pastorlance1 Vor 15 Stunden
So the big story is Mahomes record setting contract but somehow all the national media and talking heads make it the story about Dak and the Cowboys. The Chiefs and Royals are so disrespected by the national media. We just need to win the next 4 SBs to finally get some respect.
ronald robert
ronald robert Vor 15 Stunden
No pressure on Jerry at all Dak isn't on Mahomes level Dak is gone
TREE OF LIFE Vor 15 Stunden
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Vor 16 Stunden
Cowboys bring in the views
Warrior Vor 16 Stunden
He is being paid to much
Shinoobi God
Shinoobi God Vor 16 Stunden
Ron artest was a head of his time when changed his name to Metta World Peace.
Peter Galione
Peter Galione Vor 16 Stunden
Mahomes is gonna prove he's worth it.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Vor 16 Stunden
Maybe because Jerry wanted to play Romo instead of Dak
Claim Attacol
Claim Attacol Vor 16 Stunden
I won’t sign such a contract knowing my capabilities only if injury prone . Year by year computation would’ve increased it more than this . Mcgregor got 100 million in 30 minutes Floyd got 250 million in 3o minutes Is not biggest deal in sports comparing duration.
Maurice Louis
Maurice Louis Vor 16 Stunden
Dak is half black. If he was 100% Caucasian, he would’ve got paid
Christopher Merritt
Christopher Merritt Vor 16 Stunden
Patriots are making the playoffs. Plus there can be 7 teams in each conference now? Ofc they're gonna make it
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza Vor 16 Stunden
It blows my mind that skip still doesn’t realize that 3rd and 15 play was designed for Tyreek to come back like that
Teachu2Flyy Vor 16 Stunden
Hopefully in Orlando LeBron will answer questions about his shoes that he makes millions of dollars of off being made by essentially "slaves" in sweatshops in Asia..
CrushingX Karma
CrushingX Karma Vor 16 Stunden
So basketball players can have personalized messages through freedom of expression, but nascar bans the flag because it offended them
LaloWulf 187
LaloWulf 187 Vor 16 Stunden
U guys contradict urselfs
Wrongness Maximus
Wrongness Maximus Vor 16 Stunden
Did skip refer to mahomes plays as Globetrotters plays? Skip is showing he ain't so very woke. As I told you. Might have been in the previous video, but he said it.
James Cook
James Cook Vor 16 Stunden
STOP mentioning Dak Prescott in the same breath as Patrick Mahomes 🚫 PM already solidified his legendary status ✔ when Dak hasn't done shht. He keeps on waiting and watch Dallas find a new QB within the next two seasons
James Shields
James Shields Vor 16 Stunden
8:10 Shannon kills it with Hollywood vs. Broadway analogy
LaloWulf 187
LaloWulf 187 Vor 16 Stunden
Pardon me what is the action? NBA Players Making millions up on Millions if that's the answer to injustice they need 2 play harder!
Jamaal Gillespie
Jamaal Gillespie Vor 16 Stunden
And guess what he's worth every single penny of it and this is the kicker lord willin he stays healthy even when his contract is up that boy gonna be 34 pushin 35 smh yeah he's changing the game like no other big ups to you mahomeboy you deserve it 💯
Copasetic Arts
Copasetic Arts Vor 16 Stunden
it takes balls to draw up a contract like this on the chiefs side.. & even bigger balls & insane confidence for mahomes to sign this ...
AmbrizFer Vor 16 Stunden
Is it really the biggest in sports history or just American sports.
J Money
J Money Vor 16 Stunden
This video got me thinking...... What record would the Cowboys have if Patrick Mahomeboy was the starting QB for the Cowboys?
EasyEtheHawaiian Vor 16 Stunden
People shouldn’t complain, the NFL makes Billions a year.
N N Vor 16 Stunden
That isn't their job
StonedZebra 666
StonedZebra 666 Vor 16 Stunden
This comment section is a cesspool just don't even look
Che Gotti
Che Gotti Vor 16 Stunden
This Man Has Only Been In NFL For 3 Seasons And Hes Already Won, Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, Regular Season MVP, Off. Player Of The Year, 2 Pro Bowls, 50 TD Season, And 1st Team All Pro...This Man Deserves This Contract, With No Arguments 💯💯
Copasetic Arts
Copasetic Arts Vor 16 Stunden
took 26 years of my life to see them win it all .. I love my city
Jacob Crow
Jacob Crow Vor 16 Stunden
How many Superbowls will the Chiefs win with Maholmes?
DeAndre Allen
DeAndre Allen Vor 16 Stunden
Guess who next skip... my homeboy Dakota Prescott 😂😂😂😂
BONES Vor 16 Stunden
This is NO news. They are a pair of arm chair coaches. How many Super Bowl Rings do they have, Im guessing not even half of what Bill does
Abazaba Abazaba
Abazaba Abazaba Vor 16 Stunden
I love the dialogue on this show.
Troy Parker Jr
Troy Parker Jr Vor 16 Stunden
Can we have her instead of Jenny
Burny's Sports Pub
Burny's Sports Pub Vor 16 Stunden
ummmm no skip we all don't need to be bludgeoned with this wtf???? Sorry you didn't grow up and hoop with anybody coming from these backgrounds but that's your own problem.
Jefferson Junior
Jefferson Junior Vor 16 Stunden
Why does all these topics always revert back to Cowboys?
Yooper eh?
Yooper eh? Vor 16 Stunden
Like ur changing anything with a Jersey message.
AJ BOOMER Vor 16 Stunden
Don't forget about the $140 million guaranteed injury insurance he got. And as for Dak just go win the SB for the boys and you will get your money.
Georgia Dawgs
Georgia Dawgs Vor 16 Stunden
People really don't see Dak conpletes harder NFL throws than Mahomes even attempts. Stop this.
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin Vor 16 Stunden
Well Skip Dak don't have 1 never will. Dak is a mediocre QB at best.
Yank33B0y13 Vor 16 Stunden
I thought it was 550$ million
Robert Brothers
Robert Brothers Vor 16 Stunden
No NFL in 10 years,,, Probably not 5,,,,,,,,,,,
Brushing 4GREATNESS Vor 16 Stunden
Boesph O
Boesph O Vor 16 Stunden
Absolutely love Shannon Sharpe. His energy is much needed and appreciated 🙏
education654321 Vor 16 Stunden
Jerry paid Romo all that money so he can pay Dak
Quentin Thigpen
Quentin Thigpen Vor 16 Stunden
Bigger story: they missed the fistbump
Mikeyboy 7
Mikeyboy 7 Vor 16 Stunden
This is getting out of control. People need to stop getting offended about EVERYTHING
kung fu kenny
kung fu kenny Vor 16 Stunden
When all there players gone PLEASE dont play stupid😂 finna have one arm bob playin reciever and no leg dave playin runnin back💩
Larry Garcia
Larry Garcia Vor 16 Stunden
The brown hair doesn't look right
Pro From Inglewood
Pro From Inglewood Vor 16 Stunden
skip and shannon gang
Jakeem Vor 16 Stunden
wait, the red sox knew about this a year ago and said nothing...now they want to speak on it...the bat signal is in the air.
M H Vor 16 Stunden
It’s almost as if this was the dumbest idea of all time. Who woulda thought.
Ivory777 Vor 16 Stunden
Boycott the NBA. African Americans dont watch the bubble.
Ivory777 Vor 16 Stunden
blaz. Vor 16 Stunden
Unc let drip take the spot light He when the other way in this conv.
Damian Whindleton
Damian Whindleton Vor 16 Stunden
Mahomes needs to go ahead and toss Andy a couple dollars bc Andy traded up got him in a move alot of people were not to high on 😂
J Money
J Money Vor 16 Stunden
Man as a Cowboys fan, I keep saying pay Dak and I hate to count another man's money but Dak is not a 40Mill QB. Dallas should've signed Dak 2 years ago at 33M to avoid this problem. YOU HEAR THAT JERRY/STEPHEN JONES!!! YALL MESSED UP!!!!!
Ivory777 Vor 16 Stunden
The biggest protest would be for NBA Players to sit out.
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly Vor 16 Stunden
another one bites the dust
Skydiving Heck
Skydiving Heck Vor 16 Stunden
Skip will you just shut up mahomes played big time on the biggest stage all through out the playoffs and SB stop trying to tear the man down damn🤦🏽‍♂️
Ivory777 Vor 16 Stunden
Black NBA Players should just sit out.
James Jordan
James Jordan Vor 16 Stunden
Why they trying to make her look like joy 👀👀👀
T Mot
T Mot Vor 16 Stunden
I don’t see anyone surpassing 45 million per year anytime soon. He’ll be the highest paid player until another Qb dethrones his title as leagues best.
Cynthia Anyanwu
Cynthia Anyanwu Vor 16 Stunden
Well I am glad that Lebron hasn't said anything because Skip acts like Lebron opinion is the only one that matters. Smh
Damion Lyons
Damion Lyons Vor 16 Stunden
I know the seriousness of the situation and time we in but did Skip just say and 12 lol
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Shannon will be making excuses when Lakers fail
Tina Blocker
Tina Blocker Vor 16 Stunden
What's amazing is he earned that in 2 years of playing lmao
D Fresh
D Fresh Vor 16 Stunden
oopopp x
oopopp x Vor 16 Stunden
Don't worry... the racist politicians will make sure NOTHING changes except some rah-rah moments that do nothing...
Armondo Ortiz
Armondo Ortiz Vor 16 Stunden
I would like to see some players put tape over the NIKE logo in protest for the sweat shops they run in Asia.
Ivory777 Vor 16 Stunden
Not about Asia
Jai Thakur
Jai Thakur Vor 16 Stunden
But a jersey helps , it makes you remember the cause everytime u see it
Sheldon Gray
Sheldon Gray Vor 16 Stunden
Yep. I saw this coming! The message is going to be lost and twisted.
ThisNameIsFake Vor 16 Stunden
Skip's colors sure do change when it comes to money.
Vincent Sample
Vincent Sample Vor 16 Stunden
Skip keeps lying on Dak.
Joe Vor 16 Stunden
We pat fans already started to organize our protest marches against having to wear a mask at our Super Bowl parade in 2021.
Thaa RealDeal
Thaa RealDeal Vor 16 Stunden
I would never sign 10 year deal in the NFL. 4 year deals is the way to go. 200 million 150 guarantee. 3 years come back.
Israel Rodas
Israel Rodas Vor 16 Stunden
Jenni : Talk to me Shannon Shannon : Here is the thing Skiuuup Skip : *slaps table* My turn! Stephen "backpage news" A Smith Max "cowboys will cave" Kellerman
damian Vor 16 Stunden
Patrick has WEAPONS that were there before he got there.
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Lebron does not care about anyone but himself he is a phony
Garrett Ashe
Garrett Ashe Vor 16 Stunden
I'm boycotting Skip starting now
Raven Black
Raven Black Vor 16 Stunden
Yeah redskin is "so racist" that other Native Americans are proud to self identify as redskin......such as Red Mesa high school in Arizona. Just look up the many games that the Red Mesa Redskins play here on DEshow. Red Mesa is a high school in Arizona that's on a Native American reservation.
nuno dasilva
nuno dasilva Vor 16 Stunden
not worth the money
sean foreal
sean foreal Vor 16 Stunden
😳 4 more Superbowls or what?
Greg V
Greg V Vor 16 Stunden
Dak is a happy camper now
Gr Ape
Gr Ape Vor 16 Stunden
SKIP it wasn't luck. You must not have watched any of the videos of the sideline when Mahomes called for the play on 3rd and 15. Stop it bro. You're making yourself sound stupid.
Malaki Corella
Malaki Corella Vor 16 Stunden
Dak should never be compared to Mahomes disrespectful asf. Dak only worth 25-30 mil
Cliff Wan
Cliff Wan Vor 16 Stunden
Shannon I do wonder, should you have stumbled upon that "noose" in your garage. Would it have taken fbi to find it was not a threat? Hmmmm.....never mind. No doubt you could milk it like bubba did!!! Race sells baby!!!
Michael Arguello
Michael Arguello Vor 16 Stunden
I think an ideal contract would be 37.5 millions a year for 5 years with 120millions guaranteed for Dak Prescott.
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Lebron is the phony goat
Jerri Baldwin
Jerri Baldwin Vor 16 Stunden
Make sure to tell Skip, Dak doesn't need a daddy. This is about emotional and psy control. YOu know where that comes from Shannon. Business is business but you know whats happening
Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Vor 16 Stunden
Jenny looking good
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Shannon is blinded by his feelings he can’t be objective
Scubzie Vor 16 Stunden
Dak doesn’t deserve anything above 30k ur telling me ur roaster went 8-8 and lost the division to the practice squad haha and u want 40 mill let’s get real
The Hunt
The Hunt Vor 16 Stunden
What's sad is recruits in the military make $20k a year and entertainers make millions every day.
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Lebron should have joined the bulls in 2010
roger butler
roger butler Vor 16 Stunden
49ers fan. Mahomes is head and shoulders best qb in the league. Not disappointed 9ers lost to him in Super Bowl. I’m impressed 9ers held him off for as long as they did.
Chris Renshaw
Chris Renshaw Vor 16 Stunden
Lebron is over rated six finals losses
Necron023 Vor 16 Stunden
Skip just dismantled his QB he defended all year 🤣
Jerri Baldwin
Jerri Baldwin Vor 16 Stunden
Shannon you should stop allowing Skip to keep the narrative about Dak. You know as well as the rest of us that enabling people that have shown what Skip is showing on paying Dak will come back to bite black people because they are given too much room to show how they think is acceptable enough that we will not call them out. It doesn't matter if I am not black, I see and I know you see. This is what occurs when you want them to listen to something like what Kap was saying. If you do not come out and call a spade a spade, when you need them to listen, they won't because they know they can change the narrative, like Skip is doing with Dak. he was on good with Dak until its time to pay a black man. Then he sides with the establishment. It never changes. When will we learn....as a human race, when will we learn so we can get pass this.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien Vor 16 Stunden
I feel good for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. The only thing left out is there should be a bonus for players of his caliber that is payed directly from the NFL, because after all he is the reason that millions will watch from now on. The same is true for other players and they should be rewarded.
Pat Coleman
Pat Coleman Vor 16 Stunden
Cam is washed up lol