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kilroy987 Vor 3 Minuten
I'll wait for a theory that doesn't require making something up that we can't detect in any way, just to fudge explaining why our current equations don't explain everything.
Electronic Puffin
Electronic Puffin Vor 5 Minuten
Thanks to this video North Korea are gonna create katana lightsabers.
A. Jonathan
A. Jonathan Vor 16 Minuten
Why using a cat when you can just look if the poison has been released or not?
omnigeddon Vor 23 Minuten
my brain.. help me lol.. *yarghhhh* boom.. NOW I GET IT.. MUAHAHA MORTALS..
AussiePeaceKeepers Vor 23 Minuten
Wow what a great video. #WWG1WGA #b17drop #WWG1WGAWW #B17Bombdrop
dumbcreaknuller Vor 23 Minuten
its not the first time that the equevalent earth tilt shifted in opposite direciton. it seem the cycles of the shifts changes every 3000 years. each time the opposite pole reverse its warming to cooling. how can we explain cities submerged under ocean if there was no climate disaster at time of christ. why did the vikings call greenland for greenland and not another iceland. could it have somthing to do with bach then greenland was green and not full of ice and antartica ice much bigger. i think that the melting we see is a pole tilt shift that happends fairly frequently in earths history. that explains why disasters are only a couple of tousands of years apart and little more than that and drive massive floodings. its our planet in respect to our sun and that dynamic that causes the poles to shift direction of tilt as one side melts and the other freeze up. i dont think that the vikings and romans would want ot live in europe 2000 years ago if it had been as cold as it is now or atlest their clothes would been different than what evidence history shows about that era.
mearek -
mearek - Vor 24 Minuten
Cool channel :)
Vaibhav Vor 24 Minuten
You should make a Video about "Binod"
Vishen Sivparsad
Vishen Sivparsad Vor 25 Minuten
That seizure warning tells me a lot about you. Good on you sir
insanity Vor 25 Minuten
if Xn is population then why its value is between zero and one ??? anyone can help ?
Synonymous Statistics
Synonymous Statistics Vor 25 Minuten
heyy....can you make a detailed video about law of attraction i am really keen to know the truth or whatever it is....pls like to get the video
AussiePeaceKeepers Vor 27 Minuten
Wow what a great video. #WWG1WGA #b17drop #WWG1WGAWW #B17Bombdrop
Samus Aran • Ghost of Zebes
Samus Aran • Ghost of Zebes Vor 28 Minuten
To anyone curious enough, yes. You quite literally found 6,200 nerds in one place.
Ljben Vor 42 Minuten
when I clicked this video I thought he was going to talk about stretch marks
aola wili
aola wili Vor 45 Minuten
When you realise Elon is just a martian trying to go home
Dan Vor 45 Minuten
I love how this is actually controversial these days 😆
KC Batista
KC Batista Vor 49 Minuten
When you say the radio waves encounter free electrons that slows them down as they travel through the magnetosphere, isn’t that impossible since they travel at the speed of light, hence the speed should be constant?
Hunt77 Vor 50 Minuten
when are we gonna send a mars boat or u-boat there to explore the mmm liquids if there are any
Ben Vor 53 Minuten
Dj's: Fir bendr
Belinda Roberts
Belinda Roberts Vor 54 Minuten
Thank you for this awesome explanation; we’ve been having ice cube spikes since we put a water filtration and purification system in, nothing else has changed and started getting ‘stalagmites’.
johnnyboyfart Vor 58 Minuten
This guy is wrong. schrodinger didnt just want to show how weird quantum mechanics was, he believed that the cat being alive and dead was pointing to a ultimate truth, you should read "my view of the world" by schrodinger to get better educated and not be such a dummy mainstream bitch boy.
Donald Kasper
Donald Kasper Vor Stunde
Out of focus any hole shape will project a circle, but close and in sharp focus, it will show the shape of the hole.
Donald Kasper
Donald Kasper Vor Stunde
The sun is at infinity so the size of the hole does not matter.
Rhons Liner
Rhons Liner Vor Stunde
"is this simple equation" me: "i'm sorry but what is that thing??"
I think this is wrong. 'X' should be a integer number.
CrewRanger Gaming
CrewRanger Gaming Vor Stunde
It is because sun's circle.
Krishna sidhartha Potluri
Krishna sidhartha Potluri Vor Stunde
This looks like the Last of us
Chethan CG
Chethan CG Vor Stunde
Beautiful video ❤
dvjt vjn
dvjt vjn Vor Stunde
I need 1 hour of this.
dave martinez
dave martinez Vor Stunde
Not gonna lie... when i read that title i was gonna come in here and say " Destin wants to know your location"
rave d
rave d Vor Stunde
Iv seen pet cemetery
andyiswonderful Vor Stunde
Is it possible that now that scientists have found all of the matter that they were looking for that they will stop looking? Wouldn't that automatically tend to validate their theory, even if it is wrong?
vaibhav patil.
vaibhav patil. Vor Stunde
I fell in love with turbulence flow today....
That1WeirdPerson Vor Stunde
If that's the case, then the universe just doubled, not a missing half
The Living Word (Psalms KJV)
The Living Word (Psalms KJV) Vor Stunde
At least, I'm watching this video, no body knows that I even have a channel!
brotherincognito1 Vor Stunde
Dude- solid objects are as viscous as it gets.....big things moving predictably are like big laminar flow.....
Trae Shorter
Trae Shorter Vor Stunde
"So your saying given enough period doubling a group composed entirely of female animals will....breed?" "No, I'm saying....Iife...finds a way"
Jay Muzquiz
Jay Muzquiz Vor Stunde
Baryion....? Sounds like a clever charismatic witty disfigured Game of Thrones character! Lannisters always pay their bills on time! Foo!
TrueSai GT
TrueSai GT Vor Stunde
Studiant Vor Stunde
Nossa Umberto realmente esse vídeo ajuda a responder as 3 questões, e talvez até mais
Ram Prasad Neupane
Ram Prasad Neupane Vor Stunde
really !! i think wanna upgrade my brain cc. i m interested but cant understand that deep.
Horus Lupercal
Horus Lupercal Vor Stunde
This channel is quickly rising to the too of my favourites. As a lay man with only basic scientific knowledge, these are so good for learning more complex theories and concepts. I basically just transcribe all your science videos into my notebook for further reading and study.
LTRT beast
LTRT beast Vor Stunde
Ah yes burn your house down in style
dumbcreaknuller Vor Stunde
i realized that cells are kind of computer. they seem to behave acording to maths like we do with calculators. its kind of like computer program by counting like with conventional counting. how do the signal transmitters know when to stop transmitting. if there is no math involved there is no reason for any of this biological stuff to work in the first place. the cells obviously need energy but the energy regulated and must be regulated by counting operations at the core of the whole thing. the counters control the energy and distribuate it and the energy interactions creates the push needed to operate the numerically controlled switching. this is how all these programs must work in there. there is obviously properties of atom alignment that differs by arangement of sequences of atoms that can create sliding rails for molecules to be pulled along but somthing controls somthing and its obvious that atoms or molecules are like numbers and are counted by bigger molecules. how do you explain how a egg can split into more cells and become a embryo without the cells knowing how many they are. since we can remove cells and the remaining ones still knows how to create the whole thing we know that the cells of the egg must know how many they are and if they are close to each other. some reinforcement logic must be present that calculates a count of some signal betwen the cells that makes all the cells that are divided sum to some equal value that is equal to knowing how many cells they are in total to further the cell division to create the embryo. i begin realize this when thinking about how you could remove cells of a divided egg and still get a fully formed embryo from the rest of the cells. that is not possible if the cells does not know how many they are somehow and i begin think about these sorting molecular machines how do they know how many pieces sorted for or how the sorted molecules are deployed by some other mechanism. if they don't know how to count how many pieces of molecues that have been processed the system chould not work. what ever act as regulatores in there must have some counting property. the entire cell biological structures could operate by calulations at the molecular level. the molecules do the maths to control energy that drives the calculations. that is like how our computers works. there seem to be somthing about reinforcement as well that tell outcome of the cellular equation. there must be simple mathematical operations underlying biological machines wired together in a self contained program that regulates its own energy.
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan Vor Stunde
I think there is parallel world in our brain bcz we think like that it exists in our brain I dont know
Happy Face
Happy Face Vor Stunde
is there CC in english?
7:44 yes because some of charge particles caused by lightening travels though earth's ionosphere to different regions and interaction also creates em waves
Andres Voolar
Andres Voolar Vor Stunde
Thank you.
Firaz Bhikhie
Firaz Bhikhie Vor 2 Stunden
Who made these subtitles? Cause they are..... Very wrong.
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier Vor 2 Stunden
Fahrenheit makes the most sense. 98 degrees Fahrenheit sounds hot 55 degrees Celsius doesn't sound hot Fahrenheit is just more intuitive
MaxWindshear Vor 2 Stunden
This brings up fond memories of programming on my Commodore 64. Thumbs up.
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores Vor 2 Stunden
Tien Shin Han can convert Triangles on Squares
Cadmus Vor 2 Stunden
Quantum Break, anyone?
Sameer sajid
Sameer sajid Vor 2 Stunden
Actually its horrible pattern of foam which is driving people crazy
umar568 Vor 2 Stunden
1998: World's Strongest Man 2013: World's Roundest Object 2030: World's Flattest Flat-Earther 2050: World's Most Human Human
xRust Vor 2 Stunden
M Malik
M Malik Vor 2 Stunden
Didn't get 1st part. Why would light recede!
ronnie doorzon
ronnie doorzon Vor 2 Stunden
4:57 Not true because space itself is expanding faster than the speed of light, because light needs space to travel trough, and there can't be light where's no space.
68 99 08
68 99 08 Vor 2 Stunden
He's Canadian! from SA but as soon as I heard his voice my first thought was he's Canadian
Shreyansh Vor 2 Stunden