Tanner Vor 12 Stunden
Average Joe
Average Joe Vor 12 Stunden
its tiefighter relived in a new generation of gaming. one down side..... ea games.
mike collins
mike collins Vor 12 Stunden
Imps all the way!
Kuri Vor 13 Stunden
3:39 >"Try spinning that's a good trick" >Didn't work I see why the rebel pilot only fired one torpedo at a time.
Fernando H. Corradini
Fernando H. Corradini Vor 13 Stunden
Now this is pod racing
Jimbo WAFC
Jimbo WAFC Vor 13 Stunden
Will this be on ea play ultimate
Muhumbulo Makhado
Muhumbulo Makhado Vor 13 Stunden
This 7 minutes clip is better than the whole trilogy disney made
Marcus Lemmon
Marcus Lemmon Vor 13 Stunden
Whole scrolling I thought thumbnail was Leo Dicaprio
x9lt231 Vor 14 Stunden
It saddens me that this short video is waaaaaaaaay better than the recent movie adaptations of "star wars".
nygge Vor 14 Stunden
Makes me wonder, what happened to the imperial soldiers after the Empire lost? Did every single soldier get prosecuted, or was there a time for reconciliation? After all, one must never forget that there were people under those helmets, something that this is trying to show.
dena guinn
dena guinn Vor 14 Stunden
little baby bum
Kev Kuro
Kev Kuro Vor 14 Stunden
The definitive Star Wars pilot experience? Without HOTAS ? Ok... Anyway, still looks good.
Callum JW
Callum JW Vor 14 Stunden
This was the mandalorians before the mandalorians
I HATE CABBAGE Vor 15 Stunden
Holy shit, good stuff.
Wissem Dens Corleone
Wissem Dens Corleone Vor 15 Stunden
Damn it was better than the last three movies
Eugene Lin
Eugene Lin Vor 15 Stunden
It confuses me every time when I see Tie flies in atmosphere with its aerodynamics...
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper Vor 15 Stunden
tame impala
Ash S
Ash S Vor 16 Stunden
ah yes another bait and switch by the assholes at EA where they pretend to show the war from the empire's side and end up having the protagonist join the rebels
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Vor 15 Stunden
For the Empire! Death to the rebel alliance and their terrorist allies!
CRG Runner
CRG Runner Vor 17 Stunden
Inferno remains the greatest disappointment in Star Wars history. Change me mind.
Владимир Джурко
Владимир Джурко Vor 17 Stunden
AAAAAA! Admiral Rey Sloun back!!!!! Yeeear
Малышам развивающие мультики
Малышам развивающие мультики Vor 17 Stunden
Электроники я не знаю как у вас работает маркетинговый отдел сейчас началась эра ремастеров и это самое время выпустить Underground 2 и Most wanted на движке Фрост байт сохранив все что там есть люди ждут этого и это золотой шанс вознести NFS как в старые добрые времена. Надеюсь руководство прочтёт это. с уважением Т.О.А
Perfunctory-義理一遍 Vor 17 Stunden
The music is outstanding.
Sip of Sunscorched Sarsaparilla
Sip of Sunscorched Sarsaparilla Vor 17 Stunden
So this is basically Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) space battles?
Martian wick
Martian wick Vor 18 Stunden
That Tie fighter attack theme was epic
Paul Vor 18 Stunden
This game is the chosen one! How can you not see it?
Olivia Fee
Olivia Fee Vor 18 Stunden
aladdin 2019
Makaan Vor 18 Stunden
Not going to play this game ever but it is certainly very refreshing to see things from the good guys point of view. Kinda reminds me of the TIE Fighter era on pc. Actually a 1:1 remake remaster of that one would be ace... not going tohappen but dreaming is free.
RagnarokVI Vor 19 Stunden
I’m sure you’re going to monetize the fucking shit out of this... I’ll pass until you quit doing that to titles.
foundthecreek damrights
foundthecreek damrights Vor 19 Stunden
EA fire all the sjw's ?
Olle Fjällström
Olle Fjällström Vor 19 Stunden
For The Empire <3
xbasse Vor 19 Stunden
Please don't be ugly please don't be ugly please don't be ugly...
Laurent DELVIGNE Vor 19 Stunden
For a second, I thought it was right after the events of Rogue One (space station shape). I can't wait to play the game !
Tristan Vor 20 Stunden
This alone is better than the new trilogy
Kochie Vor 20 Stunden
If it wasn’t for the civilian executions and likewise, I’d totally vouch for the legion. They definitely care for each other and fight for what they believe in. It’s just the monstrosities they commit that takes that from me
V E Vor 20 Stunden
Dice can you please make curosount to battlefrontII
DunamisDylan Vor 20 Stunden
Holy shit to make a language and then write a song with it that actually works is nuts
Layla Diaz
Layla Diaz Vor 20 Stunden
That was ideo versias ship in the beginning right are I’m just stupid
Suck your mum
Suck your mum Vor 20 Stunden
I've never wanted imperials to win so bad until now
M G Vor 20 Stunden
Is there a cockpit free look option for the ps4 version? And is an internet connection required to play the campaign?
Roman Bellic
Roman Bellic Vor 21 Stunde
To anyone who doesn’t know why the rebel said “War’s over, imp” These are Remnants, the faction of the Empire for what’s left over from the war after Jakku, (the empire’s end basically) they remained loyal and still fought for the little that was left for the Empire, like good soldiers. If you wanna know more, even if it isn’t “disney canon” There have been numerous comics and amazing novels to read on the Imperial Remnants, and what they did after the war, some defected And most remained loyal, but then there were also neutralistic ones similar to Jedi Outcasts where they would stay on one planet and lie low with a new life they started.
Pocket Bomb
Pocket Bomb Vor 21 Stunde
Put him in the mandolorian
Ludwig Nijholt
Ludwig Nijholt Vor 21 Stunde
EA uploading identical content twice. wonder if that'll have consequences from the youtube company...
Big Bear Arbs
Big Bear Arbs Vor 21 Stunde
*For the Empire!* Death to the rebel alliance and their terrorist allies!
trackerrrr Vor 21 Stunde
I really want to know his backstory.
laith thaer
laith thaer Vor 21 Stunde
0:40 if any one is looking for a little skip
J 145
J 145 Vor 22 Stunden
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez Vor 22 Stunden
Ultraninja 2
Ultraninja 2 Vor 22 Stunden
Man this still gives me hype vibes
batkid lj
batkid lj Vor 22 Stunden
Why is this in my recommend wtfffff
MrMethod007 Vor 22 Stunden
Wish the last three movies felt this great. 😎
Agent Washington
Agent Washington Vor 22 Stunden
Erase what remains of the Empire ? Say no more ( leaps aboard X-Wing )
Manoj Varghese
Manoj Varghese Vor 23 Stunden
This was better than the entire Battlefront 2 campaign!
Son Goku
Son Goku Vor 23 Stunden
*EA needs to quit making games and start making movies! This was awesome!*
KaiserTsarNapoleon Vor 23 Stunden
New Republic = Bad guys
Rark RK
Rark RK Vor 23 Stunden
Im just gonna pretend (or imagine) that Cal Kestis is Ben Skywalker and he has survive the fall of his father Jedi Order in the hands of Jacen (his cousin) and this song is the leitmotiv of Ben vs Jacen duel.
theforgemaster 16
theforgemaster 16 Vor 23 Stunden
I have high Hopes for this after how they fixed battlefront.
Steven Vachon
Steven Vachon Vor 23 Stunden
Will there be planetary atmosphere levels in the game, then?
swordoflorn Vor 23 Stunden
Am I supposed to be rooting for an empire dog? Disgusting
Ricardo Bautista Garcia
Ricardo Bautista Garcia Vor 23 Stunden
Is sloane a Grand Admiral at this point?