Cheating on My Ex
I’m Sorry
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Gabrielle Got Sick...
this went too far..
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Vor 7 Monate
When Will I Propose?
James Charles Casting Call
A Message for James Charles
it attacked her...
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lebron jordan
lebron jordan Vor 8 Sekunden
love how he’s promoting his book for 1 min
Jovanni Farrell
Jovanni Farrell Vor Minute
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ᴊᴀᴄᴋ dмѕ * ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ eхgιrlғrιιend *
keshav ramdenee
keshav ramdenee Vor 2 Minuten
Just saying jack that on android you can create and receive messages and fake them. Like its a 3rd party app that u can use to fake the messages and make it appear 'real'.
mxybuilds Vor 2 Minuten
I never thought that you would cheat on Gabby I mean I just feel like you you’re so kind and everything it’s like I don’t I tried to fit that piece of a puzzle to see if you cheated and here’s the point the puzzle wasn’t fitting and I was like I knew it you weren’t cheating
Carter Sabo
Carter Sabo Vor 2 Minuten
So real quick, that could be him..... the girl on the other side of the phone has an android, hence why her message is on the right side of the screenshot.... he could have an iphone and the screenshot could still look like that.
Leonard Hoover
Leonard Hoover Vor 3 Minuten
done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw ᴊᴀᴄᴋ dмѕ ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ girlfrien *
Islem Mellehi
Islem Mellehi Vor 4 Minuten
Can we talk abt the fact that his eyebrows are so perfect ?
William Myers
William Myers Vor 4 Minuten
I can tell Jack is getting more happier since the first video after the breakup
Ima Ward
Ima Ward Vor 6 Minuten
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ᴊᴀᴄᴋ dмѕ * poor нιѕ eх-gιrlғrιιend <
Mark Levine
Mark Levine Vor 8 Minuten
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw jacĸ dмѕ poor нιѕ eхgιrlғrιιend <
Donella Munoz
Donella Munoz Vor 10 Minuten
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw jacĸ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor нιѕ girlfrien *
asma b
asma b Vor 11 Minuten
You were perfect together and there is no doubt that your love for each other had made people jealous (I must admit I was one of those :) ), But who would be so cruel to ruin people's relationships?! I wish you figure thing out very soon and be back together :")
Anika Dougherty
Anika Dougherty Vor 12 Minuten
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw jacĸ dмѕ *poor нιѕ eхgιrlғrend <
Yes No
Yes No Vor 17 Minuten
Fruit Gum
Fruit Gum Vor 17 Minuten
Doxing someone is showing where they live, ddossing is sending packets to someone’s router and hitting them offline
Catherine Denommee
Catherine Denommee Vor 20 Minuten
Stay strong Jack 🙂
Ya Guurl
Ya Guurl Vor 25 Minuten
bike gamers
bike gamers Vor 29 Minuten
Don't cheat pls it's wrong
Fish Nerd
Fish Nerd Vor 29 Minuten
do you and gab still talk or are you guys mad at eachother like so he can see
Takeysha Bracken
Takeysha Bracken Vor 30 Minuten
Wait so you and gab aren't dating anymore you guys have broken up?
Logan Baggette
Logan Baggette Vor 32 Minuten
Jack what is your Snapchat?
Westboat6 Yt
Westboat6 Yt Vor 33 Minuten
Andy’s is better
Jamie Hopkins
Jamie Hopkins Vor 33 Minuten
When I was 15, I had gotten anxiety over my ex friend and my ex boyfriend. I thought they were what I needed to live and I’m doing pretty great without them. Yes the anxiety eats at me everyday but not as much
Jemima Hart
Jemima Hart Vor 41 Minute
any one else feel bad for jack AND gab?
Ella McLeod
Ella McLeod Vor 43 Minuten
I am a little late on this sorry I super and trust you jack I am so sorry
AvSat20 Vor 45 Minuten
Hey Jacky boy, start fighting!
Joseph Banks
Joseph Banks Vor 45 Minuten
So did gab believe this! She should have realised there fake! Love them both and hope they both did well in life!
TheNewShane05 Xxx
TheNewShane05 Xxx Vor 47 Minuten
Jack: are we breaking up Gab: no never haha. 2020:I’ve found something to f up
Nia James (Disgybl 2016)
Nia James (Disgybl 2016) Vor 48 Minuten
14:19 who watching this when they actually did break up, thought I might find some teaaaaa. but I believe jack when he said he didn't cheat.
Emma Stine
Emma Stine Vor 49 Minuten
I am sorry for all that has happened to you, I could tell you really loved her. I have no clue what your going through, I only know the feeling of anxiety witch is pretty present for me, I hope that you are having a great day, and I’m glad that you are moving on, wish you the best.
ur boi
ur boi Vor 53 Minuten
OMG finally
Panos Delis
Panos Delis Vor 56 Minuten
Why he references that he doesn't have an Android?
Taylor__ Marie01
Taylor__ Marie01 Vor 57 Minuten
jacks vocab was good untill he said lit
Matthew DVD
Matthew DVD Vor 59 Minuten
Also I’m really sorry that this happened to you
Matthew DVD
Matthew DVD Vor 59 Minuten
When will the book be out and sent to us Because I’m really excited to read it
eVade Karmaa
eVade Karmaa Vor 59 Minuten
Sofia Khan
Sofia Khan Vor Stunde
When are you going to change this Chanel name to only your Chanel instead of keeping it jack and gab
Hafiza Hussain
Hafiza Hussain Vor Stunde
Not gonna lie for the first 2 mins I was just fascinated by the lights at the back
CCCraftieSSS Vor Stunde
God loves you so much, Jesus died on the cross for you, then he rose again
GAJCO Music Vor Stunde
The messages are from a huawei
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video Vor Stunde
*One person who likes this will exceed all their dreams.*
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video Vor Stunde
*One person who likes this will exceed all their dreams.*
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video
2K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video Vor Stunde
*One person who likes this will exceed all their dreams.*
John Bibb
John Bibb Vor Stunde
Isn't gabs dad a cop
Karen L
Karen L Vor Stunde
I think her instagram is @bellaromano__
Melissa Kruger
Melissa Kruger Vor Stunde
Scooby dooby doo😅🤣
Khaia Townsend
Khaia Townsend Vor Stunde
Jack: We're not doing that 15 MINUTES LATER Also Jack: grab my thigh
TTV _lucky07
TTV _lucky07 Vor Stunde
Pls be back togheter!!!!! You and gab are so good to getter!!!🥺🥺🥺
Maryam Syeda
Maryam Syeda Vor Stunde
Sending lots of love to you ❤️
Rewex Vor Stunde
Alex Myles
Alex Myles Vor Stunde
The text size is different...
Michelle victor
Michelle victor Vor Stunde
May I ask will you still make videos in the future
M00gan Vor Stunde
Man out here being jealous of ice cream
Katy Altenhof
Katy Altenhof Vor Stunde
If they broke up then what is going to happen with this channel?
Rob Austin
Rob Austin Vor Stunde
So the last video you said you did not cheat on her but this video title says you cheated on her????? At this point I'll say i think this whole thing is made up and it's just for ratings and they never broke up and it's all to promote his book.Which i have not yet seen. has anyone gotten it?
Samara Jackson
Samara Jackson Vor Stunde
It was the “drink it” that got me
MRA_youTube Vor Stunde
Poor Jack ( I am being serious) I feel so bad that he needs to actually WRITE A STUPID BOOK to convince everyone that he didn’t CHEAT! Like if you agree 👇🏼
Waleed Bajwa
Waleed Bajwa Vor Stunde
So don’t love that’s the lesson
Waleed Bajwa
Waleed Bajwa Vor Stunde
It’s why I have never kissed a girl or held a girls hand and the longest and only relationship I ever had was 2days
Waleed Bajwa
Waleed Bajwa Vor Stunde
Love is stupid it’s something that destroys you
Waleed Bajwa
Waleed Bajwa Vor Stunde
I’m sorry bro
Sadie equistrain
Sadie equistrain Vor Stunde
If that was jacks phone right how could they get that? He has an iPhone 11 that just looks like someone’s hoped for this to happen
Emma Sullivan
Emma Sullivan Vor Stunde
when will your books be ready!!?? I'm super excited to read them! xxx
Lex Vlogs
Lex Vlogs Vor Stunde
No matter what your real fans will love you and support you and if they don’t they are not real fans❤️
PrimBriePebbles Vor Stunde
Can someone tell me why theu broke up?
K Torres
K Torres Vor Stunde
bro you’re addressing this in the literal best way possible. i know none of it’s easy, but know we’re thankful you’re explaining and we’re excited to see what you do next.
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook Vor Stunde
I’m so sorry your going through this.
Social Vor Stunde
As creators and mature people, jack and gab need to make a video together explaining themselves and that’s it.
Rich Nort
Rich Nort Vor Stunde
What if Gabriel paid someone to do this
Tayler Burns
Tayler Burns Vor Stunde
Jack is hilarious just loving it and living for it yessir
Tayler Burns
Tayler Burns Vor Stunde
You seem better and making me so happy like keep doing you you got this!!!!
Victoria Elwood
Victoria Elwood Vor Stunde
Jack, I honestly knew as soon as saw those texts that they weren't real, I had a feeling that you weren't one for texting in that style. I like you and I like Gabrielle, in fact I love both of you... but I think Gabrielle should also be addressing the situation especially about the fake texts.
Josh Draheim
Josh Draheim Vor Stunde
I feel like you guys need to do a video together when you guys are ready and if you guys don’t hate each other I feel it wouldn’t only help the fans but it could help both of you guys
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook Vor Stunde
You’ll get through this ❤️praying for you
nouf aldabeis
nouf aldabeis Vor Stunde
it’s called doxxing
Kartik Bhushan
Kartik Bhushan Vor Stunde
Hey Jack, I just wanted to help you with your mystery search. If you have the original screenshots of the text messages you can actually check the metadata of the image and find the device used for taking the screenshot. You can also find the location and time in some cases. There are free online tools that you can check out and find useful. Just linking a useful EXIF viewer (AKA Metadata extractor). - , Sorry for you buddy. Hope you find peace.
Mackenzi Stringi
Mackenzi Stringi Vor Stunde
Kitkatzoe Vor Stunde
5:39 laughed so hard 😂❤️
Courtney Hough
Courtney Hough Vor Stunde
He doesn’t have to have an android to text one.
CCCraftieSSS Vor Stunde
God loves you so much, he is here for you, he is sitting right next to you
Laura Menzella
Laura Menzella Vor 2 Stunden
So why did you break up?????????
Rosie Vor 2 Stunden
j wasto
j wasto Vor 2 Stunden
Why on earth was this on my recommended
Jack Boys
Jack Boys Vor 2 Stunden
Jack your a true youtuber idk can you milk this relationship breakup for more views. This is about video 5 and holy fuck their repetitive idk why u would exploit your relationship like this.
Davis Girls
Davis Girls Vor 2 Stunden
We support you and gab❤️
Maria Vor 2 Stunden
why isn't she saying anything like jack is the only one who talks ab it I wanna hear both sides
Kate Lovering
Kate Lovering Vor 2 Stunden
He is so cute tho 🥺
Elwira Henriksson
Elwira Henriksson Vor 2 Stunden
Ehm.... the screenshots is from her phone tho? So that’s only mean that she has an android. Not you.
ii_ Lxrena
ii_ Lxrena Vor 2 Stunden
But what I don’t understand is WHY did y’all breakup?..if u didn’t cheat, and ur always talking about how u will always love her, u have dated for so long :why would u guys break up? I really hope they get back together, but I mean it’s their personal decision!💕
xxlucycatxx Vor 2 Stunden
Jack we love you and support you! You are going through a tough time and we are here for you! I really hope you are getting better
Samara Jackson
Samara Jackson Vor 2 Stunden
Anyone here in 2020?🤣
Samara Jackson
Samara Jackson Vor 2 Stunden
Miss this rn
Ramona Hall
Ramona Hall Vor 2 Stunden
I never that you cheat
Sara Pintilei
Sara Pintilei Vor 2 Stunden
Is This Even true ??? Have they broken up 😕?
Wyatt Moyer
Wyatt Moyer Vor 2 Stunden
I’m just waiting for him to title a video. this is why it happened
Теодора Аритоновић
Теодора Аритоновић Vor 2 Stunden
can someone explain to me what happened??
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas Vor 2 Stunden
“Everyone assumed I got Corona Virus and died” that really isn’t funny..... But please tell me I wasn’t the only one who laughed 😂😂😂
ItzKaite Billerx
ItzKaite Billerx Vor 2 Stunden
8:54 I wouldn't be surprised if it was Gabrielles friend Allie that made those text *Allie Gipson* *in case you didn't know* Gabrielles friend Allie has recently been saying really mean things about Jack and liking really mean comments about him she also lied on him. #cancelalliegipson
Go Away
Go Away Vor 2 Stunden
I know it's random, but he is really handsome
Jenni Bundock
Jenni Bundock Vor 2 Stunden
You’ve got this jack, we are all here x