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It's a shame our space program allows a skilled engineer to leave to make motorcycle lifts. In Russia, the engineer would be more patriotic than to abandon their space program. (No wonder they can do things at a fraction of our costs.) Here money rules, and I'm sure he left to make more of it.
Bailey Ellis
Bailey Ellis Vor 16 Stunden
There is farmer 1 and farmer 2 farmer 1 Stores his grain that grain go’s to farmer 2 when farmer 2 needs feed for his animals
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Jacob Insalaco Vor 16 Stunden
I kind of want to join the army now.
Explorateur Vor 16 Stunden
Questions on everyone's mind: What if you used different glass materials? What if you cooled at different speeds/intensities, greater or lower? What if you did this in different gravities? Is there any way to reduce external to internal stress conversion (like immersal in shock absorbing material)?
Vinicius _Rabelo
Vinicius _Rabelo Vor 16 Stunden
"Hidden Figures": The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.
herrtobi Vor 16 Stunden
How can such a thin plastic foil hold so much pressure ?
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Cupcake Man Vor 17 Stunden
Hey destin I know I am late to this video but I watched the video 2 times and I really want to learn and understand how pulleys work if you could make another pulley video it would probably help me understand so can you please make another pulley video.
216Clevelander Vor 17 Stunden
ZippyKerpow Vor 17 Stunden
Destin, Thank you. I value your work and this one brought a tear to my eye. The passion and appreciation I hear and see in your videos, both from you and your guests; it is moving. Sure, it's a stinky, noisy, block of metal, however, there is a beautiful synchronistic ballet happening in there. And by "in there" I mean in the garage and in the engine block. Thanks for following your passion and sharing it, and the folks you meet along the way, with the world.
Lauri Tuimm
Lauri Tuimm Vor 17 Stunden
I didn't realize the 360 halo is a rare phenomenona as I've seen it so often up north
Kevin-Bush-Pablo Vor 17 Stunden
I think I might have a solution. You have instead of one point for the treadmill thing, you have your feet back and head and you have to tilt your head forward in the direction you want to go as well as your feet
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Cody Gibson Vor 17 Stunden
That actually sounds like a helicopter💀
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Alejandro Montes Vor 17 Stunden
Strengthening the foundation of family does indeed start with mom and dad. They need to be good leaders to their kids. Aside all the neat science and how you dissect it, you and your wife also bring this joy and strength to my vision. I'm sure you guys are a great team and it shows watching and listening to what your kiddos say and do. 👍
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Samuel Lawrence Vor 18 Stunden
3:50 does this have anything to do with Derek’s new video about logistic map/ Mandelbrot set
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Anthony Mcclelland
Anthony Mcclelland Vor 18 Stunden
While trying to get smarter every day I stumbled upon this video from before I started watching the channel, this morning I actually captured an image of my wax melter that demonstrates the cooling of tempered glass very well. If I could send you this image Destin, you may be able to use it. If so I will send it as soon as possible.
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Der Kommentarschreiber360 Vor 18 Stunden
I think it would be interesting to see what it looks like when somebody pops a lens out of their eje in slowmo
Jynxer JOHNSTON Vor 18 Stunden
I ran a stihl 450 fs for 3 years 10 hours a day. I have used every kind of blade from a the star to a skill saw blade to cut down 8 inch tree trunks. We would use string line. it really depends on the shape of the line and the density of the brush you would cut to go with what shape of line we would use.. At the end of the is also traveling slower then the inner part of the line. The star moves air evenly and cuts better because the speed at the end of the line is distributes the power from the center out is distributed quicker and more evenly.
HopeFullSpiritFlyer1 Vor 18 Stunden
hello from belgium. very nice and good explain science video. what is the gas you put in the chamber? thank you.
Deep Water
Deep Water Vor 18 Stunden
There is something that cuts grass like scissors. It is called a sickle bar or a hay bind.
oetken007 Vor 18 Stunden
Next level... Invert the transmission... 😂 Nice Video, very interesting!
RamblingDude Vor 18 Stunden
"medications that help you to happy place".... you have to have a sense of humor to deal with this type of medicine. I'm a nurse and learned several things from this video so time well spent. I'm sure nothing has changed since the video was posted, yeah, I'm well of aware I'm late to this party.
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In Quebec some call it a ''fouet a gaz'', which literally translates to gas-powered whip
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Samuel Lawrence Vor 19 Stunden
0:57 this is interesting; my brain was very easily able to trick itself into seeing this as a circle on a table type deal, seeing the plane of the circle at a different angle than the plane of my vision, but the next one, my brain couldn’t seem to make it look like a circle on a vertical wall at an angle
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Joe Ott Soulbikes Vor 19 Stunden
Doesn't a VPN help trolls?
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Buy oregon's unique saw side line.... It is good. 😉
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I love this, destin
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7:05 turbulent flow is the best! Just trying to stir up your beef with Derek a little more. ;)
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We call it in Czech "křovinořez" 😁 most important for me is durability, not the shape 👍 Exchange in half of work sucks 😁
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence Vor 19 Stunden
0:18 destin’s energy is so contagious it reminds me of me as a young kid. I want that curiosity back
Federico Gacho
Federico Gacho Vor 19 Stunden
I wonder what these pilots think about the Star Wars X wing Fighters, i wonder if some day they will be able to fly to outer space and re enter like an X wing does in the movie
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10 years ago.......on bus gray-dog.... roll thru truck stop..... mr tech ME sees overhead arm scan bus???....... down the road state police pull over bus...?... police come on bus walk straight to one seat..... draw guns ask guy next to window...... put your hands on the seat in front of you....... cuff him in seat ?? Pull him out of seat...... other officer grabs bag under seat..... opens bag takes out gun.... says I got it........ now this all went down in 10-15 min........ I will say that was the last bus I have ever been on.....my spelling and ...... are done to stop computer scan of my text......other way to stop scans ;;;;;;;; or ,,,,,,,,, I have a friend that barks at me English then I send it in rush-and.......
howtofixbrand Vor 20 Stunden
Im sorry but this technology is like a nuke, when placed in the wrong hands it could be used in the wrong ways.
Danielle Dawson
Danielle Dawson Vor 20 Stunden
What’s a weed eater? Like a strimmer in the UK?
Trevor Hewitt
Trevor Hewitt Vor 20 Stunden
I just learned from a reddit post that lawn mowers actually create lift which pulls grass blades upright so they can be cut. Do you think this is another factor to consider in weed whacker lines?
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Vor 20 Stunden
In Australia its called a whipper snipper or Whippa Snippa....strimmer is never ever used in Australia.
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Things that cut get dull, things that smash are already dull. Smashing/tearing the grass is the answer imo.
aaron estrada
aaron estrada Vor 20 Stunden
somehow this video is making me miss winter. i hope we get a lot of snow in Michigan this year, i have a sled dog to train!
Alandala Vor 20 Stunden
How was your time în Red light district? 😉
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Joe Ott Soulbikes Vor 20 Stunden
It's strange how the "finger rafting" looks like it's in precise geometric shapes. Like it was man made.
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He looks like the guy in the what's inside channel
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ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa Vor 20 Stunden
Love this..could it b from the light on tbe rocket na that was dum nevermind
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Sunflowers for your mom and daughter?Sweet Home Alabama
Yafo, Is
Yafo, Is Vor 20 Stunden
Want to make a small wager these Earth rocks are already cataloged? Their compositions are NOT atomically provable different then ANY specimen found in regions like Flagstaff AZ , where they MFG the “plot” area on the moons images face. Ju=st because you created thi sophisticated FARCE lie laboratory type envirnemtn does NOT validate anything! It just proves you're trying to complicate matters with elusive gimmicks like this and a hired crew to deceive ppl . I can go there tomorrow and SHRED your Unscientific stories in 30 seconds on their substance makeup!! Where they used dynamite to create the precise craters - holes and rough terrains at to practice the FARCE landing. OH, I almost fORGOT. the DUST cloud , the “"NON EXISTING dust clouds”” on the MOON "supposed” landing. LOL. Do you ppl have ANY competent knowledge to Land a vertical cylinder in the most perfect of condition??? The needed interferometers and the “guidance system” gyroscopic dynamics calculation needed to create this ONE event?? LOL LOL LOL!! See you ppl are mindlessly hypnotized to believe the LIES that there was a real leaning buy ALL the videos and images display ZERO dust on them that SHOULD have lingered for days LONG like a haboob from ALL that insane quantity of Thrust. So I can recreate DUST clouds on earth with a shop VACUUM or car exhaust . Try playing Any of the supposed moon waking video at normal rate speed humans move.. Even the DIRT-DUST -ROCKS and everything else they touch Moves at the same rate. WHY????????? Because the FARCE deceptive distraction of S L O W M O T I O N Is designed to distract the viewers Minds from the reality of this fraudulent Stunt in order to persuade its implied reality. When the supposed “gravity idea” is one SIXTH that of earth so they should all moving multiple times faster NOT S L O W E R!!! LOL LOL, Your hollywood LIES and fraudulent stunts are so childish and Erroneous Obvious. BTW, Working in HIGH TECH, we make 0.000TORR vacuum thousands[ds a times a day. LOL LOL LOL. It a “outer space VACUUM” would rip the Atmosphere of earth completely OFF in 1/1000000th of a second in YOUR farce model you Try to tell us. Vacuum STRIPS OUT all moisture unless sealed inside Isolated from it, by 1” THICK Metal barriers to prevent it. KOL, I work on this ALL DAY for 25 years. Bring your “philosophy logic and I will se up the Fab manager meeting OK? I cannot WAIT to see your logic here you're selling ppl, os a barrier-less pressure phenomena, LOL LOL LOL! Love to see you “TRY” explain it !!! OH, I almost forgot here. Calculate the O2 bottles needed to make a trip a few weeks LONG! LOL LOL LOL, You couldn’t POSSIBLY lift those step containers OFF the ground whatsoever in your skinny rockets. So are you NOW going to tell us that the rocket went thru a POS/NEG “"barrier , making a hole and then NOT equalization occurred. LOL LOL LOL, Love your insane LIES cartoon invented philosophies that can NOT be proven!!! Try to have nice day OK? I notice NONE of you ppl can disprove anything I said nor will even TRY because NOTHING existed as you say nor can actually prove IT. BYE
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Bahad Baloch Vor 20 Stunden
God bless Science. Sorry I dont need god anymore.
fcbahamutzero Vor 20 Stunden
so much awkward tension between u two. like an old couple who's husband cheated on the other 20 years ago, but one of them won't let it go
Makemedinner 0
Makemedinner 0 Vor 21 Stunde
So basically you can build a suit that uses X amount of snatch blocks to be able to lift crazy amounts of weight with the only limitation being how much weight the material of the suit can withstand. *Ironman intensifies*
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eliot lefranc Vor 21 Stunde
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Mr.AceWings Vor 21 Stunde
When your local baseball field sounds like a helipad
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Samuel Lawrence Vor 21 Stunde
Hopefully you donated all the proceeds from this video as well...
Ian Vor 21 Stunde
Did anyone mentioned about the song they played when they punctured the foam into the stone fish venomous spine!? It made me think of a guy screaming softly while stepping on 13 venomous spines! lol
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Indigo_Goods Inc. Vor 21 Stunde
Next do a loop-de-loop
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I’m shocked you haven’t been attacked by the cancel culture yet. They look for anything to ruin anyone, so best of luck mate.
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Simon Says Vor 21 Stunde
So where is the sprung guard on the saw? Have you guys disabled it? Also most saws have an option of riving knife which helps prevent kickback?
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Loved this!
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ArloC Vor 21 Stunde
i love how good the quality of his videos were even in 2012
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what's the name of the physics book about Reynolds number?
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Omg the hateful comments.... I was raised in a house full of kids, we all could ride bikes earlier than others because we wanted to do what the older kids could... and had the support of our parents
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Whoever disliked this video, wtf us your problem you just learned how to avoid death what more can you ask of? I dont even see any downsides in this video you fking phsycopath
vraeleragon Vor 22 Stunden
I’m 28 with MechE degree and still get a kick out of his video. This guy is amazing.
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Róbert Kiss Vor 22 Stunden
So you did digitally karaoke the thing. Interesting.
joseph jackson
joseph jackson Vor 22 Stunden
5:47 "this is an incredibly smart way to design a system" Thank you God for making me. -the mantis shrimp
joseph jackson
joseph jackson Vor 22 Stunden
Imagine some dudes going to a shore to get some crabs and putting them in a McDonald's cup.
Mike V
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Weed Whacker Army here; recruiting members.
Golden_river Vor 23 Stunden
i cant even put this into words this is strait up animal abuse would you shoot a dog for a science "experient" no so why would you do it to a gold fish and why in the heck would you keep it in a blender when gold fish need to be in at least a 40-50 galon tank gold fish can live for about 15-20 years his is honestly sad to see this on a channle that clims to be smart as they kill a fish for fun
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Is he really that excited or is he on speed 😂
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its weird.. im here bcuz The Last Of Us 2 Joel-in-one..
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Bryan Shaffer Vor 23 Stunden
soooo are we not going to talk about Major Curren"s cake?
Myles Kidd
Myles Kidd Vor 23 Stunden
I love the bit about the otolith organs. I am a Flight Instructor and I use that clip to teach my students about spacial disorientation while in instrument meteorological conditions.
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Death BeforeDishonor Vor 23 Stunden
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Adam Pike Collegeman Vor 23 Stunden
get a digital tachometer used to measure r/c airplane propeller rpm, then test how fast each type of string is spinning at the cutting area to see if that is different and or a performance factor
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now this is a video!! 🧐
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the thumbnail and the title made picture something dirty
Miroslav Novosad
Miroslav Novosad Vor 23 Stunden
Remember when we learned about it at school. For me, this explanation worked: If you pull 1 meter on the rope, the pulley will lift the weight only by 0.5 meter -> therefore you need only half the force
Ethan MountainDew
Ethan MountainDew Vor 23 Stunden
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