Isabella Gioia
Isabella Gioia Vor Stunde
Chris singing "a few cherished little bells are ringing" like James Corden in the Carpool Karaoke video is just the best!
Mark Baranyk
Mark Baranyk Vor Stunde
Jones vs golloday
Johntavious Hardwell
Johntavious Hardwell Vor Stunde
After that damn loss the Cowboys had, they need to get this win or otherwise washington is gonna get a 2nd win.
#GOHAWKS we gonna make 💙💚🏈 6-0 💙💚🏈 yes It might come down to last quarter because cardinals defense is not about to let us try and get it but i am hoping and believe we got this 💙💚🏈#SEAHAWKS💙💚🏈 #SEAHAWKS #SEAHAWKS 💙💚🏈
KenL Vor Stunde
Boston Scott gonna be a bust
Donovan Kimble
Donovan Kimble Vor Stunde
bears 5 and 1 and the rams 4 and 2 bear down
A Lee
A Lee Vor Stunde
Sometimes I just as myself if we even need previews of games like these.
Yaboii Sean
Yaboii Sean Vor Stunde
Yeh Dey couldn’t keep up with us Tampa jits 813
Gustavo Alves
Gustavo Alves Vor Stunde
As a packer fan, i'm sad
Odog 18
Odog 18 Vor Stunde
I literally came here for fantasy and I don’t know who to play Rodgers or Watson and it’s pretty much 50 50
Bigfootsb28 Vor Stunde
Does anyone notice the no pass interference on the 49ers 2nd drive 3:59. I like all teams
Logan Dover
Logan Dover Vor Stunde
Both teams coming off good with their latest wins but I will say the Texans kept it very close to be facing a Monstrous team. Steelers will come out on top as they will have good stops in Derrick Henry.
Johntavious Hardwell
Johntavious Hardwell Vor Stunde
Teddy help brees last year...now hes against him! Show us what you got dude
Mami Biggie
Mami Biggie Vor Stunde
That will always be my favourite one :P
Makai Stallworth
Makai Stallworth Vor Stunde
23-20 giants
JA MACD Vor Stunde
I was happy watching Rodgers get smacked around.
I've seen this vid a million times but I still get nervous every time
iGoHxrd Vor Stunde
Who else went back to see this hopefully we can turn this season around
Giovanni Ramirez
Giovanni Ramirez Vor Stunde
Defensive coordinator bad stupid places no safety in back field should always
J Jackson
J Jackson Vor Stunde
If Ravens would have lost it would have been well-deserverd. This was a pathetic display of needless penalties.
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet Vor Stunde
So many potentially phenomenal games this week. Steelers v titans 9ers v pats Bears v rams Hope they don’t disappoint
5 Star
5 Star Vor Stunde
31-13 KC
Aleczander Rado
Aleczander Rado Vor Stunde
Got beat by our kicker! Haha now thats funny!
Yassir Abdelkadir
Yassir Abdelkadir Vor Stunde
Daniel jones fooled the cameraman
Henry D
Henry D Vor Stunde
Damn those Seahawk offensive stats are crazy. Russell Wilson is carrying the Seahawks so hard. I just don't think there's any way the Cardinals can win this game, but the Seahawks lost a game to them last year that they shouldn't have so idk.
toag Vor Stunde
How is the only team with previous experience faking crowd noise doing so poorly.
Storm of the Beast
Storm of the Beast Vor Stunde
06:57 That block tho.
Caleb Roe
Caleb Roe Vor Stunde
Belichick was way better than I thought
Gamer_yae 23
Gamer_yae 23 Vor Stunde
We need dak back
Sizwe Letanta
Sizwe Letanta Vor Stunde
Bruno's backup dancers 😍
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet Vor Stunde
Gronks laugh lmaoooo
5 Star
5 Star Vor Stunde
23-24 CHI
Drew Brees
Drew Brees Vor Stunde
Who’s here after Gronk got traded to the buccaneers?
Sizwe Letanta
Sizwe Letanta Vor Stunde
Coldplay is probably up there with Prince and Michael Jackson on my list of favourite performances
I get banned a lot
I get banned a lot Vor Stunde
This is going to be a high scoring game but I think the lions will take the w because falcons gonna have 17-10 by half then end of 3rd quarter 24-21 falcons then Staffordgame winning drive in the 4th which would be 28-21 lions 🦁
dj dj
dj dj Vor Stunde
Eagles we gotta represent
Christian McAfee
Christian McAfee Vor Stunde
Put some respect on Fulgham’s name could’ve been roty but there is serious competition he needs more td’s excited for today’s game against the giants we’re going to decimate them
YG__UNO Vor Stunde
Dawg the fact that Tajae Sharpe on the sideline man damn
Gabriel Wright
Gabriel Wright Vor Stunde
Justin Jefferson is my guy
Yeet Boy28
Yeet Boy28 Vor Stunde
Eagle15177 Vor Stunde
I hope to see enthusiasm back in the White House.
Marcia Sell
Marcia Sell Vor Stunde
Chiefs have got this one.
Jeoux P. Regen
Jeoux P. Regen Vor Stunde
The toilet bowl.
Eduardo Ayub
Eduardo Ayub Vor Stunde
my man just went through a whole workout with that speech! What an awesome speech btw!!!
Michael Koch
Michael Koch Vor Stunde
I didn’t hear Aaron Donald’s name once this game
Bighead Kusku
Bighead Kusku Vor Stunde
Christian McAfee
Christian McAfee Vor Stunde
Nice three eagle highlights they finally put down the blunt
Lita Mazlan
Lita Mazlan Vor Stunde
Wow... that tiger entrace was really epic.... well, that palm tree is cute too
Rea Ella Luzano
Rea Ella Luzano Vor Stunde
yes, you’re not the only one who’s watching this on quarantine.
Travis Baker
Travis Baker Vor Stunde
As a Packers Fan I say Green Bay 42- Texans 0
JayAllen WitThaShot
JayAllen WitThaShot Vor Stunde
Is that true?! Revis never lifted weights?!
Addison Houston
Addison Houston Vor Stunde
He misses alot of easy reads, ones that could be big gainers.... In part simply because his QB "clock" is too slow, he needs to hit his men in stride or at a break in their routes, he waits too late to hit 'em; costing valuable yards
Aaron Vor Stunde
Is it just me or every time I get the u s a a ad
Darren Hopkins
Darren Hopkins Vor Stunde
Prince( using a calm Debo voice): What Rain???
Aiden Blickensdorf
Aiden Blickensdorf Vor Stunde
Easy win for the lions
RODGERS NEEDS T0 CHANGE HIS NUMBER any number other than 12
General Wavy
General Wavy Vor Stunde
Whos here after he signed with the ravens? Hes a great addition to an already good Ravens Defense
Sheree Callis
Sheree Callis Vor Stunde
I Like YOU Patrick Mahomes
YourStereotypical LuigiLover
YourStereotypical LuigiLover Vor Stunde
As a Raven's fan, I am disappointed with the amount of penalties. Glad that they won but hopefully Harbaugh will make sure this doesn't happen again
Hoia Vor Stunde
Seattle was there to win. We were there to destroy. The Broncos looked like they didn't care about anything, and just played football for nothing.
Lyrical SZN
Lyrical SZN Vor Stunde
Why the heck did Big Ben say “you don’t have to be great”
Gold king Diego
Gold king Diego Vor Stunde
When cowboys lose I always watch cowboys vs falcons after
Danial Lemer
Danial Lemer Vor Stunde
It’s such an even match up. Winner of this is gonna have the number 1 seed in the afc mark my words
Cory Mooney
Cory Mooney Vor Stunde
I love my Panthers but got a feeling its gonna be a Saints game 31-10 Saints Take It Home.
Ps4 User
Ps4 User Vor Stunde
All I know is if the bears want to have a chance at winning this game Nagy needs to let Foles throw downfield. This dink and dunk offense won't keep pace with the explosive Rams offense if they continue to play conservative on offense like Trubisky is still behind center. I know some of it has to do with the O-line not giving him enough time to go down field so they resort to short quick throws. Sign Spain and bring back Long and that O'line would be much better. I'm an Eagles fan and forever a Foles fan. Which makes me a Bears fan now.
Ethan Stevens
Ethan Stevens Vor Stunde
28-14 saints
Tomas Luzuriaga
Tomas Luzuriaga Vor Stunde
Pats by 7
Steelerdude11 Vor Stunde
I laughed when I saw the Steelers going 13-3 but now it’s starting to look accurate